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Major difference between Christianity an RasTafari

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Messenger: ijah Sent: 1/24/2004 4:29:27 PM

Greetings brethren an sistren,praise His name,shout it out loud and clear The Everliving God Jah RasTafari Haile Selassie I LIVES!!!!!!!

In reply to the lately discussed subject called `` crucifiction`` iman feel the need to emphase a major difference in what RasTafari is about,and what christianity is about.In i humble opinion in what Iman see happening today,nowadays,in this time....

First of all,We,Jahpeople,RasTafari`s do KNOW that there is a JAH.i speak formeself,iman know,me is not a believer{can one doub about JAH???}But iman think i speak in general also,in saying that we know that JAH is there.But the major difference,what InI actualy wanted fe mek clear ,is that Rastafollowers are living with the knowledge that JAH is there for us,NOW,IN THIS TIME,WHEN WE LIVE....InI know about JAH whom is there for the living people here pon Earth,contrary to what the ``christians`` preech:

them tell us bout a JAH for the people when they die,them living with the knowledge that them only can be with JAH,ONENESS,after they have left their physical life here pon earth..In plain words,christianity represents a god for the dead people

Still,it is InI opinion,...but me nah think that Iman is really wrong in that.......

One must also not forget,that in those times,about the crucifiction,when the Roman empire reigneth,it was more likely rather than unusual,to go hang,or crucify someone.....jesus in that time preeched things to the people,that worked against the established laws under the Roman empire,so therefore he was persecuted in many ways,and advantualy been that sense,jesus did not get such a specail punishment,which nowadays became that ``famous`` and has been talked about lots



Messenger: the rock Sent: 1/24/2004 6:40:08 PM

InI dont want to crusify anyones words or views. The truth is an offense but not ashame. I understand how it is an offensive thing how history has misconscrude who we are. How even from the very curse that Noah made to his son and to the misreperensention of ethnicities in the scripture. To make InI people slaves. We are suppose to be free. I feel that its important to research and if you find that them people views are not the truth than its up to you to change your self first, as you change it is enevitabel that you change your enviroment. I most recently visited a website were there was a video of the Emperial Majesty I was overwhelmed, not like it was the first time I had seen or heard Him speak or I had seen clips from him in the british media, but it is that my son and I had a chance to hear the words of the Root of David. His words were clearly, we must in ourselves change, then outwordly change our enviroment, never yielding to the opposite of what we are. Selah.
So I say His faith was something of a Christion religion. He was brodcasted on Christian radio.The christians whom brought back to America the report of the King of Kings in the city of the flower, did us a great service. Him being a white man from a white land was truley humbled. Everything is a tool the thing is not to be worshiped, the thing is just a thing, what it is that is the Alpha and Omega, how can our mouth utter a name For. So I got no name that can describe my fire. If thier were words to describe a feeling of who I am striving to be it would be a son of Jah.

Messenger: Qe~ne Sent: 1/26/2004 11:53:25 AM

His Imperial Magesty took on the title "Defender of the orthodox faith" Jesus christ died so that Rastafari should be revealed onto the sons of men. God does not go against his word. Thereis perfect cordial agreement in the trinity. the Father, Jesuschrist and The holy Spirit are one and the same. God separated himself into three and came back into one thus haile selassie I. God the word died so as to give example so us that we should die to our selves,that is the illusion that we are separate from Jah and his creation. He rose to show us the reality of our oneness with him. Without the Son how could the Father be Father?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/31/2004 4:36:05 PM


Another major difference between RasTafarI and Christianity is that RasTafarI are only those that live RasTafarI. But Christians are people that live how ever they want and are still called Christians, as long as they come to church once and a while, or every sunday in some people's opinion.

RasTafarI is a livity, and if a person doesn't live as RasTafarI, then they are not RasTafarI. It is not a classification, it is a way of life.

Haile Selassie I is a true Christian, he lives according to the ways and example of Christ. So I and I call Iselves RasTafarI, because it is this Christian example that is I and I example.

Blessed Love,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: White Lion of Dorcol Sent: 2/1/2004 6:06:29 PM

Greetings ,

Most cleansoul love for mi sisters and brother all over the world .

Dear brother Ark I , you said most truefull and wise words . Everyone is Christian , who goes once as well as those who goes 365 times in the year in church , they all are Christians . But Rasta is something that you live , that is not religion that is way of live .
Love the others that is all about , that why is Rastafarianizm most purest shape of Christianity . Loving others is loving yourself , man .

Harm no man ,
let no man harm you !

Messenger: rasjahleel Sent: 2/2/2004 4:50:51 PM

Hirambee! Peace Love And Happiness to all JAH Idren
Glory Be TO HIM Forever And Always! JAH Bless

First Idren we must overstand de word "religion" which infact means
"a way of life" see
INI as rasta know the TRUTH and the LIGHT,for we know that JAH is
here! He lives and guides those that seek and follow HIM!Selah
Unlike (others) that teach heaven after earth, we as rasta know that there is world without end JAH Rastafari. eh we seek Heaven on earth
(oneness with HIM) as we trod thru this phase of life.see
The most major difference InI see is one is gone astray caught up in worldly ways devil devices and what not see While the other is more
itune with JAH how HE itended things to be. InI know love,some talk
love with a double edge sword........
JAH says there is a time and place for everything under the sun.see Hurt no man and let no man hurt you........ can you stop a man from hurting you without hurting him? Everything is everything
May JAH Light Forever Shine In the Hearts That Seek HIM JAH Rastafari Bless Forever More All Idren Throughout The Land.
peace love & happiness Idren
world without end trod on!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/2/2004 9:58:54 PM


Yes I, Ras Jahleel I and I trod is to live as Jah intended for I and I to live, and not the ways of the world.

I agree that religion should mean a way of life, but that is not what it actually means. Religion comes from the french word religare, which means "to bind(tie up) quickly"

So the way I see it, the root of the word is more descriptive of what many religious organizations are doing today and in times before. They use their psychology and mental slavery to bind people's mind quickly and influence their thoughts and movements.

For I answer to the I question,

can you stop a man from hurting you without hurting him?

Sometimes it may be necessary to hurt someone to stop them from hurting I and I, but many times I and I can stop them with Love. I will post a message in a couple of minutes about an experience that I had where Jah Love stopped aggression.

Jah Blessings and Strength,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/2/2004 10:38:52 PM

then let ini be religare(tie up) in JAH

Messenger: mdjonas Sent: 2/3/2004 5:27:59 PM

It is a relief again to witness brethren reasoning......... so different from when some others talk.
Jesus said to his disciples that the day would come for violence. Selassie fought a war.

What I see is that a man who butt up his head to a brick wall should not say that the brick wall hurt him. It is himself who hurt himself by butting the brick wall, and the wall is innocent.
Those who choose to live as murderers and slavemasters are butting up against a brick wall, so it is not my fault if I have to cause them to suffer and maybe die. It is they who cause their own punishment when they fight agaist Zion. Zion is a brick wall, and INI am a stone that some would stumble over. It is not INI being violent that cause them to stumble, but they stumble due to their own fault.

In these times I declare all out war on Babylon. That mean lies and ignorance that cause the people to be deceived. Also it means physicaly stopping many who would commit crimes against Zion. Their blood is not on my hands, but on their own head.

However I would caution the brethren them to be wise. Pick your battles. His Majesty went into exile from his home in Ethiopia, and many of his people were being killed. This choice was ridiculed even by Marcus Garvey, who said that HIM would go down in history as a coward who ran and left his people to suffer. It was wise to leave Ethiopia at that time. He who fight and run away is very wise. The battle is not over until someone surrender unconditionally or dies.

This is how I declare war against Babylon. All who follow folly must surrender completely or die. Their blood is not on my hands, but they chose to go the wrong way.
Don't let INI try to follow peace. That is an idol if it is physical peace. I seek spiritual freeness, which is spiritual peace. What flesh have to perish and suffer is not my fault.

Love is a spiritual thing, not physical. When I stop a man by killing or stopping his flesh, that is love too. Just like when I stop him by reasoning with him. INI am not partial to prefer reasoning with anyone to stopping them physically. It is a choice they make to hear reason or to feel physical punishment or even physical death.

Jah testify to this also, because He does the same thing. When man go astray Jah reason with who is reasonable and kill the rest. It is not Jah fault but they own fault. Just so it is not INI fault when INI decide to kill some who choose not to hear. This is a judgment INI must make with humbleness and guidance of the Father. It is false to always forgive and it is false to never forgive. Only Jah can guide, not any rule. "Ain't no rule, ain't no vow, you can do it anyhow. INI will see you through."

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/3/2004 6:24:15 PM


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Haile Selassie I