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? bout Nyahbinghi

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Messenger: Osiris Sent: 9/27/2006 12:00:56 PM

I'm not trying to debase Rastafari Theology. Only trying to bring it's balance into perspective.
As the view that Bro Dominiq brought fourth, every man has his own road to trod.
But since Rastafari HIMself is Christian. It makes sense that many Rasta are also baptized Ethiopian Orthodox. I can see how being baptized in the church would make one feel closer to JAH.
I'm not defending the EOC's recent fraud and allegations, but I sight that His Majesty did more to establish the Ethiopian church in his theocratic teachings, than any other historical leader or chuch head.
Even though there are many wolves in sheeps clothing abound in the EOC, I still agree with the bredrin who feel it necessary to preserve the sanctity of the EOC for His Majesty's sake.

One Destiny

Messenger: White dread Sent: 9/28/2006 10:59:26 AM

The bible is how we know that H.I.M is JAH in flesh.
The bible tells us how to live.
The bible tells us about repartriation for the blacks.
The bible tells us about Yeshua.

How can we believe H.I.M is Jah if we can't believe the bible about Yeshua. We can't take things we like and believe it and things we don't like refuse to believe it.
If I offended some Rases and other people with this post, I am truely sorry and I want to know the I's opinion.

Blessed Love To All!

Messenger: I Selahssie i son Sent: 10/23/2006 1:29:58 PM

Yes I! the Ible is the source of life also the livity of life.Selah,ssie i the Warrior Messiah,tribe judah is the nyabinge peacemakers,the tribe Asher or Aser is the boboashanti warriors.etc.Were are the children of Isreal and they know that.Jah Rastafari!judah is the lawgiver,the lord is known in judah,he rose out of judah.

Messenger: Dread Lion Sent: 10/23/2006 4:48:22 PM

**We can't take things we like and believe it and things we don't like refuse to believe it.**

Don't be naive. That is EXACTLY what YOU do and so does very other Rasta, Christian, Jew...

HIM made InI to know that education is the key to betterment. Learn more about where and when each book of the Bible was written and how all these books from across time and geography were gathered together into one work called the Bible.


Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 10/23/2006 5:49:20 PM

Religion is the diefication of ones culture.~ Dr. Ben

Messenger: rams Sent: 10/26/2006 12:27:02 PM

"We have to stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is rules, laws, and rituals, made by man….In reason of the imperfection of man the religion has became corrupt, and politic, has been divided, and became a tool in the fight for power. Spirituality is no theologie, no idéologie. It’s simply a way of life, pure and original, who have been give to us by the créator. Spirituality is a net who join us all together, to the most high and to the universe."
- H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I