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To all those claiming a white man can't be Rasta

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2014 5:35:24 PM

When haile selassie addressed the UN and said...

".......our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique and in South Africa in subhuman bondage have been toppled and destroyed; Until bigotry and prejudice and malicious and inhuman self-interest have been replaced by understanding and tolerance and good-will; Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven; Until that day, the African continent will not know peace. We Africans will fight, if necessary, and we know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil."

When he say african he means we the world?

And Has that day come? Are africans equal in this time? .... if not then We AFRICANS will fight. This is the black ipremacy. This is the need to self govern and this is the need to call for self awareness and consciousness for the lost africans to return home. UNTIL that balance of shift toward equality has happened, this is a war

Messenger: Prophet John Sent: 7/7/2014 5:40:54 PM

The world means the system of Satan. Do YOU THINK he meant world when he said Africans.

Ironically there is a war and believe it or not I'm on HIM and HIH side fighting for the liberation of Africans. Think whatever you want but I'm here in Ethiopia (originally Abyssinia meaning MIXED people since you love to point out Ethiopia means burnt face) fighting the war on a daily basis and I'm not fighting for "whitey" or babylon. Get the picture yet?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2014 5:42:21 PM

Babylon definition is confusion.

Go long and fight your fight. Jah see and know when the right time come

Messenger: Prophet John Sent: 7/7/2014 5:46:22 PM

I agree mostly with what you said but Obama for example is a part of this "white" ran world and he's running just as evilly as any other "whitey" would.

The restoration of the Monarchy WILL restore all truth and this whole world system of lies will be dismantled. InI am fighting on the SAME side even though our skin appears different.

InI at war with the downpressors regardless of the color of skin. I hope you can agree.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2014 5:49:05 PM

Color of skin has zero relevance to me at any time. African is not a colour. But it does refer to a specific group (of further subgroups) tied together by land mass bloodline and cultural history.

And obama is another septimius severus

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2014 5:56:02 PM

White people wanting to help the cause. Overstand and remember there are many Africans, thousands in Jamaica alone, Rasta organisations and Pan African organisations, with dedicated and ready members who are literally living on the hope of one day returning home.

Contact the EABIC or binghi. Or elsewhere. The works is needed there believe you me.

Not to mention the work needed to remove the imprint of the western industries from IMF to the diamond and cobalt teef. The work to tear these slave masters down can ans is also needed to be done from the inside too! Ie in the west. Or the work for reparations which as ive said financial reparations are only a Small part.

The fight is much more than you as a European picking up and trodding africa as rasta. Just saying

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2014 6:25:31 PM

The I read the works of van sertima? Him say the so called native Americans had African ancestry same way. That argument would make more sense to I. Abu bakr to the olmec dem. Africans beeen in da americas. And if your family were enslaved with us. Potential interbreeding between slaves is another thing. But fire on the teaching that everyone on the planet is a so called african / black. This would be to rob the group of people I represent of an identity for a second time and it can't go so..... memba every action hve a reaction

Selassie I

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 7/7/2014 9:50:28 PM

I wonder how many whites would haven took to RasTafari had HIM look like Garvey or Mugabe or Ras Makonnen. IMHO think most non Africans that took to HIM was able to because HIM features don't think many would have to a dark skin or even a darker brown tone with more W/S/C African features

Messenger: Prophet John Sent: 7/8/2014 3:32:27 AM

You keep saying millions of Africans that want to repatriate yet can't, however while in Shashamene I was told SEVERAL times that for the last few years there are plane tickets ready to be used already paid for for anyone wanting to repatriate, but they won't come. Ras Kabinda himself wrote an entire article about the only problem is the Rastas just won't come home.

Yes my Native American ancestor is actually African and I am from Louisiana where further mingling of African slave DNA blended with my Native American DNA but my main point is if you see my physical appearance one would assume I am merely a "white" rasta which most of you feel like is further stealing your identity.

When I met Zere Yacob I will ask what Selassie meant by African and hopefully clear up any confusion

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/8/2014 9:21:50 AM

Ok but he dont speak for HIM. I have no doubts HIM knew what an African was.

Re: no rastas wanting to come. King the eabic alone have been writing for some years now to ethiopia to try and ask for help for reparations. They are not the only ones. Maybe the ras with the plane ticket needs a better strategy rather than just cussing his black brethren who do wish to return home. Send two tickets my way if the I wish or put me in contact with the bredda dat deals with it.

There are millions of africans wanting to go home

For many there is more to it than a plane ticket. For a people in debt and servitude, many with criminal record etc

other issues lie around visas too. The fact an african I the diaspora needs a visa to come home is fukkery at its heights. Also, the children of the repatriated rastas in shashemane are not being recognised by the government of ethiopia as ethiopian citizens. They are without an identity or stateless persons. This is another crime against rasta which needs to be addressed before or with any large scale ethiopian repatriation plans


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Haile Selassie I