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Who is RasTafarI?

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Messenger: rastinyiko Sent: 4/7/2015 11:15:22 AM

yes i my lord blessed

Messenger: Aklila Kedan Sent: 4/14/2015 5:03:52 AM

Yes I Ras Tafari is The Head to be Respected. We are the children of such an anointed head. So we likewise are to be respected in the same manner. For Jah calling!

Messenger: Empress Blogger Sent: 7/14/2016 2:25:41 PM

I don't know where you get your teachings. But its beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Let them know what Rastafari is.


Messenger: John Sent: 7/19/2016 12:53:38 AM

Rastafari is the almighty Jahovia, and vice versa

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 8/15/2018 6:37:51 PM

Give Jah RasTafarI all the thanks and praise!

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 8/16/2018 3:12:14 AM

Very beautifully put, brethren and sitren. Wonderful thread. i&I love your expressions of JAH LOVE.
i&I always found it humorous when a man i&I knew who continually tried to keep his distance from JAH referred to His Majesty as ďthe Big GuyĒ (okay, in Truth the man was my father). Of course, he saw not the Truth in the words he uttered: The Big I. He had not yet accepted that All are One. That All of the carbon shells which we call ďbodiesĒ live & breathe and are animated by JAH LOVE.
Sometimes it feels so beautiful bask in the warmth & light of the REALity: Haile Selassie (the Most High), Jesus, you and i are all flesh & bone manifestations of One and the same Life. Itís why we can feel JAH LOVE running through our veins, beating in our hearts and giving us Life whenever we stop to realize it.
Certainly itís uncomfortable to have to accept that the Adolf Hitlers of the world are also a part of our Oneness, part of us, part of the Big I. Thatís harder to understand and accept because we tend to focus on the ways in which the Adolf Hitlers have been led astray by the devil and not the reality that they are also our brethren. Blessedly, those who have gone astray sooner or later return to embrace the Most High. Itís why Forgiveness is Holy (after all, we all mess up and follow the devilís deceptions at times, some more so that others) and why judgment by one person of another is so foolish. Through our expressions of JAH LOVE and Forgiveness, we facilitate the redemption of those parts of us who have gone astray (not by adopting against them the hate, violence and other tools of the devil).
When my fatherís physical shell returned to the earth a couple of years ago, it was so nice to see him finally stop pushing away the Big I which had given him the Life and instead embrace the Big I.


Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 8/16/2018 3:38:35 AM

Blessed Love!

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/29/2018 11:11:31 AM

RqsTafari is Jahh!!!!!!!!
Bless up feo. From $i$u

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 12/5/2018 7:24:16 AM

RasTafarI is the nucleus

The I in all of Jahs Iration

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 12/5/2018 7:38:41 AM

Very cool, brother. Just look out into the galaxies and marvel at His Awesomeness, His Infinite Power. Vision how enormously beautiful and intricate are His inner on outer space.
And then keep all of that vast awesomeness & power of JAH Creation in mind when you encounter the puny, petty stumbling blocks of the Evil One and his Babylon System. It's not hard to see why JAH Victory is always assured.

"And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory
Of good over evil"

-HIM Haile Selassie I

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