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Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 11/12/2020 6:49:55 PM

Give Thanks for the I's reasoning

I think you all have some good points.

"would His Majesty go about "daggering"? Would Garvey or Howell, or any of the Incients?"

-The true answer is that we will never know. These kings and prophets each had their own views. Marcus Garvey became e.g. very inherited over Howell's cannabis consumption. If we asked them today? We wouldn't know.

But what do you feel about Sizzla's lyrics as he sings: "Girls dem sexy. And dem pussy fat" "Give it to dem! Give it to dem! Oman dem fat fat punani"

As I said

"still they go hand in hand when African / Jamaican roots and culture is represented."

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/13/2020 2:54:32 AM

It's a positive tune. But meanwhile I wouldn't expose the little children to visual forms of vulgarity, such as simulated sexual acts or violence, else they would become braindead.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/17/2020 8:17:23 AM

I think there is music for the young and old and that is how it should be.

BCiF made some good arguments. But as a parent there are many things I don't allow my children to do; things they know they are too young to do. These things separate them from older people. Older people can handle things younger people cannot.

I have said it to them before but I reiterated to my children (15 and younger) that I don't consider "hell" to be a cuss word so I don't mind if they say it. Most likely they use some creative language when they're not around their parents but my kids are very respectful.

There is music I don't want them to listen to and as BCiF said... it's vulgar. And even though I am very experienced sexually, I think some artists go way too far (for my taste) for the sake of shock value. I don't like to hear those lyrics because whatever kind of sexual activities I engage in, even group sex, it's still at least somewhat private.

That said, if you're too young to drink, you're too young to be having sex. And if you're too young to be having sex then you're too young for sexual content. Sexual content in movies and music stimulates the mind and makes kids more curious and more wanting to do engage in sexual activity. It's like an advertisement for candy. Adults cannot pretend that sex doesn't feel good. Can't pretend it isn't sweet. But if it is forbidden fruit then there's a danger there. That danger is something adults can handle that children cannot. Nor should they. A teenage girl can ruin her whole life by getting pregnant. I've seen it. I've seen girls drop out of school to take care of children and we don't live in the days where a single income is enough for a stable home.

Whether it's R rated horror movies, or whatever, there will always be adult entertainment catering to adult tastes. At older ages we just don't get the same excitement and stimulation from singing along with Barney and awe and wonder of Sesame Street. While I can still enjoy a good Disney animated movie I need more hardcore drama, suspense, action, etc. My mind follows plot lines with words that aren't in children's lexicons.

Science, art, technology, these things cater to adults and the children who will one day become adults. So the answer is not to take all those things adults enjoy away. The answer is for the child to patiently grow to the point that they can decide what to consume based on their adult tastes. When you're a child you don't even know what that is. My kids are fine eating grilled cheese sandwiches and mac & cheese. And that's fine for them. But I, as an adult, have earned the right to eat many different gourmet meals, drink wine and liquor, and consume a wide variety of adult experiences my children aren't ready for.

But one day, they will be.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/17/2020 7:13:14 PM

Grown up or not, maturity is a value everyone possesses, consciously or unconsciously. For instance, I wouldn't just let my daughter run loose because she is an adult, but will still teach her as though she were a child, supposed I had a daughter.

Now, saying that adults are free to do their thing is completely irresponsible talk because, some of this music is actually sexually stimulating, encouraging sexual activity, but does not encourage the responsibility that comes with sex. There's no need to be sexually aggravated in such manner, rushing people into doing something they will regret later. Today people claim to be in love, but there is too much exes. Ex here, ex there, ex this, ex that. This babylonian brainwash of making exes out of virgins is something I'm very proud not to be part of. Babylon will rush the youth into sexual relationships which break up because the only thing that bring them together is sexual interest, and when that burn up and exhaust, only dislike is left. And them break up and left already. See I'm very irie I'm a virgin and not somebody's ex already

King Solomon's bloodline is a perfect example of sexual maturity. Isaac, an ancestor of solomon, married at 40 years of age. Boaz, great grandfather to David, took Ruth when he was a grown, established man, an elder of the city gates, living in his acquired wealths. While in post-solomonic ethiopia, people married as young as 18.

No matter the age. It's not wise to encourage sexual activity and leave out the responsibility that come along with it. It's a vampire thing.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/17/2020 7:16:07 PM

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/17/2020 7:25:46 PM

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/18/2020 12:27:49 AM

Now, Obama's daughter got impregnated by some dude who dumped her once he heard the news. If that were my daughter, shame. It wouldn't have happened. See, I would rather be someone's R-lover instead of X-lover.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 11/20/2020 7:40:55 AM

Bless up Evison Matafale Skræling!
JAH Love and Guidance

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 11/20/2020 8:32:25 AM

Ras RunMan,

I had asked the question: "would His Majesty go about "daggering"? Would Garvey or Howell, or any of the Incients?"

The I answered: "The true answer is that we will never know."

Truly the answer is that they would not act in such a manner. If you check them daggering videos, you don't see rastafari bredren and sistren acting so foolish. I especially don't see any RastafarI sistren engaging in that foolishness. It is foolish to jump off from some heights onto your dance partner, or to toss them about and there head slam on the concrete, etc...

Daggering is a violent perversion of dancing. Some try and mix up RastafarI into it, because they see Jamaicans dancing like that, so they think that rastas should do the same. Not so.

JAH Guidance and Itection

Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 11/23/2020 7:07:56 AM

I'm not saying that just because it's Jamaican it's Rastafari. Many known objects from Jamaican culture is not rasta. Bleaching, rum, Jerk. Non of them is Rastafari. But colonial (some of it)

But when it comes to daggering I see it as an art too (as Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth said).

Jah Cub I, You said that Rastafari don't act so foolish, BUT Sizzla has made so many lyrics about this. Even in a very exaggerated way "pump up her pum pum"
Buju Banton have it in his "Steppa" music video glorifying the culture.

The video BCIF posted is a very exaggerated form of daggering. I&I don't promote that style either.
NOT all kinds of dagga dances are like that. We have a very relaxing (down to earth) dagga style too.

Many african dances is also about shaking the whole body and we must keep it for roots and culture. Its not ungodly. Its an art. Just my view. And when I say roots and culture I don't refer to the kind of daggering BCIF posted

Bless Haile I

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