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wolves in sheep clothing

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Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/14/2007 7:42:43 PM

honestly Ten,

ask yourself --in this day and age where is Africas God?

there is jesus that in this day and age is represented in the image of the europeans

there is buddha that is represented in the image of asians

there is mohhamed in the image of those from the middle east

those from india have krishna in their image.

honestly where is the image for africans? in rasta houses on the island i saw Selassie I not jesus.

it is my opinion that as long as jesus gets put above selassie I with those that claim to be rasta, Africans still will not have their god.

and that is where my race question comes from---maybe a white person would be less willing to give up their image completely. though i have come across blacks that are just as unwilling to give up the image of a white jesus.

Africans use to look to their ancestors for guidance before christianity took hold of mother africa ---that was their "god" so to speak, but it was beat out of them.

christopher come-club-us beat his god into the africans on the islands

the slave masters beat their god into the slaves

why can't Africans have a "god" that comes in their likeness only ---with absolutely no attachment to jesus?

christians don't look at themselves as jewish even though jesus was jewish ---then why must rastas hold onto christianity? unless there is some fear of letting go.

who knows---- maybe we are just early in the development of this rasta business and in time it will only be Selassie I and all of the prophets of Rasta.


Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/14/2007 7:52:11 PM


Oh my Lord, did you actually just say that

My youth, I sincerely pray that Selassie I will show a way out of your confusion

Messenger: still looking Sent: 6/14/2007 7:53:40 PM

Respect Dominic,

I appreciate the words.

though if you are refering to I as young you might be a little off (unless 45 is young to I)

Having an open mind and being willing to express views which are a threat to the norm may seem to represent confusion to many, but it is really the work of those people that changed the world.

Women in the 50's who wanted to have careers were consider to suffer from a mental illness. marley and lennon were monitored by the CIA.

Just remember that if a lie is told by enough people it eventually becomes a truth.

just think the bible refers to the jesus character as having skin like copper and hair like wool yet the vast majority of the pictures of him are of a white guy with long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

sounds a lot like what hitler wanted.

Rasta is Selassie I
Rasta is Marcus Garvey
Rasta is Bob Marley
Rasta Is African Queens
Rasta is Africa

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/14/2007 8:00:11 PM

When did God come according to geographies now? This dividing is problematic cos God is not about division, God has little regard for where one is but what matters is you praise and do good. Now Africa, well there are so many different kinds of beliefs you can't say Africans have no God - that's ignorant and ill-informed. The Shona of Zimbabwe praised God through fire and through rain making ceremonies and this is still practiced today, in South Africa the Zulu, the Xhosa, the Pedi, the Tswana all have their own specific cultural ways of praising God. Just because Christianity might be dominant in Afrca, people have still kept to their ways and they will still recognise the different Gods within their cultures such as the many Gods of Akan culture or Yoruba culture in West Africa that are called upon daily. Even in some Churches people sing songs but its an African fashion with drums, hosho and other traditional instruments so that religion (NOTE RELIGION NOT GOD) brought by the Europeans has been "Africanised"
...I don't think Jesus can be put above Sellasie as the I say, its a matter of perspective and world-positionings that have made it such that Jesus is the dominant figure. But for I n I there are no such heirarchies, those seek to politicise faith.
And there is no fear of letting go of Christianity, that is the doctrine, Christ is the figure and this figure really is historically linked to Sellasie I, so what's to let go when this is fact, you want Rastas to deny Christ and yet you quest for overing of an African God. Sellasie I is HIM. And even more Sellasie recognises Christ, and I don't think Rasta seeks to carve out a space that is exclusivley Rasta cos its an open movement one that touches all faiths; Islam, traditional African beliefs, Buddhism too, so this day of solely Rasta prophets and Sellasie has to be with that meditation (not to say that such a vision is not a positive one but Rasta as I say is not a divisive movement.)

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 6/14/2007 8:18:58 PM

You are 45 still looking?

I would like to apologise and take back any harsh word i might have said to you.
I views on your ideas and concepts are still the same, but i man a African, and one thing ini do not do is to say or do anything bad to anyone who is an elder than i, even when ini feel that they deserve it sometimes.
Just plz stop running around corners and watch what you say here.
It might amuse some to see a man who believes there is no God, come into a congregation of Rastafari people and start to tell ini what Rasta is and is not,,,,it doesnt amuse I
I strive for perfection, but i am not perfect yet. InI Fatherīs patience and mercy endures forever, but mine is, for the time being, limited.
I will leave it at that for now
Again i apologise, but I humbly ask, plz dont make me change my mind

Rastafari Is

Messenger: Osiris Sent: 6/14/2007 8:32:25 PM

black prophet= Marcus Garvey
black christ= Haile Selassie I


Messenger: Selahssie i son Sent: 6/14/2007 11:02:39 PM

live Rasta

Messenger: Ten Sent: 6/15/2007 4:01:42 AM

And another thing I, if you were to go to the small coastal places of Kenya you would see images of the Black Christ so again this notion of Jesus as Middle Eastern Arabic race or as blue-eyed Michalangelo's cousin is disproven. In Egyptian mythology they had their Gods and Goddesses - what colour do you think Isis, Osirus, Horus and all them were? Black, Nubian. Same goes with the image of the Black Madonna you will find in many parts of Africa even today - Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, Zim has an image. And again in Ethiopia the saints of the Orthodox Church are BLACK, Sellasie I is among them. The images formed from the Ethiopian Book of the Dead (Life) of prayers between Mary and Yesus again indicate they are BLACK. These are Africa's Gods staring you right in the face. I won't deny there's brainwashing and confusion of the people, but I don't make it seem as though Africans have no God. We have a rich spiritual history, even the Bible brought by imperialism has been adapted into the culture of the people as I have pointed out earlier.
And I'm sorry I, I might be considered rude; Ras K was humble enough to apologise when the I realised your age. Praises for that humbling and respect by Ras K and I respect the I too as another person and as an elder, but I if you are going to ask questions in the way you do, how can you expect people not to be offended? Your thoughts are confusing and contradictory one minute you have no concept of God next thing you say hail Sellasie and then you talk of African Gods? This chameleon like behaviour you exhibit is the source of contention, you just change as you feel and say some very questionable things, then change again in another post and still make controversial remarks. And then you make assumptions abt the forum saying we're just like Christians (in the way you meant it), we're fundamentalists, asking if we're a bunch of white rastas, burn fire for the absence of Africa yet I we talking African history and legacy in these posts. Its an unwieldy fire the I burn, may your age control it and your humility help you to seek knowledge first before lashing out. As they say with age comes wisdom, I'm sure the I has seen alot of things. Bless

Messenger: HIMrulesWEall Sent: 6/15/2007 11:08:37 AM

blessed Love InI.

yo I bredren, wa gwan Iyah. ask InI questions if the I a seeking certain tings.

But Iyah Kebre be right man, the I a gwan get fiya fe comin up in a Hola place talkin the I nonsense Ish. Seen? ya play wit Fiyah, ya gwan get burned.

all of We know the I definatly looking, its just a matta of how much of a open mind the I a have when in this type of Iditation. For, eventhough, I physical self is way younger than Ones, the I a still need to see a manifestation of InI Irator through every I. Jah is INside of We, and HIM come out at certain points. InI sometimes dont really know when Jah a gwan pop up, so InI keep ready with InI open mind, and Loving heart.

If the I listens, then One will be Listened to. seen? its Jah way.

Jah bless Itinually, Blessed Love to all I bredren in the name of the Most High JAH Ras TafarI Immanuel HaIle Selassie I.

Messenger: HIMrulesWEall Sent: 6/15/2007 11:10:26 AM

InI always need to keep in mind also, RasTafarI becomes InI, not the other way around.

Big Up, Bless.

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Haile Selassie I