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ANKH, More Life, Righteousness, Sex

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/2/2015 2:30:07 PM

Blessed Righteous Fire
Sex is not evil, so let it not be associated with evil any longer!
People focus so much on the vulgarity of flesh, when in reality ALL LIFE COMES FROM SEX. If we question how to solve this problem of prostitution, lavishness, creepy issues, victimization, rape, child molestation, masturbation, total perversion of sexuality in society today... The answer is STOP associating sex with sin.
Give thankhs to the I Garvey Africa for posing these sentiments in a similar thread.
Let sex itself, talk about sex, education about sex, and celebration of sex be about LIFE, ANKHS, and rIghteousness of nature.
Give thanks for life Ivermore.
JAH Ras Tafari

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/2/2015 2:42:36 PM

To the Idren reasoningtime, Hu jambo, Iyest Greetings... The I said,

"something that also lossely has to do with it is the thing that a man should be the head of his family. is it wrong if a man is just a house husband or if a woman feeds her family as the only family member who works (no matter if she has a "normal" job or she's the one who works on the farm)? right now, i think it's not what nature is all about and that a man is in deed the head of the family.

if a man can't find any job or they are both working and the woman is able to bring a little bit more to the table than her man it seems not that wrong to me but i don't know if i could say that a woman was made to lead her family and in times of demographic change i don't want to push any girl for a huge career if she doesn't want to.

don't get me wrong. i'd even say that man and woman are equal. regarding equal rights. equal human rights. but there's a difference between a man and a woman and da fundamental type of family which shouldn't be changed to me.

It is true that at some points in life, there is a difference between a man and a wombman, their hormones and priorities, and talents. But throughout much of childhood and especially in elderly years, man and wombman indeed stand on an even level. I personally watched my grandmother nurse her husband in his last days, the man who had once been the "head of her family" was now just as a little baby. There is no substitute for loyalty of family, and that is really what a marriage is about. At some point the man will have to be the strong one, and at some point the wombman. It is best for them to support each other so that the cohesion of the family will be fulfilled... past supporting the mate, I do not see a need for the people to fill societal roles. Life is not about money, life is about life. If the wombman can breastfeed more children and grow more potatoes for the family then let her do so, and if the man can cut more wood and dig more irrigation, then let him do so. Each to their greatest Ibility... Ujima.
Blessed love Idren.

Messenger: LiberatedSoul23 Sent: 5/2/2015 10:44:07 PM


But what about the theory or whatever about women having different sex partners and it's not being good,because she carries each of that man's personality? Don't know how true it is just something I read.

And I don't think men only should be pressured for jobs, especially ones they aren't happy about or comfortable with,but only work because it's decent income. If a woman has income then it's ok to help until he can get back on his feet. Men should have the opportunity to be stay at home dads to see what we women go through. Lol. Just an opinion /joke. As long as everyone is fed clothed sheltered then gender roles shouldn't matter

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/3/2015 11:43:31 AM

special thanks for creating a new thread because of my questions!

i think in the end "sex" itself isn't evil. sex leads to new life but just like many other things you can manipulate a person by using his sexuality. i think certain thinks will lead you to sin when it comes to sex. but your sexuality itself is nothing evil. temptation is everywhere.

you've mentioned the term "ankh". ankh just means "eternal life", right? i know that ankh crosses has made their way through history. they were originally found on peoples graves as a sign of eternity. i know that also different christian and even pagan groups are using it but it's all about life (and life after "death"). am i right?

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/4/2015 11:31:07 PM

Blessed love All.
Ites Goddess, thankhs for the Ipinions. I do not know if there is any way to prove that wombman carry the spirits of men they have had sex with... any more than one can prove that men carry the spirit of wombman they have had sex with. Intimacy does leave an imprint on the soul though, and especially on a clean hearted person, the I will feel the link with the person Iritically. And this may become painful if the Ither person has unrighteousness in their heart, as the I will still feel linked with them and may cause friction between what the I feel attached to, and what the I know is right. There is no way to scientifically prove those things but they are things I have known from Ixperience.
The best way Iwombman see is to have sex with rIghteous mate, and then the link will be very uplifting and powerful. As for multiple mates, that must be a personal choice Iyah see. There are cultures that practice female polygamy or polyandry, wombman who can be married to more than one husband at a time. Sometimes it is a temporary thing while the other young women in the village reach marriageable age. For Iwombman personally I would not want to put the Kingman in a place where he feels less of a man or that I want to share Iself with other people. I would want to honor the Kingman and have only one husband. But if it works well for all the people involved then I would say wombman have just as much right to marry multiple men as men have to marry multiple wombman.

Haha I like I's joke/opinion... True that men might not Overstand the hard work of being at home with the family unless he Ixperience it. Even with both parents at home, there can be widely varied roles in the work they do. I agree with the I, the most important thing is taking care of the family's needs. But it is also important that the man and wombman feel they are I-tributing equally to the family, in all the various ways. It is not good for one person to be lazy or for one to feel used. All to the most of their Ibility for the Almighty purpose. Give thANKHs.

Yes reasoning time, as the I said, the natural inclination for humans to have sex, it sometimes leads people to do unrighteous things, especially lie. That is what I usually see in society today. I dont really agree that temptation is everywhere haha, I dont feel that way. I dont see who has time to be tempted everywhere they look if they are focused on the work of the Most I.

ANKH refers to more than afterlife. I suggest the I read Iman Garvey thread about the Kemetic Origins of Iration.Kemetic origins of creation The ANKH is more meaningful than this still.
ANKH is a story of the creation of the universe, and at the same time, an embodiment of the Innection between man and wombman. The hoop in the ANKH is the womb of Iration, Nu. It is also the Womb of wombman, of the mother Aset. The shaft in the ANKH is the male aspect. It is the same meaning as the obelisk, the penis of Aser. The horizontal line, the horizon, is Heru, the child, born from the union of the male and female. That is why I am talking about the ANKH in reference to sex. Because sex is how humans Itinue life forIvermore in the physical sense. So the I can see how ANKH refer to eternal life, the life given from ancestors to I&I, and the life of the cosmos also.

Ises Most Haile

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/5/2015 5:16:57 AM

thank you, jah child! i really appreciate (or appreci-loved) that you took the time to answer all of this questions. i guess one should try to fulfill jah works every day.

i actually read all the bits of that thread you referred to. i see that some things could lead to certain interpretations (the original egyptian story of the creation of the world could be connected to the biblical story of jah creating the world we are living in). there are actually guys who compare paganism with christianity or tammuz with jesus. but it's clear to me that those reports aren't dealing with that much information. they are just picking up some facts and rumours and present it in a way that it becomes obvious that they are only all about one thing: to schock and provoce. although i know it's true that there are many similarities.

i know that many rastas are very strict when it comes to paganism. they don't want to deal with that but still they are wearing their ankh crosses. so i see that this is all about staying true to african history and symbolize the power of life (and the connection between a wombman and her king). please don't get me wrong. i don't want to compare anything but i don't know what to think of it right now (and i agree that this might be because it's new to me). so if i refuse to celebrate christmas and easter because i know this holiday was celebrated for so many centuries (in a pagan way) but i don't want to mix anything up with paganism and other religions, to what extent may i promote ankh when i know that it also deals with some egyptian "gods"?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/5/2015 7:47:18 AM

Rasta, I man a pagan

Most Rasta a pagan

Why don't you support Paganism? (Emphasis on YOU and not what you may have heard from Rastafari of long ago)

Many Ras take much more joy and upliftment from dealing with the "Gods" of Ancient Egypt - moreso than dealing with Bible God as this gives black people an overstandin of our ancient pre infiltrated history and glory

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/5/2015 10:19:46 AM

respect! if somebody wants to have his own way to deal with the bible i'm completely ok with that. at least, it's all about what you're doing with this symbols and how you are using them.

but although i know that you can't take the individual opinions of some entertainers to describe the whole direction of rasta, i remember many tunes from sizzla (don't say), warrior king (don't go where the pagans go), capleton (pagans a go cry) or anthony b ("wave up uno hand if yuh nah follow paganism") and others that make clear what they are thinking about pagans. but ankh is a very special case. it is used by so many different groups.

so like i said before, i don't want to tell anybody what he has to think and i even know a few pagans by myself but in the end i wouldn't consider myself as a pagan. i want to stick to the bible, jahs prophets and his majesty.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/5/2015 7:10:32 PM

That's exactly why I said what do YOU think and not what you have heard from others. And you quoted other people lyrics. I know why they talk so. I want to know why you talk so....

Pagan = a livity and perspective outside of that of the major religions

That is the literal dictionary definiton

Pagan was first used by white men under the guise of Christianity to describe I ancestors Hola livity

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 5/6/2015 6:03:44 AM

well. i think that paganism is a term that describes so many different lifestyles. just like the rasta movement, there aren't any churches which count their members in general. some people may refer to you as a pagan just because of your ankh cross while others would consider people as pagans who really deal with certain believes, rites and symbols (like being connected to fyrn sidu or other pagan directions). so you can criticize (certain directions of) paganism while you are doing things that other people would define as being a heathen or pagan.
paganism officially includes following ancient gods or maybe even celebrating christmas but also witchcraft and things like that. and i think many rasta won't deal with that. if you want to do so, follow your inner voice.

i love to read anything about mythology and i myself mostly won't share the same opinion of bible interpretations too when i talk to members of christian churches and i love to think about things like that to get my own point of view but i wouldn't deal with paganism too much. the greek, roman and egyptian gods (in certain eras or course)...theyre very similar to each other. it's all about the babylonian religion. sun gods and idols. it's always the same. just like the old gods of german pagans can still be found in hinduism today. it's very complex.

love to get more and more knowlege but in the end...i still say rasta and not paganism. (even if it might be the same for some people)

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