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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 10:56:57 AM

Blessed love and greeting sistren!

Nice reasonings sis! Good food for thought!

InI feel blessed to gather and reason with all di I's. Lovely exchange of thought.


Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/21/2015 11:11:06 AM

That's the same point iNi made earlier. Its because bablyon take it and turn it into poppyshow. So because the system have this thing about split and share in half thats why a one would choose not to get married? * It should be a endless bond, one shouldn't a foresight no end (divorce). So if a one a think 'what about divorce?', then maybe the love really isn't there. Its not a 'til the end of our days and beyond' thing. Iman a marry i empress and i'm not concerned with sharing nothing in half if we should divorce cuz iman see endless love and not. The kinda love that i parents and foreparents had. So i naah pree no divorce ting. And iman will sign a registration too so when i queen and i grow i business, and when it comes to certain legal works, i and iman queen can also reap the benefits.

If a one wants be so mean and selfish with ones asset, sign a prenup so when that divorce come (that you anticipated) you queen and possibly your youth dem wont get nothing. Lol

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/21/2015 11:18:47 AM

personally iman think any daughter who is grounded in certain principles would feel very miserable and unhappy to know that they may never get married because of certain legal works.
Iman dont overstand why di ones them have no issues to register any and everything else and licence any and everything else but signing a piece of paper would be a big issue for a one to choose not to get married.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 11:36:15 AM

Idk wether the couple or ceremony or the paper or what it is but Ive seen numerous occasions where wombman and man have lived and raised family together (years of together) "unmarried" (legally) to later get legally married only for everything go downhill and get divorced. Before they seem like any normal womban n man with uos n downs and all the good n bad times but once legally married it all fell apart. Sometimes I think its dem using a system or ceremonial tradition thats not ancestral to dem or maybe it just wasnt there from the first, idk.
I think tho African people should hv some sort African tradition in their ceremony, incorporate the ancestors ask their blessing, or some sort of African custom born in InI scattering.

A question from I.
As African people but being displaced even within InI Mamaland mentally now that knew ways cultures have come about, new ways of thinking.

Do InI only or mostly marry for Love in the sense of emotional feelings?
I ask because with many "traditional" African marriages from I hearing wasnt always a love thing or even a choice thing as some were arranged.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 11:50:57 AM

To I marriage is between the one being married no one or no thing outside of that really matters. If they have spiritual belief and include a power higher than them then thats them, if they have a culture where they must have family approval thets them. Im saying I dont think signing papers MAKES a marriage or even a ceremony. Ceremony is just a thing of the culture the marriage is what the two or more make of not paper and ceremony.

I think some of the other things ones may sign papers for or things that have to be done that way by certain laws in certain places to avoid incarceration and or fines. Some may be things that a one may not even know she/he doesnt need papers for.
With banks some feel its safer to have they moneys ina bank where as at home or so it maybe stolen away. I know some things reauire bank accounts as some things require married couples but still it ill be up to personal agreement between the couple to sign or not or an individual to give up certain rights and/or info to gain some supposed benefits.

I think personal bonds are bigger deeper and beyond state and require no legitimacy from such extra bodies


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 12:20:32 PM

At the end of the day, a queen simply desires and deserves respect, love, honor, protection, balance, strength, stability and overstanding. A lil humor goes a long way too...

Those qualities cannot be guaranteed by a piece of paper. Some will argue that this paper ensures each party is protected (financially and otherwise), and the children born into that union. I overs the legal aspects of this, within the constraints and mind-set of babylon system, but that so-called "guarantee" is almost as if one is anticipating the possible destruction of this union. Is it protection or projection? Smart and wise decision or manifestation of fear?

The tradition of marriage and it's principles part of InI kulcha. And the ceremony.

Everything else is not.

On a side note, slavery has had a big impact on how Black people (brothas especially) view marriage. One that is deeply ingrained. Firstly, it was generally not allowed. And so, we created our own tradition of "jumping the broom" for ceremony is a part of who we are. But our unions were not our own. It was held captive by "massa's" whims and economic decisions. He had the right to defile that union by busting into slave quarters and "taking what's his" right on our marriage bed. Planting his foreign seed into ini wombs. Or forcing our husbands ("studs") to "breed" children with a next woman. Or worse, rape a brothah according to his homosexual whims.
Either could be sold at any time, for any reason. Our children were not even our own. Our men emasculated. Women forced to become hard. Become "fathers". A complete state of confusion and horror.

This has had a DEEEEEEEEEEEP and terrible affect on the Black Family, how we view and treat each other. Our conditioned ideas of ROME-MANCE versus our natural AFRO-MANTIC ones. The principles of defending, protecting and providing for our women and children. What our original marriage traditions were, what being the original "Holy Trinity" was about: man + woman = life, the very nucleus and foundation of CIVIL-IZATION.

A piece of paper, frankly PALES in comparison.

Messenger: Malcom Ra Neter Sent: 11/21/2015 12:29:11 PM

well for iman, as InI said i've been with i empress for a while now and marriage is a significant part of I family and ini traditions as a rasta man and as an Africa. Its something i want and its something i empress want. Man you should see the joy it brings her. We love each other very very much so this is solely love.

In terms of the ceremony. We plan to dress as we would for any important occasions such as a groundation. We will have it in the Binghi yard, with plenty of drumming and chanting. They elders will host the event. Lots of ital, lots of love and lots of fun. The rings are custom made. InI will make hers and she is making mine. We are both very good at craft work. The elders have suggested to sign the marriage certificate for business purposes that may arise in our future as we are planning on opening a craft store and a school together for early next year.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 12:59:03 PM

Nuff said brothah Neter. Spoken from the heart. All that matters is that you both celebrate your love and commitment as you both desire it. Divine blessings unto di I's.

InI celebrate Black Love/Family Itinually!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/21/2015 1:11:38 PM

Some Irie (and funny) Afrikan proverbs on love and marriage:

Marriage thrives and blossoms on the farm of patience- Egypt

Woman is a flower in a garden; husband is the fence around it. Ghana

If you marry a monkey for his wealth, the money goes and the monkey remains as is. Egypt

Coffee and love taste best when hot! Ethiopian Proverb

The buttocks are like a married couple though there is constant friction between them; they will still love and live together. African Proverb

If a young woman says no to marriage just wait until her breasts sag. -Burundi

If money were to be found up in the trees, most people would be married to monkeys. African proverb

Marriage is like a groundnut; you have to crack it to see what is inside. Ghana

A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries. African Proverb

One who plants grapes by the road side, and one who marries a pretty woman, share the same problem. Ethiopia

Bread without sauce and a home without a wife are meaningless. Ethiopia

Marriage is not a tight knot, but a slip knot. Madagascar

The man may be the head of the home but the wife is the heart. Kenya

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 11/21/2015 1:23:31 PM

Yes I, just a laughing at the buttocks one! A truth tho

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