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To all those claiming a white man can't be Rasta

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Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 6/18/2014 2:30:15 PM

I will admit, Garvey's is a better man than me for handling me that well

I apologize

Messenger: Levite I Sent: 6/18/2014 3:33:29 PM

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/18/2014 3:49:21 PM

Jah Dub, the difference is I am not on a Buggerrin forum..... you have entered into a forum of Rastafari. So its Rasta conduct a rule round here, anything else ketch a Fire and drop off ina ash tray. Easy with the false aggression, don't need them kind of vibration toward this website in the Eye of Big Brother. A who you work fa?

If its Catholic.....Battyman......or Slavemaster you defend then go and give your argument to them. Don't come to Rasta camp with them kind of thing Rasta not inna it wit no guy. Rasta never start the war. Rasta minding his own business as per usual amongst Rasta. If you feel its not suited to you and you disagree with this and that foundation doctrine and philosophy then leave it and go. Dont try fight Fire.

Jah See and Know...

1 Ipremacy Ras Levite iman a post the video:

Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 6/18/2014 3:58:06 PM

Man, i really really tried to have faith in Rastafari with all my heart

i don't know if you even care

but i will ask god to forgive me and give you all blessings

god bless you

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/18/2014 4:03:26 PM

the man try come work Christian obeah pan irasta

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 6/18/2014 4:43:16 PM

Yes I.

More fyah on false christian sodomites.
They troll on the internet and don't realize JAH will BUN them in real life for the folly...

BTW:A Dub,please don't mess with I account again.Don't think I don't know where those '1' posts came from.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 6/19/2014 1:08:56 AM

You tried to have faith in RasTafarI? It is not a try thing. A person is or is not RasTafarI, people have to stop trying to be RasTafarI, because if you are trying, you are not. People must know themselves.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/19/2014 6:40:12 AM

Right, why were you even trying to be Rasta? Because they look interesting? They make good music? You like herbs and bob marley? all bad reasons

Do what is natural to YOU. And make sure it dont bother mama earth too much

Messenger: NordMan Sent: 6/20/2014 2:58:54 AM

Yes I, Rastafari have no phobia. Love for natural law i say.

Keep fire blazing.

Rastafari love and protect all living at all times.

Messenger: RootsWork Sent: 6/20/2014 7:22:01 PM

A case in missing the point:

I have read over this thread and have to say that the original poster is missing the point. Just by saying "white" Rasta and "black", it shows there is no understanding of Rasta. Rasta is Rasta. My friend, Rasta, as you say isn't about being black or white, but it is an African way of life. Rasta isn't religion or about worshiping H.I.M Haile Selassie I or Jah or whatever, though many Rastas (even most) may do this as well. It is about seeing the world for what it is and living in that world naturally. It is about seeing racism and oppression for what they are, fighting against it and understanding the self and uplifting the self in the midst of this.

When a Rasta says "white" in regards to racism and oppression, they usually don't mean individual white people, but rather the colonial political systems which still disenfranchise people of color and which are raping the earth and destroying it. I'm sorry, but those systems are "white." They were created and perpetuated by white men and continue to this day and people of color remain the primary targets of the suffering that is built into these systems. Read the book Pathologies of Power by Paul Farmer (a white man), or read bell hooks, or simply open your eyes and look around you. The political systems in former European colonies, including the US, are still highly Euro-centric and still benefit white people (especially men) more than they do women, people of color, the poor, etc. It's not racist for a Rasta to call out what is reality.

Also, you don't have to be a Rasta to worship God (Jah) or even to sight H.I.M. As Anthony B says "White, Black Man, or Japanese, don't be afraid to pray go pon your knees." However, that doesn't mean that you are a Rasta nor do you need to claim that title. Rasta is an African lifestyle (Livity) and is about African people and cultures. Now, you may say, "Well, our ancestors are from Africa, so we are all African." That may be true, but white people's ancestors left Africa over 50,000 years ago and it has not been white people's home for thousands of years, and the ancestors left voluntarily (in the sense that they didn't leave because they were kidnapped and brutally forced into slavery). African people (black people) cannot say the same. They were forced from their home, stripped of their freedom, and now are still oppressed by political systems that don't care about them. Rasta is African. Live with it and stop complaining.

Also, to the "white" Rastas out there, I have to be a little mean. Worshipping Jah, hailing H.I.M, listening to Reggae, and smoking herb doesn't make you Rasta. Rasta isn't made. Rasta simply is. Also, speaking in a forced and inauthentic Jamaican patois doesn't make you a rasta. Try being authentically you. Understand yourself, delve deep and stop crying because "black" Rastas are "oppressing" you. You are not being oppressed and denied your "Rastahood." You aren't Rasta to begin with. If you were, this discussion would've never started.

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