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Who is RasTafarI?

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Messenger: JulieZion Sent: 2/13/2012 7:31:55 AM


Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 2/19/2012 10:34:46 PM

Yes I, bless up
One Love

[Who is RasTafarI?]

{the Elect of God come to mind Ras tafari, Haile Selassie I God is the I Fulfilled Manner of Living!}

!!BROTHER LOVE!! is From Africa and Jah Ras Tafari to The Elect of God!
Remember Bob Marley saying:
"send I-n-I another BROTHER From Across the Red Sea!" in Exodus?
"Africa Your I BROTHER on a stone Unite For the African Mount Zion!" in Africa unite?
who is I that Bob Marley speak of?
I say I is GOD! the Elect of God! and "send I-n-I another BROTHER"
is Africa speaking to Elect of God of Jah Ras Tafari. See What I See?
is this Not Proof of Something? :)King of Kings, Lion of the Tribe Judah!RAS!
One Love

Messenger: jehosaphat2011 Sent: 2/22/2012 2:50:43 AM

Be holy, as I AM holy. Selah. By the Grace of JAH, Eversince I and I chose to be, I, even I, I AM RastafarI.

Messenger: jah_cedes Sent: 2/27/2012 11:57:10 PM

Yes I! I AM King to be feared!also RasTafari is process of making clear!
one,Blessed,Brother,Jah Love!

Messenger: InspiredByRastafari Sent: 4/26/2012 3:34:29 PM

doesnt tafari mean young & noble

Messenger: RASKISHO Sent: 5/2/2012 11:07:17 AM


Messenger: SuperSmile Sent: 7/30/2012 9:33:35 AM

Messenger: jehosaphat2011 Sent: 7/30/2012 10:58:11 AM

point of correction my lord. By Jah grace and mercies was I and I chosen to be RastafarI.

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 11/11/2012 9:21:22 PM

InI found Ark1 words a blessed reason, InI just want to verify his quote with another scripture...

Ark 1 said 'The name Haile Selassie is the same as "the Word of God" (Rev 19:13 - And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God). Because the Word of God, or the Spirit, is the Might of the Trinity, because all was created by the Word."

Hebrews 4:12---For the word of God "is" quick, and "powerful", and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

And then Rev 19, verify it even more....the word is the power of the trinity

Haile I Selassie I
Jah Rastafari
And upmost thanks, glory and honor for Yeshua, Jesus Christ for his life giving sacrifice

Messenger: Gebre Medhin Sent: 8/8/2013 6:07:34 AM

Greetings members of this forum. I join with the following extracts from my ongoing works entitled "Rastafari theology must be one because there is only one truth and a House divided cannot stand!"

It is an anthology of words from different sources and I welcome your constructive criticism in a manner of "reasoning's" so InI can come to one opinion. It is not intended to be the definitive theology of Rastafari but I own contribution towards arrive at that point of One God, One Aim, One Destiny.

“It is important that [In] as Rastafarians come to grips with our doctrine and faith relating to our concept of the Almighty. His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie bears the title, Elect of God. He was not “elect of himself”, as some have misquoted, or implied. He always acknowledged that he was the instrument of the Almighty” Bro Karl Philpotts Naphtali.

The Ruler who walks with God became the instrument of the power of the trinity and bore witness to the power of the Gospel.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, Light of this world, Custodian of the Davidic Covenant, Defender of the Faith, the magnificent architect of the Apostolic Crown of the Ethiopian Church and Father of African Unity.

The Rastafari claim of the divinity of Atsie Haile-Sellassie 1 is the most fundamental tenet of the House of Rastafari. It is therefore essential that one unified view is held by all Mansions on whom precisely Atsie Haile-Sellassie is in relation to the Bible which for Him was a constant source of comfort.
[Who can resist such …]
That it is of paramount importance InI clarify this unified view is fundamental to the successful centralizing and organizing of our people and ensuring that His Imperial Majesty is given His rightful place of reverence.

But there is definitely a contradiction in what His Majesty is saying about the Creator and what many amongst Rastafari say concerning who His Majesty is.

If Rastafari ideology states that He is in fact referring to Himself, then Rastafari must be in a position to justify it biblically in a unified logical manner without any contradictions. Jesus Christ spoke on numerous occasions about the Father in that He and the Father are one and the same – see John 14. His Majesty at no time in any of His Speeches spoke of Himself and Christ as being one and the same. On the contrary, at all times He glorified and exalted the Creator. He said He follows Christ, who is the word of God and warned Rastafari of the dangers of equating man with the deity. He even spoke of others that would follow after him.

Rastafari ideology must be in a position to explain logically, biblically and in keeping with Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Bete Kristian Faith, the assertion that His Imperial Majesty is God – the great “I AM” as well as explain the apparent contradictions that He Himself makes.

Rastafari must be a people with a oneness (Tewahedo) in our spiritual faith. The renowned Ethiopian philosopher, Zera Yacob in his treaties said, "As my faith appears true to me, so does another find his own faith true; but truth is one."

Can Rastafari afford to be divided on the most central tenet of Rastafari beliefs as though God is a confusion of ideologies?
“It is quite true that there is no perfection in humanity, From time to time we make mistakes, we do commit sins, but even as we do that, deep in our hearts as Christians, we know we have a chance of forgiveness from the Almighty. He taught us that all men are equal regardless of sex, their national origin and tribe and He also taught us all who seek Him shall find Him. To live in this healthy life, a Christian-life, is what makes me follow Jesus Christ” (His Imperial Majesty)

Teferi Makonen was so named from birth, as if the angels had advised his parents to give him a name by which to live into his Solomonic and Davidic heritage. After fulfilling the basic requirements for learning the theology of this ancient Church by learning to read and write Ge’ez, he was ordained a Deacon in the Ethiopian Church in 1900. He thus spent his life, preparing for his role as King and Emperor, by growing in the study of the Faith.

Ras Makonnen Woldemikael, arranged for Tafari, his son, as well as his first cousin, Imru Haile- Sellassie to receive instruction in Harar from Abba Samuel Wolde Kahin, an Ethiopian capuchin monk, and from Dr. Vitalien, a surgeon from Guadeloupe. Tafari was named Dejazmach (literally "commander of the gate", roughly equivalent to "Count") at the age of 13, on 1 November 1905. Shortly thereafter, his father Ras Makonnen died at Kulibi, in 1906.

As Governor of Harer, he became known as Ras Tafari Makonnen. Ras translates to "Head" and is a rank of nobility equivalent to Duke; though it is often rendered in translation as "prince". In 1916, Empress Zewditu I appointed him to the position of Balemulu Silt'an Enderase (Regent Plenipotentiary). In 1928, she granted him the throne of Shoa elevating his title to Negus or "King".

When he was finally crowned the 225th Emperor of Ethiopia on 2nd November 1930 at St. Georges Cathedral, Addis Ababa, He used his baptismal name, “Haile Sellassie” (Translation: “Power of the Trinity").

His official title is: His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie 1, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of kings of Ethiopia, Elect of God and Light of this World.

This reflects an Ethiopian Solomonic dynastic tradition which holds that all monarchs must trace their lineage back to Menilek 1, who in the Ethiopian tradition was the offspring of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

The titles of all Ethiopian Emperors include the appellation of the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah to confirm their subservience to Christ as the Elect of God and not unique to Atsie Haile Selassie only.

The title “Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” (^) is often attached to the Emperor’s name, but is not a title of the Emperor himself. “The phrase ‘Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah’ has never been the title of Ethiopian monarchs. Rather, the words ‘The Lion of the Tribe of Judah hath prevailed’ (see Genesis 49:9) should be seen as the Imperial motto. It is only our Lord Jesus Christ who is accorded this title [‘Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah’], and Ethiopian Monarchs used this motto in order to proclaim that they were Christians.”

In proclaiming the 1955 Constitution, the phrase “Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” appeared above the name of the Emperor, indicating the religious authority of the Crown.

His title, Light of this World is not a traditional Ethiopian title for kings , and Emperor Haile- Sellassie 1 was the first Ethiopian King known as light of the world, a title belonging only to Christ as reveled in John 8:12

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the Light of the World; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life…”

In ensuring that Atsie Haile-Sellassie is given His rightful place of reverence, a time may come when Rastafarians will be able to attend a “Sellassian” (or “Kiddus Abba Jan Hoy”) Tewahido Church of Ethiopia dedicated to HIM and called by His name but acknowledging and following, as he did, Our Lord God, Priestly King, the True Ethiopian Jesus Christ, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and Our Holy Queen, Mother of God The Virgin!

The True Order of RasTafari, by Omar Tobijah

“We have reached a point within our movement where the call to organize and centralize must take upon a greater meaning. This goal has been difficult to materialize because the fundamental provisions needed towards reaching maturation are missing. The questions of what is our aim as Rastafari, what are our principles, and what is our position have not been answered. It becomes an impossible goal to organize people, when everyone has a different agenda. We first must agree upon certain key tenants.

Emperor Haile Selassie the First is the tie that binds us all. Anyone who has an affiliation with us who follow Rastafari must be familiar with the King. Whether you claim to be Nyahbinghi, Bobo Shanti, Twelve Tribes, or one of the smaller houses; we all look to His Majesty for guidance. But each one of these different sects have a different point of view. Some say that Haile Selassie The First is God, some say that He is a prophet. Some say that He is Christ and some say that He is not Christ. It is impossible for everyone to be right when we all have different positions. If we choose to be intellectually lazy and not address these issues then our progress will be stifled and our vision will remain myopic. But make no mistake about it my brothers and sisters, the truth is found within Rastafari. We must challenge ourselves to become something bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. Do not think that we are unable to unite under the same banner without first trying. This is a very realistic goal that has been accomplished before by people of different faiths; if we study the Ecumenical Councils. It will be a slow process because the natural process of change dictates for it to be this way. But this is a very necessary and fundamental debate that must be initiated and resolved. Emperor Haile Selassie The First was a very organized and clear individual, it makes no sense for us who Hail Him to be unorganized and inarticulate in regards to our mission.
I present this challenge to anyone who is sincere in their admiration for His Majesty. We will need to get all the elders and leaders of the movement involved. The day of reckoning is at hand, the truth must be made manifest. First on the agenda is to declare who is Emperor Haile Selassie The First and to make this the universal doctrine for all those who claim Rastafari. This is the objective, yesterday unobtainable, today essential, which we must labor to achieve.” The True Order of RasTafari, by Omar Tobijah

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Haile Selassie I