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wolves in sheep clothing

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Messenger: Osiris Sent: 6/19/2007 6:23:45 PM

I know Rastas who don't dreadlock for their own reasons. I have also seen elders in JA who also don't wear locs.
There those who served in Ithiopia under His Majesty and fought and died for HIM with no locs.
what of these bredrin I?
Respect Sistren,

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/21/2007 7:36:42 AM

Blessed Love Iyah.

What occurs to InI in Ras-ponse to that each of InI are, at the top line, only accountable to InI self.

In relation to the Idren who fought on the battle field with I-Majesty, the laws of InI covenant state that we are not to approach any issues of blood, hence no eating meat and, as I-womban, securing our iditations during 21 day purification life cycle. If we are / were to approach the bloody issue, and for some strange reason eat meat, or partake in war battle, and draw blood or murder... InI are to sheer off our crown & covenant for our own cleansing, etc, etc.

Now, I'm not projecting and I really don't know about an individual's choice. But if Unuh look at it, I-Majesty when he received HIM Triple Crown had a huge precept and a glorious mane of ether-9 hair. It was after this and towards his period of international diplomacy, around the period of war defence from Europe, we saw I-Majesty with trimmed precept and short hair. As a youth his hair was locs. Fact.

Make of that what the I them will. InI never got to hold reasoning with him during his process.

Regarding his troops and faithfuls, they were blessed enough to live out their covenant physically fighting for the defence of Ithiopia, alongside King of all Kings.

And as for our Incients, I personally know a lot of Elder RasTa Kings who actually just shed their locs, as men do shed their hair towards old age.

And for those who locs and trim cos of cold feet, well... you might not want to hear it, but it's a judgement. And all we need do is take a look into the lives of these locs & trim folks and you can see oftentimes they really do turn into pillars of salt.

You know what happens to a slug if he is turned to "a pillar of salt" = dried up!!

People will seek many ways to benefit from a relationship with RasTafari, but in this modern iwah they don't want to identify themselves out there in Babylon and make the covenant, and then physically indicate it, make it real and actually channel the meditations to using the locs as an extension of your senses.

In this time, and especially as Babylon is more than a geographical location, it is a common international method of social control, there is little else we can do as a mark of the covenant than release our vanity, and depend on the elements and nature to seal our covenant with RasTafari. Our hands are tied to do much else, for now. That is why we must locs if we love this trod.

And anyway, the simple truth is this... in this context, if there is a barrier to freeing up your natural locs, there is a barrier elsewhere too. So, people who want to hail up Fari, but don't have the guts to self-identify in this Iwah... aren't really gonna get anything out of it.

"Thou giveth the fat of thy life to the devil. Now that thou art drained and can no longer stand, ye cometh to
God with your bones." "But I shall not accept them," saith the Lord, "for I am God who giveth thee to eat and
to drink. I am he who supplies the necessities of life. Shall my reward be that ye dump your garbage on me." (Chapter 3, Holy Piby)

If others can find another way to live the covenant, then that's wonderful. But if we love Fari, because we love Ras Tafari... and this trod shows us how to live upfully in HIM praise, in this dreadful time, and in return we gain all we need, and this trod says InI covenant is declared with our hair... the first step to releasing vanity, the most detrimental human urge... then we do it.

And anyway, most people that "if and or but" about the covenant are dealing with hard issues of vanity, which have no place in a heartical conception of JAH Ras Tafari.

I hope this is okay as a response.

Royal heart of love.

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/21/2007 7:41:31 AM

Who say Jah no dread, JAH JAH dreader than dread

Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/21/2007 8:00:43 AM


i had scraggly, balding, locks. no stylin,no twistin, just let em go where they want. there was strength in them, it is hard to put a finger on, but something about making a visual personal statement that one will put i-self outside of the system and connecting with those willing to fight the system. like i said it is hard to explain, but it was there.

now last year i went through some hard personal things and i shaved them off----i felt like i needed to start over --from the roots so to speak. and after i did it i remembered that my buddhist students will shave their heads and eye brows if a family member dies. it is again strange and hard to explain, but shaving the head lightened i mood in regards to what i was going through.

I know i view on rasta is not to everyones liking here, but i know that their in something in the hair (at least mine) that gives i strength and holds energy.


Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/21/2007 8:04:16 AM

I think the I raised a very valid question over those who served under HIS Majesty, the Igesty HIMSelf. As Empress Yaa reasoned, locks are physical and spiritual covenant to the Most High but your dread is also in your heart as Morgan Heritage sing. Some dreads cannot wear locks for reasons of work or family or out of choice, but for I(speaking for me) what matters is that the kind of people they are - no good having locks if you a badd wo/man, no good chanting Sellasie I name if you nah reflect HIS grace n goodness. Truly its about the heart and sometimes that can be reflected in the physical manifesation of locks...I'm thinking of India Arie's song I am not my Hair as another side of the story ones n ones might not dread, but JAH faya burn in theiir hearts still. Bless

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 6/21/2007 8:40:36 AM

I am definitely my hair, my hair is me... I am my nose, my nose is me... I am my arms, my arms are me.

Forget these bit-part castrations that attempt to infiltrate InI sense of self.

I know Lady India Arie had all the best intentions with that song, and what a lovely song it is. But, only African people have to say "I am not my hair" to give them a better sense of freedom, and self.

It is not our hair that is encarcerating InI. It is all the non-values being placed on it. And I absolutely am my hair.

They may say, I am not my hair... so that we feel it is ok to tear down the follicles with chemical poisons, extract all of the carbon goodness, remove the nature of the follicles, remove the power and strength of the feature, remove our overstanding of it... come on now Sistrin... you are not your hair? Yes you are! And whatever you do to your hair, you are doing to yourself. No doubt about that.

Especially as African people. What InI are suggested we do to our hair is a symbolic ritual of what we are encouraged to do to ourselves. There is no two ways about that.

Why don't we shave off our noses? Why don't we pour bleach in our eyeballs? After all, we are encouraged to do that to our skin!!

Where does it all end? It only ends when we sight the burning destruction, InI are inflicting on ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our irits, our children, our families... our sense of whole African selves. And the redemption is in that particular covenant.

If Baby-wrong can influence me to symbolically destroy my essence when I ritualistically destroy my hair... well... I wear my crown, placed on my head by the Almighty, and that is my counter symbol.

JAH knows me from above, cos I identify myself according to the way HIM designed InI! And I love it.

Messenger: Osiris Sent: 6/21/2007 2:04:40 PM

I do not know why the Rasses I know do not wear locs and I don't care as I am no man's judge. I sight them up as Rasta just as I sight up dreadlocked bredrin as Rasta. Stip away everything from one's physical being and all that is left is a person's deeds. Therein one will see righteousness or wickedness.

Here is I personal perspective however. Empress Yaa stated that one must grow locs to cast away vanity. I see many fashion dreads who grow locs FOR vanity. I respect the Bobo bredrin as these Idren have seen a way around that by concealing the locs. I also can agree with the Idren who don't feel they need locs to identify with thier African identity.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/21/2007 7:20:16 PM

a cover pon your head does not cover the vanity of the spirit I have met dreads who wrap for fashion and to seem hardcore meanwhile they are just loving their 'Sizzla/Capleton look'. I've also seen sisters who wrap for 'soulsista fashion' so turbans can be tools for meditation or vanity or everyday practicality - its how you chose to use them.

Messenger: Bro Dominiq Yehyah Anbesa Sent: 6/23/2007 8:55:48 AM

Ises beloved Empress

Sorry as I n I was busy I didn't be able to follow the Icussion all the time, but I would like to say something to one point the I Sis made. In much love and respect I say this.

"so to call Iself RasTafari is to name Iself as HIM children, but also in livication to the trod set by those who called HIM name long before."

Let me try to express my thoughts about that, I hope they won't come across negatively, my beloved.

So you say to be Rastafari means to follow the king, AND to follow the ones who trod this rockyroad long time before us.
I perfectly agree.

BUT, to me it seems as if the sistren is missing (or just forgeting) a very important point. It just seems like this to me, please overs.

"...but also in livication to the trod set by those who called HIM name long before."
This trod the I is speaking about, came into being and existance from NO OTHER sources but ONLY Haile Selassie I.
All we are living as holy Iyahbinghi Ingels is the commandments of King Selassie I. The Incients did not make up and invent anything which we now have to follow (I do not say that the I said that, I just try to make a point). All these Incients did, was looking to the Almighty Haile Selassie I and his teachings and commandments.
And this I n I did in fullness since the days of the House of the YBF, give thanks Congo Watto.
I n I Nazarene livity, which means locks, Ital livity etc, was not invented by the Incients but was only an overstanding shown to them by Haile I Selassie I.

So of course, like the I Empress said, we have to look to the Incients in the trod too. But we must not forget: to whom did the Incients look? They did only look to Haile I Selassie I. I do not want to offend anybody, but we have to say, they did not look to the UNIA and Hon Marcus in questions for livity, coz there was just no example. Also I n I did not look to Howell in questions for livity.
I n I Incients which come in from the Youth Black Faith Nyahbinghi HIGH Order, we did always and only look to His Majesty, who pointed us to the bible to overstand questions in livity and to overstand I n I Iyaselves as Royal Israelite-Ithiopians, as the congress and I Nyahbinghi say, as the Sistren knoweth.

The Elders must also be an exemple for us when it comes to realizing and taching us that they did NOT LOOK TO ANY OTHER THAN THE KING!

And I say this now not (only) to you my Empress.
Those who trod this livity because this is just like Rasta does, because Rasta has done this from ever since the days in Jamaica.
To these guys I say: check yourself.
Bob Marley said, everybody who adopts something will fail.
Everybody has to go his OWN way with His Majesty. Find his own way through HIM to the bible, to I n I Nazarene Livity etc etc. Then we can stand one day as strong as the elders today.
Otherwise, if we only do it because Rasta already did that before us, we build only cards on cards like a house made of cards. It will not stand any blow. That is why from generation to generation THIS HERE AND NOW must be the foundation again and again.
The only foundation is His Majesty, and on him we must build to get strong. Because THIS is what the Elders did, what we must learn.

Haile I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/23/2007 9:12:51 AM

" That is why from generation to generation THIS HERE AND NOW must be the foundation again and again."

Wondeful wonderful

Rastafari Is

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