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Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/19/2019 9:31:40 AM

What Makes a Prophet?
things past, things present, things come? sellah!
... for the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/19/2019 9:35:43 AM

Now you have lost me completely

The testimony of Jesus Christ isn't the spirit of I man lol.

Be easy bredda.




a prediction of what will happen in the future.

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/19/2019 1:41:51 PM

There is Revelation 19:10,
only that I will not debate, accept or not, I pray the truth in these words may establish in His faithfull for all to bear witness sellah.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/19/2019 2:18:18 PM

Garvey's Africa 1:19

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/20/2019 7:52:43 AM


I&i find a pleasant similarity in the words of the angel in Revelation and those of Haile Selassie I Himself:

"And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." - Revelation 19:10

"Do not worship me, I am not God. I'm only a man. I worship Jesus Christ." - Haile Selassie I

While I&i understand His Majesty to be JAH (the same a Jesus and JAH were always One, despite the temporary flesh & blood incarnation), I&i see H.I.M. saying this for the same reason as the angel: To direct worship to the totality of the Most High (in H.I.M.'s case, Jesus Christ ascended and no long flesh), not simply to the earthly incarnation.

"But seek ye first the Kingdom of JAH and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/20/2019 8:52:49 AM

Yes I Nesta1. When i read from the book of revelation, what I dont overs the angel who said those words, and the angel in chapter 1. Are they the same angel? And what compeled St. John to worship him? All in all, they are conversations in the spirit
for my part, I think Selassie taught mankind that even He is able to abide by the Heavenly Laws of Humankind as a human too

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/20/2019 9:10:37 AM

You dont have to be superhuman to abide by the laws excercised by humankind, though the challenges and conditions be overwhelming, and abide faithfully.
Selassie I is a living example of man who lived a mortal life, fully, and never failed even amidst all the trials and tribulations aloted to him.
I dont think there ever lived a man or king who faced such trials as HIM did, let alone prevail.
Orcherstrating WW2 like Krishna did in Kurukshetra War (as mortal men). In effect saving humankind from self destruction.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/20/2019 10:01:35 AM

i think John was awestruck by the angel and mistakenly thought that the angel was JAH instead of one of JAH's creations.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2019 12:22:54 PM


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/20/2019 12:23:13 PM

Rastafari get so hypocritical now.

Haile Selassie say DONT WORSHIP ME. Yet InI worship His Majesty.

We are ok with this.

Yet when he say Worship Christ and he glories in the Bible we have to take this literally now!??? We have to cuss and criticise ones like Garvey's Africa who dash weh Bible and burn down Christianity as unuh say it is going against the words of Haile Selassie..... ignoring the first part of His statement "Do not worship me"

Nobody can see the hypocrisy?

As I have said MANY TIMES: Nobody who claims Rastafari shares the same religious beliefs of His Majesty. Unuh fooling nobody but yourself. By the way this is's Ok. Relax....

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