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The Real Babylon

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/25/2020 8:52:39 AM


How could I "give" your God anything? How is that possible? You say I give him a fantasy image. I disagree 100%. I simply see behind the story. As a writer I'm aware of the artform and artistry that produces such stories. And if the story is a fable or myth, you see that as denigration; as something bad or wrong.

Understand this.


I love stories. If someone cannot tell that a story is fiction, then that goes to show how good the story is. The bible is a library of stores in a shared universe (like the MCU) that has done an amazing job at convincing people that every story is true and not the brain child of the writer. People even mistake the exaggeration given to kings as if that person has actually killed 10,000 people! It's amazing! The bible is amazing! You see how often I quote the bible. I might quote the bible more than you (not a dig at you). I probably quote the bible more than many if not most believers. And that's the thing. The more you study the bible... the more you stop reading it like a fairy tale and actually study it inside and out; the setting, the language, EVERYTHING... the more you do that the more you cannot help but to see behind the curtain.

The reason why some parts of the bible make no sense, in a physical sense, is because they weren't meant to be taken literally because the person who wrote it wasn't omniscient. If God is the one who told people what to write then it would stand to reason that an author wouldn't have been limited by his own personal knowledge or ideas. But this is not the case. It is always written from a human perspective. And its filled with human frailty and weakness.

That's why we look for gods; because we are weak and cannot accept it. The other reason we look for gods is because we are looking for our own origin story. When you get defensive you don't notice it but it is YOU who get's defensive; not God. You get defensive, seemingly, on God's behalf. God isn't going to do anything to me. I'm protected by the fact that I don't believe he exists. This is the same reason that you can be protected from a curse. And because I don't believe I can say this:

"If there is a God, I pray that God strikes me down as a witness to those who read this message, before the end of the week."

You would be scared to say this. Because in your mind there are angels and demons and all these entities that can do magic. But the bible never once explains magic or its origin. Why not? Because people were already superstitious before they created ANY of this, and out of that superstition came the belief in magic, which actually came BEFORE God.

Think about it...

The bible never explains the existence of magic and instead treats it as a given. God is simply the source of all that magic; the explanation for all things unexplained. The world was full of wonder and mysteries. There were so many things humans didn't know... and had yet to learn.

As we learned we replaced superstitions with scientific fact. Science took the place of magic because we understood that all these could be explained by laws that governed the universe and physical reality. It was like suddenly having sight for the first time. And we knew our previous state was naked or "na´ve". We were innocent because we were IGNORANT. But you cannot have innocence simultaneously with knowledge.

Eventually, humans even tracked mutations backwards and could see that we evolved from lower life forms. The idea that we were created by a higher lifeform, with magic, was sadly debunked. And here is the logical question that NO BELIEVER has EVER been able to answer. This question is why I CANNOT believe in a god but will if you can answer this simple question. I will even become your student if you can answer this, fairly, to my satisfaction.

Here it is.

The Creation of Man is a logical paradox. For it assumes that man could only be created by a being greater and more powerful than himself. He couldn't exist otherwise. Man must have an origin and a beginning because there can be no life outside of what has been created. Man therefore says he was created by God.

But by this logic, God should have a God as well. For how did God come to exist if he wasn't created? God must have been created by a higher, more intelligent, and more powerful being. How else could he exist?

Do you see? It's all relative. God is to us what we are to the amoeba. To a single celled organism a human is a god. To many animals, humans would seem godlike because we have many abilities they could never have. We have the power to reshape the entire world and destroy the entire planet if we chose to. Our power is in our population and organization. When the author wrote about the tower of Babel it was a recognition of the feats that were possible when humans worked together; not because there was one almighty all powerful human sorcerer, but because hundreds and thousands of people could dream, engineer, construct, build, almost anything we could imagine.
Now we're imagining levitating vehicles, infinite power sources through quantum mechanics, nanomachines, and manipulating magnetic fields. We're on a completely different level of science than we were on just 50 years ago and that is a blip in the lifespan of our SPECIES. There is even research by a Dr. David Sinclair that could lead to practical applications of immortality (anti-aging).

But you compare that to what a mouse can do, or a frog, or even a monkey, and there's no comparison. We are gods in comparison.

And the same logic exists when we look at Haile Selassie. Did he have magic powers? No. Was he perfect? No. Was he omniscient or omnipresent? No. But do we not call him a god? Doing so is based on a better understanding of what a god actually is. The Hebrew word (and it goes deeper than just Hebrew) is EL. Other languages close by were AL or OL. But in the earliest form of language there were no vowels, only consonants. So its basically the same word and concept. "L". EL in Hebrew means POWER. You could have "elohim" as powers (plural) or elohim as 'power-ful' (plural intensive). So that the plurality describes the QUALITY of power, not its quantity.

It is true that we don't come from nothing. We come from power. Scientists will tell you that we came from the sun. Life forms come from stars. Stars are spheres of energy that are nuclear reactors that create planets. I love the bible but I also love science because science tells us the rest of the story. The bible was never a science book because the authors didn't know science. Science was "magic" to them.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/25/2020 8:53:30 AM

The truth is that there is balance in the universe. Without balance a system is unstable. Stars are the most powerful things around but they have no brain. They couldn't even contain a brain because the hardware required would be destroyed by the power of the star. You can't even touch a star because you'd incinerate on approach. The light we see... is simply the radiation from the sun. Because the plants use this radiation to grow and animals eat plants and animals eat them and we eat plants and animals, we are ALL recycling the energy and life force of the sun. We simply don't give it credit because it isn't alive in the same sense that we are.

We want an "intelligent designer". But what we don't understand, and what I would not understand either if I didn't have the mind of a programmer, is that energy flowing through a system (the more closed the better) inevitably carves out more efficient pathways. To live we must seek out and consume energy. We had to be the right distance away from the sun so that biological life was even possible. Otherwise we would freeze or burn up. The first "system" was simply the concept of positive and negative. Electrons have positive or negative charges. That creates magnetism, and from there you can construct the other laws of physics. So by virtue of its own existence, having positive or negative potential, the system was able to further "design" itself. Inferior designs are simply consumed by superior designs and used as food. But even inferior designs perform benefits to the most superior. Bees for example. Or if you want to go smaller; probiotics or microorganisms that actually help the body.

The concept that we came from a single all powerful entity is the opposite of what actually happened. We came from many smaller, less powerful processes, that evolved into our current form. And we destroy (negative) and create (positive). Some people are better at and are agents of destruction and others are better at and are agents of creation. This is why we have good and evil. Animals aren't scientists. Nature doesn't simulate or experiment in a lab. The universe is the lab. Nature simply splits off and becomes all the things that it tests. This is how animals adapt to different environments. They weren't created to live there. They evolved and adapted over time. Many mutations died along the way.

My father... unfortunately died along the way. But I am his successor. I live on to do what he couldn't do because he was somewhat trapped by life circumstances. He was a believer. As part of his church he became part of a system that gave him power and purpose. He had a wife and a family. He couldn't afford to become a "free radical". He couldn't risk destroying what he had taken so long to build. But he helped provide me with evidence that supported where I was going intellectually. And for my life circumstances it not a problem. I may offend an aunt or two, but they have to accept that I don't share their beliefs.

But of course I will again if you can answer my question.

If you apply the same logic humans use to support the existence of a creator you must use the same logic on God. If the same logic cannot be applied to God then it cannot apply to man. When humans say it doesn't apply to God what they're saying is that they really don't give a damn where God came from because they aren't concerned about his origin; only their own. And as much as people pretend to care so much about where they came from such that they must use magic to explain it, they are too selfish and self-interested to have the same degree of care where God came from.

And therefore, while you stick to what the bible says I also pay close attention to what it doesn't say. Even though you believe it was inspired by God it makes no attempts to explain God's origins. God is simply there because man had already created God in his image. So the writers were simply stating their belief, not trying to explain it. There's a difference. For a long time I never noticed it. Now I can't stop seeing it.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/25/2020 8:55:01 AM

Every human begins life a baby. Babies are selfish and needy. Their mothers carry them for 9 months and their fathers protect them after they are born. So as a species, human... "Adam" came from "Adamah" (Hebrew: Earth, feminine), which is like the womb from where we are born and die. That is where all seeds are planted. And semen is simply the seed of man. So that is why the bible says we were fashioned out of (mother) Earth. But we looked for a "Heavenly Father" to protect us. THAT is why you believe in magical sky God. But these mythologies are figurative, not literal scientific truth. They were based on beliefs and therefore cannot be much more than that.

And because babies are selfish, we as a young species, were the same way. We have been learning over our history, to care about each other. And until we do we use the "fear of God" like a child threatening to tell its parent on their sibling so that the sibling behaves (and doesn't threaten them) or else they might get a spanking. We created this because we needed to. We created a Father because we needed a father. No one would be talking about Haile Selassie if we never needed him to fight for us and teach us wisdom. No one would be talking about Yeshua(Jesus) if they didn't feel the need for his teachings and, for many, salvation. You care because you need. Because it affects you.

I, on the other hand, am thankful to my religious upbringing and everything that helped shape me into the man I am today. However, I do NOT need God, salvation, heaven, divine protection, magic or miracles (same thing), or anything superstition has to offer. So my whole world is different. I'm not afraid to ask any question. And therefore I can speak truth to power, having no fear of death. So when I read what Moses did I don't see a hero. I see a villain who committed genocide against his people. Why do I see this so differently from so many believers? It is because I care about my fellow human beings.

I don't require that they belong to a certain bloodline or religion. So therefore I see attacking other nations, unprovoked, as wickedness. Believers justify it because it all circles back to what they want God to do for them. I don't want that kind of God to do anything for me. Because for me there is no selling out humanity for personal gain. And the basic premise of salvation is for you to believe in God so that YOU... individual... can get eternal life and access to heaven. And in the pursuit of this hundreds of millions of people have been killed. So if I was God and I was judging.... I would say religious people deserve NOTHING until they learn how to love EVERYONE the same as they love THEMSELVES.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/25/2020 8:57:31 AM

That's the key. It doesn't matter what you believe or what I believe. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that we love each other because if we don't we are both betraying righteousness. Do you see?

But if I'm hostile towards religion it is because it has the tendency to prevent evolution... making people hold on to the past so they can keep repeating past errors. Tradition can be a great thing when it is used to teach morality. But when immorality is taught, by tradition, as morality... it is destructive. And what believers need to learn is that the more they destroy others the more damage they do to themselves. There is no divine being who would see that with pride. Why would any divine being look at us with anything other than pity and disgust at the way we treat each other even though we are the same? People think they're actually better than you because of their beliefs. That's tragic and stupid.

No one is better than you. And by saying no one is better than you, by recognizing your greatness and your divinity and your power, and your intelligence, and your character, and your beauty, and your godhead, ONLY this way do I fully understand and recognize myself. That is why Yeshua said, whatsoever ye do unto the least of these my brethren you do also to me. So be good and kind to others because they are you. They don't have to have the same money you have nor the same beliefs you have nor the same skin color you have. They are you and all your attempts to be better than simply end in the failure and future destruction of humanity.

I had a father. I'm proud of who he was. I am satisfied with the father I had. I don't need a magical one; certainly not one who plays hide and seek with his own followers. There is no reason for it. Billions of lives could have been spared otherwise. What we've gone through as a species, only makes sense within the brutal context of evolution. But the more brutal life was the more we felt the need for a magical Father to save us... even as we selfishly went to war and butchered other people.

The bible even talks about killing women and children and enslaving virgins while you talk on this forum about vulgar music. If those ancestors could hear that I wonder what they would say. Would they be happy that your concerns would be trivial and petty relative to their concerns? I wonder. But again... that's evolution. If we had the same exact concerns as them it would simply mean we've made absolutely no progress.

And that's what I want to see.


So if your beliefs hold you back from participating in human progress then I have no use for your beliefs; only for you. But if you can LEARN from your beliefs and not be limited by them, then your potential is at least higher than that of the bible. I simply want the best for you because you represent a future generation of our species. And one day you will have children and you may be someone others look to for your knowledge and wisdom. Will you make progress or will you say the same things that have been said for thousands of years?

I love Yeshua because he (the real man) chose differently. He didn't repeat the same broken record. He elevated the minds of people who were adapted to selfishness. That was enough to have a powerful impact on my life. What about you? Will you answer my question? Or will you open your mind to the possibility of progress; that the bible exists for a purpose, that people needed it. Just like stronger muscles develop because of need. What is the mother of invention?


Messenger: Evison Matafale SkrŠling Sent: 11/25/2020 9:04:06 PM

Brother, I agree w ya

Youve said so many good things.
In short, The real Babylon is still confusion or untruths.

I fulljoyed reading.

Love the I
I give thankhs

Messenger: Evison Matafale SkrŠling Sent: 11/25/2020 9:18:00 PM

To hear Babylon today in regular iversation, i use the context to figure what they referring to. I like to assume the speaker is referring to greedy, lazy, racist, police, govt., Or religious leaders, etc. Just imagine a one w mindset opposite of Rastafari livity. W supremacist for ixample.

For a location i would say UK Germany and merikkka becuz the lack of humbleness and colonialism, but Rome/Catholic fits the bill best given its one of most responsible for all that and more offensive perversions of African spirituality istorically.
In iman view.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2022 2:03:59 PM

This is one of those threads I want to speak to IPXninja for some time now. First I man just want to apologise for the political information that was not needed here for the purpose of the reason I have but only because IPXninja thought I man was an agent I posted some politicians. And also why I man don't want to get involved in politics. Why I man don't want to vote. Because Rasta is free to vote. Now one Ras vote for someone the other Ras hates. Now there is division planted all because of politricks. That is why I say Rasta don't vote for politricks. Rasta fight for freedom and for H.I.M to govern over I and I. This is where I man ment that I was sorry for being one sided political. InI should not have brought politicians into this madness. I am sorry for joking around and not warning you earlier that I man is no agent. Seeing how confused some were, I just added to their confusion. I should not have done so. I am sorry for misleading you into thinking I am someone you know or an agent. But back to this thread. This thread is good information that you posted when I man still told you that it is a conspiracy theory. Yes I, Babylon will call the information you gave here at the start of this thread a conspiracy theory. See, I don't know what to call what I was doing but I was doing what you were doing to me. And that is wrong. Therefore, I man is sorry for not guiding you in truth. I was just adding to your confusion. I had to say sooner that I man is not that man you think I man to be. Blessed love

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/30/2022 3:00:10 PM

Now, as Iman was about to say was that now is the right time to say this about Trump. Many thought Trump was going to save them. But let me tell you this. When Trump walked in front of those two churches to put his hand on the Bible, what he was actually doing was uniting the power of those two churches to the beast. He was uniting a protestant church with the catholic church.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/30/2022 7:54:34 PM

Wow... I completely forgot about this thread.

Man, you should NOT have reminded me about this. Now that I recall it, this was definitely one of those moments that your agent panties were showing. 11/6/2020. You have been keeping up this character for over 2 long years? As much as I sided with Will Smith during the thanos slap maybe you deserve the Oscar.

This thread where Mel said...

Babylon in my opinion is that the presedent is not elected, but selected by means of fraud and corruption.

Seen, they say you live in a democracy, but clearly you don't. They force you to wear a mask and they select the presedent by means of fraud. This is the corrupt system of babylon!

Babylon controls the media and makes sure the masses get fed fake news. They delete real content and keep what they feel is necessary for the public to accept and believe. They take your freedom of speech away. They take almost all of your human rights and freedoms away from you.

-end quote-

We're going to see later that "they" refers to democrats. He even says "fake news" which is a right-wing talking point.

Mel, you could almost be a talented writer because you had to disguise these right-wing republican talking points in rasta clothing. By means of fraud? It is only the right-wing of the Republican party that believes this is true. And you believed it without evidence. Now we know that Donald J. Trump tried to manipulate people in order to cheat and "find him" the extra votes he needed to win. At the time, Republicans were so convinced, so hopelessly persuaded that Democrats had stolen the election, that they started believing, thanks to conspiracy theories, that Trump was going to prove it and was going to return as POTUS. And Rudy Guliani and the My Pillow guy were supposed to help. It was bogus.

And now the Jan 6 committee is finding out the truth.

But thanks. I forgot you said this; this perfect thing that you could not have said if you weren't a right-wing Republican.

And if that wasn't enough proof you said out of your own "mouth":

Mel: Babylon is the left and will get burned in the fire.

See... GA might of just said Babylon is America, but this isn't what YOU said. You said Babylon "is the left". I'm sorry, but it doesn't get any clearer or more explicit than this. If you weren't political you wouldn't say this.


"A fool goes to the left and a wise man to the right."

"I and I believe in freedom of speech and will remain to be free.

Don't go to the left. They will take all your rights away from you. The left is Babylon."

Wow.... bro. You couldn't have made it more clear that you are an agent of the right. I mean... without this... I would have had an uphill battle trying to prove that this is exactly how you think and how you are trying to influence people.

Mel: They will want to control everything, what you believe, what you say and what you can buy and sell.

Don't go to the left.

The left is evil.

Look at the hypocrites telling us to wear a mask but they speak with no mask on.

So Mel is saying Democrats (which is entirely fishy to be SOOOOOOO interested in US politics if you live in Africa) want to control everything, what you believe, cut your freedom of speech, and what you buy and sell as if they want to usher in the mark of the beast. He didn't say the system is evil. He said the LEFT is evil. And he's watching democrats to make sure they are wearing a mask 24/7.

So yeah... this is game over, dude. And the crazy thing is... maybe Cedric, if he was still looking, would have found this. But I honestly forgot about this so you just told on your self. And honestly... I may not have seen it back then at all because I was possibly in the middle of writing a long post. So you REALLY just told on yourself. And I'm grateful. This takes all the reall work out of exposing you.


We're not going to always see eye to eye, but you cannot read this and tell me that we're making stuff up about each other. When Mel posted this stuff he must have forgotten that he was supposed to be in character. As I pointed out... if an agent cannot get you to vote their way (Republican) they will do the next best thing and promote not voting at all. This is not an "I told you so" as much as half of me is tempted. All I'm saying is that this is an agent who is pretending to be Melchezidek just like I told you. And he has a white supremacy agenda. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to steal an account and say IandI and mimic what he thinks rastas sound like so he can insert his talking points. At least, the agent playing Hemphill, I had more respect for because he didn't come off fake. You knew where he stood. But this dude? He's lying to our faces every single day over the course of 2 YEARS, hiding behind you whenever necessary and basically disrespecting everyone here at the same time.

So please... take this agent stuff seriously. It's not a joke. If even ONE person believed this agent, pretending to be a rasta, and thought "maybe I shouldn't listen to safety warnings and guidelines because that's Babylon"... that person could die or not die but cause someone else's death. Like I said, and I have seen this before, these agents want us to KILL OURSELVES. So while they say "death to the oppressor" and that's cute and all, behind your back they are actively playing a part in an effort to bring death to our people. What you choose to do about that is up to you. But if you would allow me to make just once suggestion. And that is to keep a sticky thread to explain and identify agents and their behavior. People need to be warned that there is a war going on. Brotha, please take steps to protect this community so I can cease and sekkle as you asked.


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