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ANKH, More Life, Righteousness, Sex

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/6/2015 9:50:06 AM

Paganism isn't a word spoken from anyone in or who wrote the Bible. It's origins are in Europe in recent history with the (western) CHRISTIAN Church. This was during a time which in order to gain colonial power in other peoples territories they used the idea that if you did not know of "their" form of Christianity then you were a Pagan. If you were an indigenous people with your own practices, this was said to be Paganism. Using this as an excuse to conquer and enslave.

Witchcraft. Paganism. Idol worship.

All European terms of originally describing that which they were unfamiliar with and did not understand and subsequently feared. There are good and bad forms of any practices. But it's not the practice itself which is bad. That is what they have us believe to be able to fulfil their Columbus plan

In this time Rasta wise to it. RASTA give THANKHS for paganism to voodoo and all indigenous practices outside of the major world religions which can give I upliftment and strength. Something which the major world religions have not been able to do.


The definiton:

Yet why when you think of pagan you more think of:

Propaganda. Like white women in the woods were really a major problem outside of Hollywood propaganda. Nobody cared about that. Worldwide Domination was more important to the Catholic church and White supremacists. Descriptions of Paganism and witchcraft have been used from day 1 of European experience with african spirituality

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/6/2015 10:37:35 AM

Bless Up Garveys Africa
Haha each time I go to answer the bredren question about paganism the I has already answer it fully.

On the topic of More Life, Sex, and RIghteousness:
A sistren I have known since childhood is now at this moment in birth with her first child. My sister is the doula/helper for the birth, so I am sure they will both have the best care possible. What a beautiful thing to watch children turn into mothers over the years! This is the Itinuity of Life, ANKHs Most High.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/6/2015 12:03:36 PM

thanks for your comments. good to see that there are so many different impressions in this thread. i see your point, garveysafrica. the burning of witches and labeling things as paganism to promote the catholic system were in deed huge problems and maybe i'm a little bit bigoted because, i've got to admit, i'm not used to certain things. of course it's not about women in the woods who are practicing their rites in norway or north europe but i remember a time when there was at certain trend about "rastas" in movies and commercials.

there was a movie called "predator 2" and the "rastas" in this movie were kind of bad minded and evil and they all seem to deal with voodoo. there were a lot of rasta singers who raised their voice about it and claimed that rasta doesn't deal with voodoo and paganism etc (in a bad way, like you'd said).
i understand that it may not be the symbols or the knowledge that's bad or even has to be banned, no way, but i still don't think that most rastas deal with all kind of ancient (pagan) believes. i think most of them won't deny the bible itself. it's all about the bible and the words of marcus garvey i think.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/22/2015 3:18:27 PM

Sex is a beautiful act of creation.
Not "sin"
Let humankind live
In humanity
And in kindness

Messenger: Sister Sent: 5/25/2015 3:30:49 PM

JahChild, what are the I's views on separation of gender? I see this in some form in every culture. Do you have a view on the separation of males (over a certain age) and females in, for example, BoboHill for 21 out of 28 days?

I feel in the same way as 'colourblindness' - not 'colourloveness' as Ark I puts it - fails to recognise oppression and unique needs, "gender equality" really means forcing wombman to fit into a male mode of being. Natural order cant be forced into repression, nature finds a way in the end (hopefully). Wombman should be able to retain the nurturing and intuitive skills which we are blessed from creation with, and more than that, be free to express them without fear. But, should young children be separated from their fathers, should wombman and man only associate with themselves for the majority of the time? Love that men can cook, but I am unsure about living without the presence of the other gender (though it is something that many mothers have to do all over).. Is male spirituality impeded by the presence of wombman and child? I did even wonder whether women were supposed to partake in this forum at first.

..Mutabaruka says this...

Rastafarian activist and radio personality Muta Baruka, who also discounts the separation rule, said despite its Biblical origins, the practice is impractical outside of the secluded camp setting.

"When a woman a see her period, me low her still, but me no really put her away," he said.

The Rastafarian said he is unsure whether male-female separation is a spiritual mandate to be observed in 'modern' society, or a rule that Moses had documented as a scheme to govern the Israelites of the Old Testament.

Muta said he sees a woman's monthly cycle only as proof of her fertility.

"Me no see the woman as unclean. A sore foot is unclean. Menses is a natural thing that occur every month."

[Jamaica Observer]

Give thanks for the cycles of life.
Jah Bless.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/25/2015 3:51:25 PM

Too much ancient rule for modern life, sure somethings can relevant today but somethings are just out dated, settinged

Abraham, father of Hebrews never a mention of him putting his wife away

Time away can make time together more appreciloved but 21 of 28 days is that really necessary

Will the wombman cause the man to become ill or supm during her cycle that she should be CONsidered unclean?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/26/2015 4:22:18 AM

Empress not to feel isolated nor subordinate

Yet still, I have much respect for the BoboAshante culture. If a wombman feels say this Livity can uplift her and benefit her spiritually than so be it

Otherwise, I recommend to reason / move round Garveys Africa during the so call separation....

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/27/2015 10:39:13 PM

Honor and love Sister.
Thanks for bringing forward this reasoning. This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently also.
Thanks and love also to the Kings for the positive and egalitarian comments.
Maat ☥;;

I am not sure if the I is asking about separation during the moontime or just general separation of the genders.

I was watching King JAHcub's utube video about Nyahbinghi house, and Iman bring up these practices of separate men and wombman quarters. This is a link to the video masterfully explained by our Idren Bobobinghi:
At about 9 and a half minutes is when Iman talks about the different male and female practices.

This Iditation I have been pondering is not about the Nyahbinghi mansion specifically, but it was while watching this video that inspired deep thought in I.
Many cultures practice male and female separation, not only Nyah House, not only Bobo Ashanti, and not only ancient Hebrew. I have wondered also about the cave churches like in Ithiopia where only male priests are allowed: how does this practice promote life and thereby honor the creator of life? In ancient KMT there were separate temples housing male or female priests.

I question how any culture can survive if man don't get prolific chances to breed wombman. In terms of permanent living quarters, it seems illogical and frankly homosexual, not necessarily in an erotic sense, but absolutely in a literal same-sex culture, not promoting Inity of sexes which agreeably is the only way to create human life.
That being said, it seems also that same sex culture in a literal sense promotes the erotic side of this also, in a more and more warped sense just watching the catholic bishops and priests.

In terms of spirituality, it impedes a man to have a wombman around, in as much as he lets it. It also benefits him, as much as he lets it. Human relationships are meant to teach us about the reality of soul Inity, and when we go about them in the wrong ways relationships cause a lot of pain. It is all how people use situations and whether they exert positive of negative energy.
But truly I do not think a real spiritual aspirant whether male or female can ever enter the Iyest overstanding til the person learns to humble themself to their opposite and their mate. In a soul mate partnership, in a balanced marriage, the people both teach each other how to be more righteous, honest, kind people. Both people humble themselves to the other person and open their minds to learning. So if a Lion thinks he can reach an Iyer level with the Lioness in a different home or even a seperate bedroom, it seems to I that the man is thinking negatively about the Impress and what she offers to his journey of life lessons, while obviously if the I look positively the I will see it as a benefit to have her around more.

At the same time it seems obvious that it is a benefit to the species to have the wombman around more and therefore have a higher probability of procreating. Theoretically it might be true that a wombman is fertile about 7 days of the 28 day cycle, give or take depending on how long the sperm can survive. However, all bodies are different. Some wombman even have 14 day cycles recurringly, and then get pregnant while bleeding or spotting (I know this because my sister had a situation like this for her first daughter).

And yes I adamantly stand for sex being for procreation purposes. But I am also all for the double purpose of the emotional effects: stress relief and emotionally cohesive power. Especially when people don't use contraceptives because they trust each other in the Iyest and know that it very well could create a life from the I's. Orgasm is a healthy Ixperience. I say man and wombman really can Fulljoy life if they choose to live together positively, learn from each other, and spend a lot of time together, and have sex often! Anyone who chooses otherwise such as having Lion and Lioness quarters separate, I say you are missing out.

As for the moontime separation, according to Hebrew scripture, there are more rules about this than simply not having sexual intercourse during this time. A wombman cannot cook during this time. Anything she sits on or any bed she sleeps in is unclean. If a man sits on the same stool or sleeps on the same bed, he is also unclean. Many more rules also!
If people want to follow these rules, then where will the man sleep? In the western culture people have many bedrooms and many beds, but in many countries people live in different conditions. Some families have one queen size bed for the couple and the five children. Some have straw mats on the floor! Is it practical or compassionate to send a wombman out of her bed, if these are the situations most wombman globally are living in? Or is it practical for a man to find a corner on the floor to sleep on for the week? This is not simply asking a wombman to move to a separate bed, the way some Kosher or Hasidic Jews would practice. As a Lioness who has experienced some extreme moontime, an understatement, I know that sometimes I cannot even leave the bed at all during this time. If a wombman is in severe pain and debilitating fatigue, where else should she be except her bed? This is a degrading and contentious idea when carried out universally.

To clearly answer the question VDR asked, no the menstrual fluids do not actually cause any sickness if a man comes into contact. It can be washed just as easily as blood from a wound. I am not sure about ingesting the fluid making people sick but I do not think that is a real risk if a wombman is cooking during this time. Haha obviously a person would have to try pretty hard to accomplish that... And why would they??

It seems to I that the practice of wombman not cooking during the moontime comes from the suspicion that the fluids will be used in spells or potions, not a thoughtful concession due to the wombman's fatigued state. Many times I Kingman will cook or make tea for I when I am in this state. But it is only to be nice, or because I am physically incapable at the time, not because I am forbidden from the kitchen. If a man wants to have the wombman stop cooking for the whole week and do the cooking for her instead, I hope she is thankful! Still no one should be forbidden or feel downpressed, but man and wombman should serve each other in RASpect and compassion, create life and sustain life as partners.

Bless up the Goddess of Creation
Together in Inity with
Emperor Alpha

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/29/2015 4:57:44 AM

Seperation may be appropriate in some cases of polygamy. Can't think of many more examples, although time for private meditation and space in any relationship is important. I agree though Jah Child give thanks for sharing your opinion although not sure what you meant by including Kemet into the example as I'm sure there was no 21 days / living quarters seperation.

Blessed Love

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/29/2015 10:09:49 AM

Yes I, I wasnt really asking the question, kind a sarcastic but after thinking about it we have a sayn to NEVER eat a new wombman's red gravy as in tomato sauce lol cause of the harm that can b done

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