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Who is RasTafarI?

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Messenger: +Ras Sun* Sent: 11/10/2004 8:17:35 AM

Blessed Love and Prosparity to all the Idren(Bredren and Sistren) of Jah Rastafari. Rastafari is who he is H.I.M. Haile I Selassie I the first and not the last. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the Head Creator, Christ in his kingly character as prophesized by Marcus "Mossieh" Garvey(John the Baptist-Blackman). Haile Selassie is a ahmaric word which means Power of the Holy Trinity, which is the word of God. Read Revelations it reveils the truth. Study the life of H.I.M.(His Imperial Majesty) and the philosophies of Marcus Garvey and Prince Charles Emmanuel Edwards as well as study your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth-B.I.B.L.E. which ever one you chose they are all one and the same because you cannot destort Jahs good words. Blessed

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari Honorable Marcus Garvey

Messenger +Ras Sun*
Ethiopian World Congress True Divine Church of Christ

Messenger: gideon Sent: 11/10/2004 3:44:58 PM

Yes, rastafari am who I am. Rastafari are who INI are. Rastafari is who he is. It is a natural thing. Many have repeated words of truth as Jah teach them truth and inspire them to speak and teach. And Jah inspire many ones to write truth so that they can teach. Big up to all the warriors of the revelation army of Jah rastafari, Haile Selassie I.

Messenger: JessiKaMartineZ702Lv Sent: 4/13/2006 11:54:52 PM

he is kings of kings lords of lords and i feel as now in life people dont understand rasta people u say bob marley o yeah they think rasta no thats not rasta he was rasta he prised Jah as we should many many yrs ago Jah look in to him seek him ,prais him open your heart eyes and soul ,to jah may all of live happy and free and no matter what color u r ,u may crossanywhere but if u r only wanting PEACE no WAR no Goverment ((--lEaGlize IT !THE PLANT its a PLANT--))
and im 16 years old in the U.S.A i live in Las Vegas, Neveda and to say im lering more ad more about life and i prais to jah ,and yes when i smoke my herb i have to hide or look of cover from the cop's when all im doing or wan is peae and bye doing so herb needs to be free

but jah is something u cant say or tell about its living the life and feeling seeig touchting fait it what is and it will set u free tll them we must prais jah live happy and sToNer'S live jessikamartinez702@hotmailcom yes to pot -

las vegas
j.k.m. jessika martinez
t.p.k true plays
i.k.c incen kills
m.h.k mobbing hard

stoners one love pPEACE

Messenger: Judah543 Sent: 5/12/2006 11:35:16 AM

I dont think jesus was god and i dont believe in a trinity. Jesus was a man of god a messenger not our lord or son of god. It doesnt make sense to say hes god because in the commandments god says hes one god. god is not a man or women god is the almighty and the bible just contridicts itself all the time and i dont believe haile selassie is god hes a blessed man by god. I have alot more to say but its to much to type up but thats my opinion. I'm a strict monotheist and will never eqaute a man or anything above god.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 5/12/2006 1:01:53 PM

That is good for you. Think what you desire. It will never change what I and I know. You are just one of many that come to tell I and I how to see. I and I didn't follow them and I and I will not follow you. You can look at what I and I said to them to see what I and I would have said to you if I and I wanted to waste time repeating what I and I have already said.

Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I is the One and only God.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 5/12/2006 9:30:53 PM

Yes I Ark..InI a burn that
How dem man a come here and a talk about Haile Selasie not God.
Dont believe in the Trinity. If them would just open them eyes them would see the Trinity in everything in life
Why dem man a come here any way. Think them can test InI faith?
Like the idren in the islands say a Idiot ting dat.

He that Sittet in the heavens shall laugh
Jah Rastafari
ever Living ever Faithful ever Sure

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 5/12/2006 9:40:55 PM

Ras Sun
inna I man sight HE is the First and The Last
None come before HIM none come after

BLessed Love in HIM Glorious Name

Messenger: a wailer Sent: 6/3/2006 1:51:15 PM

brotheres don't wory about them and its not a simple rastafarian that says so but a blessed rasta man so them want test our faith so they are welcomed.

Messenger: a wailer Sent: 7/17/2006 3:33:11 PM

holy i see and analise things but however thet may be ras is ras and we got to see it as we rastas we are the children of jah jah so it's just a little part of my identity.

Messenger: a wailer Sent: 7/17/2006 3:56:01 PM

thanks kamila to those heartwaimings sentences but the rasta prophet said to be a rasta start by borning one more time and if you are already to do it you are welcomed to my father's way.

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