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To all those claiming a white man can't be Rasta

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Messenger: CaptainOvaltine Sent: 4/17/2014 7:52:15 PM

Only Love King's Sons and Daughters
InI Give Thanks Itinually THRU TIME to call upon the reasonings here Ark I - it is Love!
I read the Whole Thread and Ras93 lemme say: Yeah this is a Confusing thing. Oats Was True to say you got it mixed a little- but I a forward now with some of my own perspective pon the Situation.
You see cause I was given some tools to overstand Rastafari from time, as InI go on my way those tools help and hurt, as some prove usefull or incomplete. True Im a "White", True I Am Poor Westcoast American, True - I Am Also Rastafari. Iya say so only to give InI sight as to whom I Am as I Talk Forward.

Now First I Say I Feel your Angst Brethren. True I see you turn your own way as if you missed some of the Messages written, Please Allow Me to Share how I See you may be able to work with them feelings there.
Things with Pan African and Rastafari History can feel a little tough at times for InI- same way. Talk can be blunt and I am not proud of how Europeans come by their sinister reputation. Born in a Big City (Oakland,CA) - I was in public school at the age of 7 when I first heard words of Dr. Martin Luthor King, and they were like Music. Tear to my Eye as a Child- especially after my teacher told us abbreviated history (2nd Grade) of Slavery in America and the Roots of Civil Rights Movement.
She Point her Finger at me and say "YOU!! YOUR ANCESTORS DID THIS TO US!!!"
Sudden, Im the Only White Kid in the room. One other shamed white face turned toward the wall across the room- between us 33 "Black" Boys and Girls... Their faces were almost as awkward as we, but as if they weren't the ones who were in trouble.
From then I SWEAR I had bumped into More Racism from my friends in class than ever before. I hated myself for what I did to them and felt so helpless and grieved. Again I was in Second Grade, but Theft of a Culture, the Animalistic Treatment, Selling Families Apart, the Rape, the Violent Beatings and Mutilation of innocent people trying to do whats asked of them, and the hangings and murder of these People - all lined out before us at that time- sight?
-I trod on, through the sometimes sticky race situations and relations, but always feeling the only thing to do is Respect the Sensitivity. Respect the Disrespect - even. I remember being twelve, home school after difficulties in school- in Richmond just 10mi north of Oakland- I had no Friends and Dad suggest, "why dont you go to that teen center down the street?" So Skateboard in hand I went down and walked into the teen center. I got a lot of looks, there were groups of friends playing foozball and a empty billiard table, I remember standing for a few minutes. A couple "Black" kids came up and were pretty friendly- just asking my name and where I lived, and I was excited- I just wanted to play or skate with someone as a group you know?
They said all the sudden "see that girl? She wants to talk to you!"
Pointing at a slim "Black" daughter a little older than I self. I go over with the simple direct nature of a kid and say somethin "Hi, uuh those guys said you...."
She looked embarrassed and I could hear the laughs. "its mean -its cause- well..." she say, and I understood right away. I apologized and left the spot- all the friends laughing...
But Still I work with them feelings and just try to overstand the issues- Children are Taught to see things this way - "Them and Me" - for many reasons, most time they dont really know why and older teens just cough up some strange "you hate us so we hate you" trash. Parents sometimes have historic and traumatic experiences, and most of my young life and even now- there is nothing I can say for their pain and suffering. I feel it too- but all of them til now have seen me as the antagonist so we fail to reason it out.
As a Ras Daniel Said to Me about Rastafari, "You Know in Your Heart, No one can Say you are not a Rasta." Bob Marley was on a mixtape I had saying the same thing same time- and Ras Danielion was a "White"! He said also it goes both ways, and All the Idren here have My Respect and Thanks for Not Judging You So. You've been set right so let me offer:
Dont Feel Seperated. Allow the Messages- Allow the History- Allow Each Their Own View- and Hold Yourself Safe from Unjust Persecution. Africa For Africans! I Can Support That. So Do You if I infer correct from what you say...
Just BE where you are Allowed. And Dont Be where You are Not. Learn and Read and Grow- and Take that to "our" "white" "culture" (quote on culture cause you kno bruddah what we got in Murica aint really culture x) (smile) - Take What We Learn BACK into the Street. Wear the Ites Gold and Green and Ask a StonerBoy who wear them too if they know what it Stands For! Smilez Alight Just Bring Rastafari into the Sunlight In Your Life. I hate to say there will always be them who wont like you or misunderstand you- but We Got the Medicine for That inna Life.
More Humbleness, More Learning, More Meditation, More Reasonings with the I, More Music, More Love, More Smiles. Maaan just SHOW EM who you are and Be That, Leave Screwface and serious troubles behind and do like a reggae song say- I think its Kabaka Pyramid say: "If Life is a Book den mi seh Read in Light" - Fire Blazing with a Full Heart. Just Know Right from Wrong, Go Where You Can, Love All Ya Can, Know All Ya Can, Be All You Can- Jah at the Helm Guide InI through Storms and Peril.
Once Again ONLY LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! Didnt mean to write a novel but showing heart is how I try to immunicate- plus im still learning everyday growing like a tree straight and strong closer to the Light Everyday so- InI Give Thanks for the Help and Overstanding. Ark I, the I a Lion pon this RASPECT, I may not have posted Properly- Do with it what you Need to keep Orderly and all- InI Give BIG THANKS

Messenger: Jah Dub Sent: 4/17/2014 8:45:46 PM

Even tho I was at times claiming to be a white Rastafari, I can no longer make such a claim with a straight face

Now that I have learned more, being African is so integral to Rasta that I must move on to being just a fan and a student

Even if I didn't become a devout Rasta in the end, I have become much more in tune with Jah as a result....and in tune with myself. Ironically, this has taught me a lot about being white

So, let it long as I am welcome here - and I feel pretty welcome- I am a student.....

Jah Bless

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/17/2014 9:11:41 PM

The none - Kushite rasta argument again. Is it possible or an oxymoron? Does it matter? This is a perpetual reasoning with no direct answer based on individualism and lack of official doctrine, which in itself wouldn't be possible.
Haile I

Messenger: littleshrub Sent: 4/27/2014 9:08:57 AM

"Jah dub" I can overstand your reasonings friend, as I am also a white face attempting to intwine into a movement sought to fight the oppression given to men of peace through our descendants own ignorance to the light of true love and true peace as I myself have found through Jah, accusation whether it be backed or hollow, respected or misinformed is still as it was intended to be, an opinion, and whether it be from the proud children of his majesty or from an ignorant fellow "baldhead" (pardon my use of identification through negative categorization I merely used as a term commonly overstood) it is still
a mere assumption of a level of misinformation of your due belief in your own seeked identity, I commonly see my "race" as blocking me from experience to integrate myself into the movement I chose to abide my livity and mental structure, but this feeling is just a pressure, a test of my faith in I own opinion c: it is just deserved, it will take time for the oppressed to open their hearts to the oppressors, and this I am fine with going through, Jah bless and life to the learned one (:

Messenger: Timbaho Sent: 4/27/2014 7:41:18 PM

being Rasta means you accept yourself. if you don't accept yourself yet and are still looking to someone else for acceptance then you haven't learned yet what it is to be Rasta. everyone has the same original breath of life in them that the Creator breathed so in essence every living tree animal rock fish bird plant human are all Rasta. some people just fight against themselves out of ignorance which is actually an illness not really a sin or something that deserves punishment. the Creator is merciful and has compassion for his creation. when we suffer hardships it is really meant to strengthen us. the first step to being Rasta is just to accept yourself. then the difficult part of figuring out where you belong in this great big world of confusion begins...

Messenger: littleshrub Sent: 4/27/2014 10:11:40 PM

That really expanded my understanding of Rasta and his majesty blessed love brother :D I'm still quite a youth learning the ways and giving thanks to selassie along the way, I hope to come along many as ground to life as yourself, Jah bless

Messenger: ras mash Sent: 4/28/2014 4:56:00 AM

The moment anyone says white cant be rasta he/she has just defiled the concept of rastafari.As a rastafarian INI have to live and try to be like Tafari HIMself.History paves way for the present and everything happens as it is written.If my physical father was a thief it daent mean i will b a thief.Rastafari isnt about prejudice and if you ask if whites can be rasta ill tell you no they cant becoz stupid questions deserve stupid answers.ONE LOVE

Messenger: Ismayl I Sent: 5/13/2014 4:16:08 PM

First of all This issue we closed this issue long time.. However there still are places were the white Rastaman cannot do certain things within te movement like the binghi order for instance..

But what is the problem about that.. theire should be no problem.. If this is the Rastaman concept,then this is the concept.
In this time the movement changed.. many people walk with His Majesty.. Whites,Chinees,Arabs,many other identity..

We should be glad with that,and we should embrace it.. and make an new race.. to stop al this racism thing.. Time that blacks live Isolated is gonne change.. we should not be busy with this.. Whe should be busy to fight injustice in for instance Taworgha,Libya were blacks bein cleanshed and killed for just being black.. Or about the Imperialist who is getting more and more power upon Africa..

Please let we stop this ,and let we get together and figt for things that can save humanity...

One Love to One and All

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/13/2014 4:31:01 PM

Im with you up until the part about the movement changed. Why do ones always say that. Rasta concept never changed iah, it is perfection. Original Rasta...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/13/2014 4:33:06 PM

His Majesty was pleased and encouraging of the movement when he visited JA in 1966, who come to change that?

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