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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 8/10/2021 11:59:50 PM

When I first started trodding Rastafari, I also did not wear swim suits. I would wear long loose shorts and t shirts. I was going by "the rules". I was also coming out of a party lifestyle and I went the total opposite. I came to Shashemene and I went up to Wendo Genet mountain, and I tried to go swimming in shorts and a t shirt. The swimming center would not allow me. They said it has to be swimming attire. So the only "modest" option was to wear a full body swimming suit like for the muslim women. Of course this is not easy to swim in, there is too much fabric and it weighs one down in the water. The shorts and t shirt are also not appropriate and imagine trying to swim for exercise with all of that extra weight. And at the same time the body is not getting the sunlight it needs, the skin needs sun exposure and especially the torso needs sun exposure. The amount of good it does for the organs and energy centers is extremely beneficial.
Now I am far along in Rastafari trod, I have found my own ground and my own balance in this life. I can stand on my own intentions instead of trying to fit into someone else's idea of what a righteous womban is. I wear a bikini, and not the most revealing one I can find that's for sure, but I wear a swimsuit that is comfortable for me and for doing water sports, swimming, getting nice sunshine. And my perfect honorable King is happy to be on the paddle board next to me in his board shorts, that is what he is comfortable in. His grace and unconditional love is incredible. To feel like I am always good enough no matter what I wear because he sees inside my heart, that is a gift I wish every womban can have.
By the way when I was in my party days, I never was raped by a man. Since I started dressing modestly and wearing long skirts and not revealing my body, covering my hair etc, I was raped by two different men. So the whole thing about women wearing modest clothes to protect themselves from predators and perverts is not realistic. Being a womban is dangerous either way and even the most modest holy humble dressed womban can still be preyed upon. Yes lust is a problem, womban can become victim to it no matter what they wear. Like I said before the difference between natural nudity and prostitute nakedness is in the eye of the observer. So we as womban are better to stay around the observer who see us as righteous and worthy of great raspect and honor no matter what we wear.
I am not saying I go around in tiny shorts and with my hair out - no, I wear long skirts, loose tops, I cover my hair - usually! Unless it is wet, because that is a bad idea to wrap up and cover wet hair. And at work I wear exercise pants. It's not proper to wear a skirt while doing manual labor, it is even less modest to do so and it is not functional. And when I'm swimming I wear a swim suit. I wear what is functional and appropriate for the situation. And every womban must be free to decide what is functional for her, and we should judge her by her heart and not her clothing.
Selah say I

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 8/11/2021 11:25:50 PM

Bless Up Idren

This post brings up a lot of interesting points to reason about I think. I would like to thank JAH Child for sharing the intense experiences the I has witnessed, and for reminding InI bredren to watch our mouths and listen to the Empresses on matters that pertain to the Empresses.

JAH Child, Give thanks for the Iís first post on this topic. I agree there is a double standard imposed on the Empresses to live repressed so that the ďwild manĒ isnít tempted or corrupted by her beauty. I think this is ridiculous and belittles InI responsibility as men to treat womban with raspect. I think the I makes a very good point that Empresses donít reason about the rules for Kings, so who are Kings to try and set rules or speak for the Empresses. Give thanks for speaking on this forum for the Empress. InI all benefit from hearing that voice.

King Jam, I agree that there is a lot of wickedness in this time and that lust is a tool that babylon uses to distract InI from what is important. I also think that InI are living in human bodies for a reason, to experience and live in creation and all the beautiful benefits that go along with that. I think InI were born into human ďanimalĒ bodies as conscious, spiritual beings, and that duality is what makes InI so complex and special. I donít think it is right or healthy for InI to totally ignore and repress those animal urges, the same way that I donít promote letting those animal urges take over and cloud ones judgement. What I mean to say is I think the idea of original sin is the fact that InI live sinful in the sense that the world procreates by sin and those lustful desires. I think to be aware of that and also live righteous and a spiritual livity is the best way to live healthy.

As evidence of that, I man bring up JAH Childís second post on this topic. I give thanks for the I sight and for having the strength to share the terrible experiences the I has lived through. How sickly ironic that after the I chose to dress more modest the I was harmed by violence. Unfortunately I think this is a negative result of InI repressing and trying to ignore InI very natural and human desires. I think InI need to be less afraid of sex and sexuality, without letting sex and lust be so prevalent and pervasive in InI lives. I think bredren are guilty of pretending like they can just repress their sexual urges and because they mistakenly think they are supposed to be ďholyĒ and think all sex is bad, they blur the lines and lose sight of what is actually bad, and they foolishly do very harmful, sinful acts, often non-consensual acts, with the incorrect viewpoint that its on the same level of sinful as other sex because all sex is bad. I think men should be a bit more honest that actually sex can be fun and healthy if done right and consensually, and InI can still be Holy and honest that sex and sexuality is OK to talk about.

I manís main point is I think it is part of human life to be attracted and find beauty in looking at, and being with, other humans. I think nakedness and sex is fun and a blessed gift from the Most High for InI to injoy in a balance of healthy livity. I think InI need to be strong enough to realeyes that part of being human is to have these urges and for it to be OK to act on them as long as they are consensual and not harmful, and part of being a spiritual being is to live in righteousness and dignity with Raspect in InI hearts and actions.

May InI do more good than bad so Righteousness rules over evil.

HIM Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen I Love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/12/2021 5:26:43 PM


A lot of the issue is about norms and decency. There are cultures where women are near-naked, with even breasts exposed. How have they not all been ravaged by the men of their communities?

Because it's normal.

The idea that a man will be driven crazy by a woman, even a completely naked woman, depends upon the man and his level of internal corruption. But part of the corruption has to do with his sight and how he perceives women. Does he perceive women as sexual objects? If the answer is yes, it doesn't matter how many layers of clothes you wear. He will undress you with his mind. If he doesn't view women as sexual objects, but yet accepts and respects a woman's sexuality then he will easily be able to control himself because his mind is right.

Women are supposed to be seen, just like a man. Whatever you consider private parts, cover them. But if your belly, shoulders, arms, legs, isn't private then you shouldn't have to cover them for the "benefit" of others. And yes, rape is terrible, but it's more so about power and dominance; taking that which doesn't belong to you. It's not much different from pedaphiles. Do you think the children's clothes makes a difference?

When the OT was written it was a very patriarchal system that was in place. Women could be married off to men in exchange for money. Men could marry multiple women. You could also own slaves and keep someone a slave forever if they didn't want to leave their enslaved wife. If you want to follow that whole entire system it's your choice, but I do believe in evolution and times changing and adapting to those changes. Therefore, I believe one should apply common sense and reason. And carry a stun gun or other protective measures/weapons to protect yourself; things that women didn't have in ancient times.

At the end of the day, how much you choose to be guided by ancient laws is up to you. But as a man, I hate seeing women change up their entire lives for the sake of men. I wish we were past that because my desire is for us to be true equals; beyond titles of royalty, I'm talking about 2 halves of a whole.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 8/12/2021 11:17:03 PM

Cedric I agree with what the I said, especially that we should embrace sexuality within a committed and consentual adult relationship. But this really has not much to do with what a womban should or shouldn't wear in public. Except, I will say this- if a couple agrees mutually that they are having the best sex they've ever had with each other compared to any other previous partners, then there is really not much to be jealous over if your womban is wearing a bikini, because after all is said and done the two both know they are for each other and each other alone! I say this with humor and truth, because really it is good for a couple to fulfill each other's desires and know that they are neither one looking for another partner.

IXP I agree with what the I said also. Especially the note about rape and pedophiles really being about taking what is not theirs, really I think it is about stealing innocence in both cases. I was also abused sexually as a very young girl, from about 4-5 years old. Imagine. I am innocent, I get abused. I am a party girl, no one abuses me. Then, I am righteous and reclaiming innocence, and I am abused again. This is obvious proof to me that some men, not all men but some twisted ones, just want to take innocence away from others, and they find satisfaction in having sex with someone who is not willing. Yes it is about control and ego and an element of disgusting vampirism of pain energy. But these topics are getting away from the original idea. Wearing a bikini is not wicked or evil, and a womban can decide for herself if she wants to do this or not. As the I said it is time now for man and womban to have a sacred bond and a sacred love far beyond anything we have seen in this modern world, for true partnership and true soulmateship. And in this type of relationship there is no control.

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