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Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/20/2015 8:02:23 PM

I like the i point on that. But let i ask di i a question (as a brother)... iman wish to not overstep di i personal boundaries here but since you mentioned your empress, i assume from the line of reasoning that you are not married. Does your empress share the same sentiments as the i? Wouldn't di i empress want to get married? Iman grow up amongst 5 sisters, and all of them deem that as an important part of their lives. InI mother too. (AGAIN i know every man has a choice)

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/20/2015 8:09:50 PM

Different people want different things. Different couples too. As I said for me it's man to wombman (/Wombmen as I don't rule out polygamy) and more life and anything after that is personal choice of the couple. It whatever benefit I and I empress, relationship and life the most.

I can't see the problem with ones who choose to go all out or not. What does ones legal documentation have to do with anything in rasta personal relations?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/20/2015 8:16:36 PM

See how you ask that question though king. You assume I and I empress are not married. To me that's an oxymoron. To recognise I have an empress..... Then to seperate the relation between a king and a empress as though that wasn't authorative enough among I n I.... To seperate and question whether we are 'married' in the eyes of whichever country law system I reside in. Who has authority? Whether I am or am not, it's that mind frame whe I don't have

I man don't discuss such things as personal relations and status on public forum tho seen? Again a personal choice. I humbly respect de I question still

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/20/2015 8:21:44 PM

I may have works but on paper I may have no job. I may have name but on paper they give me different name. I may have 3 wives all living harmoniously but on paper im single. Lol. Just giving a scenario. That's mans personal dealings.

Maybe you we're more asking about the ceremonial side of things? I don't have any argument against that at all

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/20/2015 8:27:36 PM

no brother no. we are reasoning marriage, ceremonies and then certification also came up in the reasoning. Based on the points di i brought into the reasoning and di i statements of opinion on the topic, it's safe for iman to presume that you are not married. Then you mentioned your empress hence the reason why i asked that question. Iman sure your relationship with the sister is highly authoritative in the sight of Jah and our Ankcestors. Iman would never belittle that. InI sincerest apologies if you thought i did. Thats why initially i said i n i dont wish to overstep the personal boundary yeah. But give thanks for your opinions still. Highly valuable. Blessed I

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/20/2015 8:46:51 PM

As a sistren, I find this reasoning most interesting!

Give thanks unto both of you brothahs!

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/20/2015 9:07:54 PM

Blessed I Rasta Goddess. It is indeed interesting to read the I dem opinions on this topic. Especially since it's something I man will be doing very soon. Give thanks also for the links regarding the different types of ceremonies. Thinking of doing it in the form of a groundation as the idem suggest. Ises I. InI know on a personal level that most of the sista dem desire a ceremony. Rasta Goddess as a sista, I know the I may agree too. Haile I! Blessed Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/21/2015 10:24:58 AM

Greetings + Love to the I Ra Neter and the I Wife.
I do not have a lot of information about African weddings, so hopefully some of the Idren in Mamaland can give more ideas.

What I want to mention is along the lines of a legal certificate of marriage.
Personally, I can see why Iyah Garveys Africa would leave it open to future decision making, but it seems like more of a danger and a trap to I. I was reading an article a while ago and although it is not coming from RasTafarI perspective, this individual outlines some logical reasons to avoid state paperwork regarding the marriage:

Marriage License

Whereas, “license” means permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal’; and,

Whereas, it is not otherwise illegal to be married under the law; and,

Whereas, the only other reason it would be unlawful for two consenting adults to be married is if they ware otherwise incompetent;

Therefore, if a couple goes to “the state” and asks for the state a license, where there is no other reason for them to need a license other than incompetence, in law, those requesting a license must be incompetent because that is the only reason they could possibly need a license.

Now, one must ask, “When a bride and groom are incompetent to be married without a state license and that state grants that license, Who is responsible for the marriage?”

Answer: The grantor, the state.

Who is responsible for anything created in such a license marriage?

Answer: The grantor, the state.

And, what, typically, is the only thing “created” in such a marriage?

Answer: Children.

So I ask you, “Who do the children created in a state license marriage belong to?”

Answer: They belong to the state.

Believe it, or not. Just check out the evidence:
Evidence #1 --- The state social services stand their authority on a doctrine called “Parens Patria” which is Latin for “parent by the country”. In modern usage parens patria is understood to mean “the state is the parent” [if you’d like to see an in depth WARN report on this doctrine let us know].
Evidence #2 --- When U.S. doctors deliver chidren from the womb they are required to create a document known as a: Record of Live Birth.
Is it given to you? No.
You’re given a: Birth Certificate.
So what happens to the Record of Live Birth?
And what is that?
It is a subdepartment of the “DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE”.
And, what is the, “DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE”.
It is where the U.S. keeps track of its possessions.
This evidence indicated that the state is declaring the children as their possession at birth.
Evidence #3 --- New statutes require hospitals to assign Social Security Numbers to each child before birth, or without the natural parents signature or permission. (read “Independence Day” in this issue)
Evidence #4 --- Why are each of the childbirth performing hospitals in the U.S. registered as “Ports of Entry” into the U.S. when virtually none of them have incoming foreigners?
Evidence #5 --- Birth records and Census reports are used as collateral for U.S. loans and as proof of the subservient nature of the people under control of the U.S. government.
It’s Scary.
It’s proof of the war.
It’s fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.
And, if we don’t do something to change things we’ll have no promise from the King of Kings (other than judgment).

First we learn what happened.

In times past, there were no licenses of marriage except in cases where it was unlawful to otherwise marry.

For example, Biblical Law forbids the intermarriage of races, so, the statutes of this nation (which were based on Biblical law) prohibited marriage between persons of different races. If a white person wanted to marry a black or an Indian they were, by statute, required to get a license.

Marriage records were kept in family Bibles, then in the County Clerk and Recorder’s offices. Statutes were created to allow anyone desiring a license to obtain one. Churches were used to assist in getting people to use marriage licenses as a manner or recording marriages. Over time people began to believe the licenses were required by law, even though they were otherwise incompetent.

Now, remember, the promise given to Israel, was that if we maintain our stewardship, we’ll inherit the earth.

Our stewardship starts with our families. Isn’t it ironic that the document typically used to being a marriage is the same document used by the corporate state to remove our children from us? And nobody ever even warned us, because government employees were just doing their jobs.

Whenever we discover we’ve erred, we can repent. The error was asking the state of a marriage license.

Repenting includes fixing the damage.

Some people would tell you that to remove the marriage license you have to revoke or rescind your signature from the request for the license.

However, as a matter of law, revoking or rescinding a signature admits that you signed it in the first place.

What if you never signed the request for license? Then there would be no license in existence.

In contract law there is no signature if full disclosure is not given with presentation of the agreement.

In the case of the marriage license, if you used one, you were likely not informed that:
1. The grantor of the license is a privately owned corporation;
2. licensing with them wasn’t necessary for you to be married;
3. If you request a license from them you were declaring yourself incompetent; and,
4. You were signing over possession of your future children to them as collateral.

Therefore, if 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 above are true in your case then the contracting license is void, without signature from the beginning.

There is more of the article here.

Personally, I am not concerned with a ceremony; I would be blessed if the man just say "we are One, we will always be One," and then his works show this to be true. I&I militant in this Iwah, I just dont feel the time and money spent planning a huge party is serving the best purposes it could if focused on JAH works. At the same time, bringing friends and families together to selahbrate the Inity is a beautiful thing, if that is what the I's want to do, I am sure it will be a joyous occasion, and there are ways to keep the event humble.

I am curious about the I's views on wedding rings. Would the I's handcarve wood? Buy a gold ring? None of debiers diamonds I hope... And what are the African traditions regarding a symbol of being married? For a man? For a womban?

I remember in Kenya, the young Maasai womban who wore the headdresses with beads and nose rings were said to be engaged to be married, at least that was the explanation that I recieved:

I am wondering if the I's know of and can share any customs like this, or more fully explain this one?

In everything the I's decide, I wish the I's all health, wealth, and joy, and more+more Life to come fruitfully from the marriage.
Blessed Love! Menen I + Selahsie I

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/21/2015 10:35:57 AM

"Personally, I am not concerned with a ceremony; I would be blessed if the man just say "we are One, we will always be One," and then his works show this to be true"

There it is! Give Thanks for the share JahChild. There are a number of brethren and sistren in the trod who think this way! There are also many who think like bredda Malcolm. Ima keep watch lol I'm also pleased you shared the hidden cons of signing the legal documentation. As I said, it's about weighing the options and is no reflection on I actual bond with I Queen.

Most I

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 10:52:57 AM

Recently I reasoned with a brother raised in the Hebrew Israelite way about marriage and he tell I say he dont think he would or dont wan risk getting married in the U.S.
His reasoning was the courts are usually in favor of the wombman and he wouldnt wanna risk loosing what he worked half his life to build. Being a military man he say he knownabout the ills the U.S governmental system and wouldnt wanna sign his bond with his wombmam over to the state. He was thinking on marrying in an African country.

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