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Prophecy - views?

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/26/2014 5:44:28 PM

Itinuing to read further, enjoying the examples given about the events of HIM divine life.
Give thanks Iyah Far I.

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 4/26/2014 6:22:28 PM

Iman posted that for the Iwombman because through all the babylonian propaganda, there is some valid Ites into HIM Ife. Iman do not Igree with the author completely. Iman no need just "jesus" to "save" InI. HIM save Iman. We I's must read from people of different "faith", so we I's can strengthen our KNOW-ing of Ras TafarI. I posted that for the Queen to get the I's take on it, seen?

Unlike the person that wrote that article, We I's KNOW the truth. HIM is the truth. The article, through all the propaganda still had InsIghtful glimpses Into HIM Ife.

Would the Iwombman sight up with InI reasoning on that?

Stand Firm and Praise UP King Selassie and Omega the Queen


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/26/2014 6:29:57 PM

Haile Selassie’s mother (Yeshimabeit) previously conceived eight children all of whom died in child birth. Now, on July 23, 1892 (Leo the Lion – July 23-Aug. 22) the dragon returned to Yeshimabeit to devour her ninth child as well. But he could not because this one (Haile Selassie) was coming to rule the nations with a rod of iron (or sceptre). When the dragon failed to abort this birth, he drew stars from the skies with its tail. This is not literal, but a representation of celestial fireworks, which was the lightning Christ said would accompany His return to earth. And indeed there was a lightning running from east to west at the moment Haile Selassie was born, bringing rains to a country which was hitherto strangled by drought.
Lately Iwombman have also been thinking along these lines. Yes I.
Reading still...
Here is a nice way to understand the Holy Trinity: take a cup of water (H2O) and freeze it into ice; it is now a totally different thing (or state) yet it is the same cup of water or H2O. Take this same cup of water and boil it. It soon evaporates into thin air – every drop. It is still the same cup of water transformed into vapour. Let’s say the liquid is the Son; the ice is the Father; and the vapour is the Holy Spirit. As a ventriloquist can throw his voice, God can do likewise. But whereas the ventriloquist has to move his lips, God can throw His voice without a tremble of His mouth.
Jesus had a nice way of revealing that He was God. God ordered that His angels should worship His Son (Heb. 1:6). But Jesus has some bad news for us when He declares in Matthew 6:24 that we cannot worship or serve two masters, which means we either worship the Father and forsake the Son; or worship the Son and reject the Father. However, the good news is that He is both the Father and the Son so we can go ahead and worship whichever one – it’s six of one and a half dozen of the other. He confirms this in John 14:1 “Ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

This explanation seems to make sense, and I&I have heard Christians use the same thought process. But this idea leads logically to a further extent than some seem to follow. If water is boiled and thereby water vapor created, this is a graduated process. At a point there will be some liquid water and some vapor water. Is this also the way the Trinity works? For example, does Jesus being on Irth mean that there is less "Father" in heaven? Or none at all? Obviously not... So the metaphor does not really explain how the Trinity is One and All at the same time - like molecules of water being frozen and vapor at the same time. I am just pointing out that the overstanding of the infinite nature of JAH is a little higher than the knowledge of chemistry...
Give thanks I. Iwombman agree with many points in the article, and especially enjoy seeing the comparison between the facts of His Majesty's life and the scriptures. Without a doubt, Iwombman declare that Haile Selassie I did fulfill prophecies in Revelation, and that HIM is JAH; although I am not sure I agree with the conclusions that the author draws about the implications of those prophecies being fulfilled.
Ises Rastafari.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/26/2014 6:32:39 PM

Yes Iyahs, I sIght HIM in the bible and HIM fulfillment of prophecies. I also know I own experiences with dreams. So the existence of prophecy is something I do not need to be proven. But Iwombman ask to hear the I's views on HOW prophecy happens.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/26/2014 7:41:47 PM

Seen I Ras NazIr, I&I in agreement on that reasoning.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/26/2014 7:49:25 PM

Zion Mountain Blessed I, I don't discredit Marcus Mosiah Garvey in no wat a'tall. Every nationalistic movement I know of is a spin off of d UNIA!!!

Live Up Iyah!!!

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 4/27/2014 7:41:02 PM

This no same site Iman first told the Ras-Queen about. Iman hope d queen Injoy the reasoning Ither way. It is a short read but it still have good Ights Into HIM Irly Ife. Iya still looking for the original site for the queen.

Live up Iya's. Praise HIM. RastafarI

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/27/2014 8:39:27 PM

Irie King, give thanks for sharing another upful article about the glory of His Imperial Majesty JAH Rastafari.
Just a commentary on this short but sweet article: I would have liked more thorough citation of the events the I mentioned surrounding HIM youthhood. But I have heard a lot of these same stories about HIM mystical iverstanding, and also at this point have grown to accept the glory of HIM without question.
Bless up Rastafari Kings and Queens. All love and honor to I&I and all glory to Qedamawi Haile Selassie.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/27/2014 8:44:16 PM

Still I&I original question stands for all the Idren who can offer a view: For those who do not deal with the bible, what is the phenomenon of prophetic foretelling of events, how does it happen, and what do I&I think about the prophecies about the King of Kings in the bible (that is to ask - although I&I do not accept the bible as the "word of God", do the writings in the bible seem to indicate His Majesty in the I sIght)?

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 4/27/2014 11:59:59 PM

Love Up Sistren! I Iself had a few dreams dat happm almost to every detail within say a week or two one I ddnt kno wat had really happm till it happm and d exact same seen as d dream den I knew wat it was about. InI connected to d future same way as to d past how some have sightings of d past, dat one a d things dey wan keep us from using more brain pineal gland power. Not to long ago some kid in Laffayete LA was havin sights from WW1 or 2 so as a utube video I watch say his name is James if d I wan look it up! Exactly how it happm I can't say but it's interesting.

Wit bible prophecy well it easy to fulfill a prophecy witin a book, jus state a prophecy then some pages later state d fulfillment. Wit ancient writings how is one to know dat d so call prophecy was written AFTER d event, like d kemetic "Prophecy of Neferti" dey wan say it was written after d event but it speak of a "King coming from d South".

King of Kings, Lord of Lords was a title of d Nile Valley long before any bible mentionings. To I overstanding according to Itiopi story all Mekedian Kings bore dat title
So d author of Revelations may have known of this last powerful Davidic Empire. I sight some a dem in Selassie I but not everything. If one looks at "Ezek.34:23-28, 37:24-28" how d I would interpret dis "My servant David" "covenant of PEACE" "dwell in the land of their fathers"? Take "Isaiah.11" verses 1-6,10 I can sight Selassie I in dem but what about d rest?

I don't sight up d bible, nor d "Modern English" usage of "Messiah & Christ". What I know of King Selassie I tru HIM life deeds and words is what I sight. Others have dey own reasons or what dey sight but I go from what I read, watch and hear mostly from a translator (as I don't speak or overstand Amharic) and what I feel since I never phiscally knew HIM, met HIM or lived in Ithiopia. But Wat a MAJESTIC INDIVIDUAL!!!

Give thANKHs JAH CHILD, Bless Love Sistren, Live Up!!!

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