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Major difference between Christianity an RasTafari

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Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/13/2004 1:45:18 PM



Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/15/2004 2:17:23 AM

Beloved Jah Rasta Far I

I not here to say to go or not to go to a physical church cuz all the ones know themselves. KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS because corruption fears not the weak but the strong.

The purpose of a church ? Issembly ? To GLORIFY JAH RASTRA FAR I

I site in the beginng there no temples churches i-ssemblies. Jah presence in a very REAL mystical way that man overstood, KNOWING like a child-pure simple and trusting for I-ver. Site Jah walked daily with Adam and eve, until one day a talking snake told them that could be as knowledgeable as JAH. Which Jah already told them and gave them that(because man created in the image of jah). They beLIEved the serpent and then were shamed and then denied that they sought knowledge. KNowledge that was already availale to them. Thier shame brought about separation - sin. That is where they start making sacrafices hoping that JAH would forgive them, still siting they know more that JAH and making the I-rator to be like them,,, rather than desiring to be JAH.

As the world became more populated, sin increased more cuz that the standard. Site. Always seeking to pursuade JAH with thier beLIEfs and superstitions.

Then site Enoch. Enoch taken because of of rightouesness pleasing to JAH. TOTAL issembley. onenes with the I-rator. JAH RASTA FAR I. At that time there no Chuch temple or Ark. Those things brought forth by man wanting to know the secrets of Jah. But there are no SECRETS....It is livity. The body is the TEMPLE. Well man in his sinfulness always decorating the body, when Jah calls I to cultivate cleansing and caring for the body. Does Jah concern with how the body sites ? HAHAH JAH CREATED the body, Jah KNOWS what it all about. Jah sites the heart, the inside the inner most part where Jah dwell in purity.

Now man starts building a physical place because he so far away from what Jah make him. Trying to impress Jah with man's intelligence. In good intentions the ancients desired that the ones seek for rightouesness. But like all of man's inventions, they corrupted because the "THING" becomes what is to be WORSHIPED and GLORIFIED. Man in his seeking for Jah seeks to create JAH...Religion does that.. that why they conflicting on thier theolgy and doctrines. WHERE IS THE LOVE ? WHERE IS THE WORSHIP? SO much hatred and so much blasphemy in some name that they make for the I=-rator.

Rasta site up purity of heart mind and body to be what Jah I-rated originally. Roots. Going to the roots of I-ration. Mediation with the ONE.

INI body is the temple and it manifests the I-rator that is witness to the world to site JAH. It not about u, me, he, she or they showing u, he, me ,s he they who Jah is. Jah don't need no GOD broker to make I-ration.

INI called to glorify JAH in all actions. Not just at the temple, not just at the I-seembly and not just when other man can see I. JAH within radiates outward forward always.

" InI tell you that if two of you ask on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for INI by INI father in heaven. For where three or more come together in INI name, there am INI with them." Matt. 18.20

AS for Selassie I, HIM not calling ones to site up any MAN of flesh. THe church estalished cuz that is what man has used as a tradition to look for Jah. Haile Selassie, HIM spirit manifested JAH. Not HIM flesh.

Many are called but few are chosen. Many called and called and sit in the churches with eyes that don't see, ears that hear not and mouths that speak out against others. So On emust be aware of all that noise. Some take it as truth. This is reflective of everything of man's invention, looking to another man to tell him what to do.


NOW, Site carefully what I say here. No judgement here about why or how or if ones go to a church, fellowship, temple. Just site what is truth.

KNOW self because at the time one reaches that bliss of perfection that the JAH created to be, well then no thing to be discussing what others are doing, or not doing. Won't even be on this board talking about such ...

One's called to a destiny.....each drop is the ocean.....(Ark I)not a drop of ocean - but the ocean....ONENESS...LET INI MANIFEST JAH RASTA FAR I.

INI don't doubt there is goodness coming out of some assemblies....nahway..but all goodness is from the ALMIGHTY-not of the church, the pastor, the priest the people..

Jah Rasta Far i
Haile I Selassie I

Messenger: ijah Sent: 2/15/2004 5:53:11 AM

Great powerfull words....SELASSIE I RASTAFARI!!!!!!!

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/15/2004 6:49:20 AM


Messenger: Tribeall Sent: 2/15/2004 9:07:52 AM

Sister Nefertiti I must say YA READING I MIND! This is the third time in one morning that I see ya posting EXACTLY what I was in deep contemplation on last night. I was reasoning on One Drop of the ocean that is the exact and perfect example of the Whole Ocean. Same make up, same ratios, same same same one one one.
That's it. i'm taking the kids and going to drive to the ocean.
I think much is awaiting I there......ya reinforcing the vibe.
I should say to the fold gathered here-- Isistren am new to this site and give highest thanks to Ark-I for the invite. I humbly look forward to partking in the collective here.
Blessed Love and Light in HIM,
Sis April

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/15/2004 12:11:35 PM

Yes I Nefertiti,

I also have nothing against people choosing to go to a church establishment. But if someone tell I that I must go to church, then I can't agree with that. Because I know that Jah won't reject people that live for Him but will reject those that don't. And I know that the requirement of Jah is to live for Him, not go to church or do any of the other traditions that people do, those are requirements of man, not Jah.

A person can go to a church building and live for Jah, or not go to church and still live for Jah. And on the other side, a person can go or not go to a church and not live for Jah, but live differently.

So I and I will always live for Jah.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 2/18/2004 1:58:50 AM

Blessed Love sis Apriljune....
INI site the I. May the words of I mouth and the meditation of I heart be pleasing to INI Jah rasta Far i.....It be all Jah just using I mouth....

The day at the beach blessed for rest and sunlight and joy with the I-dren....

Hold tight, ini trodding to Zion and i blessed to site the I, Sis !

Ark I sited the drop of the ocean to I, JAH RASTA FAR I !!


Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/18/2004 9:33:13 AM

Ok what I'm seeing here is reasoning for ones not to go to Church or Temple man's built for the worship of Jah and ALL the reason for man to be aware of Church built by men.

But I didn't say ANY OF THIS!!

IT WASN"T ANY MAN built this Church for HAile Selassie
Now after I said that can anyone tell why they would not go to a Church Est. by HIM himself????????????????

If you have any objections to go to a church est. by HIM do you follow in the way of Rastafari????
Remember I'm not talking about any old person just Selassie.....THATS ALL!

So someone explain to why you wouldn't go to HIM church created, ordined, manifested, and set in order by Selassie I?

I don't care what you feel about other men in the past or present but just about HIM

And remember the orders/camps in JA rejected HIM orders will you do the same?

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/18/2004 9:57:08 AM


I am not reasoning for people not to go to church. I am reasoning that I don't go to a church building, and I am reasoning that when Jah people come together, this is the church, so I and I aren't required to go to some temple to come together for Jah. I and I can go to a church building if we choose, but it is not a requirement of Jah.

I am not convinced that this church was established by Haile Selassie I. The word of Foxe is not good enough for I, to just automatically believe that Foxe's church was Established by RasTafarI.

Anyone could come say this to I, it doesn't mean that I will run and go to every man church that claim this.

And there are a few things about the story that doesn't make that much sense, I will only speak of a couple of these things right now.

Firstly, the I said that the Elders sent Foxe to England to talk to Selassie I. It doesn't make sense to I that the Elders would send a young man on this important journey, rather then go to Selassie I themself. And it also surprises I that they would only send one person to go see Selassie I.

And why did the Elders reject Foxe's words? It wasn't because they were rejecting Selassie I words, they were rejecting Foxe's words. If they thought the Foxe's words were actually Selassie I orders, then they would have immediately accepted it.

And if they had so much trust in Foxe, that they would send him alone, as a young man, to go see Selassie I (as Foxe claims). Then why did they not believe what he said when he came back? If they had so much trust in him to send him alone, then they would have also trusted him enough to accept what he said when he came back.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Za-Za Sent: 2/18/2004 11:04:51 AM

Well good questions Ark I
But why would the elders sent Douglas Mack (very young at the time of the visit) to see Selassie in Ethiopia?
Why didn't the elders go themseleves?
If you can answer that you can answer your question.
As far why they rejected Selassie words?
They were set in their ways (probely) in the worship for Rastafari.
Selassie asked alot of the elders such as becoming a Abuna for EOC. Most of the Elders either couldn't go (money) or too old to learn for another 7 years in the EOC!
And they did trust Foxe very much so!!
That's why they permitted him to open the first Ba Beta Christos Church of Haile Selassie I in JA!!
If they didn't trust his words believe you me they would have DEALT with Foxe immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a false prophet!

I wouldn't expect you to "run to every church that claim this"
Its only 3 churches in the world. If you want to go to these churches and claim this they will accpet you with open arms! And if any Church claims to to do this "Abuna Foxe" should be on your tongue and if they don't recongize it it's not the church of Selassie!


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