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The Real Babylon

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/3/2020 10:13:27 AM

People often misuse certain names and/or key words in order to influence other people. My mission is simply to reveal the things I've learned walking the same path as many of you. But the reason I want to share information is not for me to have power but in order so that my people realize the power they already have and allow to be stolen. Taking your own power back is what FREEDOM is about. And freedom doesn't have to be without or against God if you're a believer. If you're a believer then you need Freedom in order to protect your personal beliefs and practices. But what I THINK (my opinion)... is that by revealing information that took me a long time to piece together I can make someone else's journey easier and faster for the next generation so that they can be free to find new path ways that will benefit people far into the future and maybe even evolve the very idea of religion and spirituality.

Us older people? We have valuable knowledge and especially wisdom, but the world is at some point... no longer ours. It's for the youth. And we simply hope the youth listen to us just enough to avoid our mistakes and failures. But if you're young, be encouraged. I don't care how dark the world may seem to you, life is what you make it. Make the right decisions. It's your choice.

Many of you have already experienced being treated as though you're on the wrong side and you need help and Jesus just because you don't believe exactly what they do. We need to talk about this mentality of sheep and goats and what allows them to oppress others, discriminate against others, and why we're not wrong to against the mainstream majority view.

The best way to protect my people is with information. This information is not private, secret, hidden, esoteric, NONE OF THAT. Everything I say should be something you can find on your own, read from an encyclopedia, or collect and reconstruct a fuller picture from smaller pieces.

When I use information to form the bigger picture I try to make sure the information is CREDIBLE... meaning, not a single source from some random website. It's best to have multiple sources that can be held accountable for the information provided. It is important to cross reference things and make sure you're not stuck in an echo chamber. There's nothing wrong with finding out what the Jews think, what Christians think, what Muslims think, and especially what athiests think because often they have the least amount of bias.

Feel free to challenge anything I say and ask where you can find that information. In perhaps a few cases, I may have picked something up as anecdotal based on other pieces. Often if there is a missing piece it's not the end of the world if you can find other pieces that go around it. So the information is still saying that thing, but indirectly. But still... I will never say "OH they're hiding this from you and that's why you have to just believe me". No, that's garbage. If that's the case I will just identify that as my opinion and nothing more. At certain times I will be blunt though because I feel like I owe you that much.

This sharing of information would not be necessary, except that there are forces out there trying to control us and not having all the facts is what allows them to take all the things we don't know and create a narrative that sounds true but isn't. They're trying to create a story to control you. This thread is about the REAL Babylon and what it is. I encourage as many people to say what Babylon is, to THEM. And understand that knowledge isn't just universal. It's also relative. It's relative in time and in place and in relevance. What's relevant to you is not the same as what's relevant to a person in ancient times. What I do is try to put myself in the mind of ancient people when I'm reading what they created because what they created pertains to them. What we create pertains to us. What our great grandchildren create will pertain to them. Etc.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make reading the bible is forgetting who it was written for. It is NOT a personal love letter to you (no matter how often your remember a pastor saying otherwise) because had the world been different you would not have been born. If slavery didn't happen my parents would have never met. If Christians never took over Rome the world would be very different today. Perhaps there would be world peace. Perhaps we would have simply found other disagreements. I want to hear what everyone thinks about Babylon so we can all see that Babylon isn't just one thing. But I want to go beyond personal beliefs and talk about what it was according to those who first experienced and spoke about it. Just because Babylon, to them, might be different doesn't mean you're idea of Babylon is wrong. In fact, Rastafarians are adept, in my experience, of using symbols to guide them on their own personal path in ways that indicate Rasta is less of a religion and more of a personal way of life. And that's GOOD. And if you have something to say about the Babylon I'm going to talk about, feel free to jump in, pro or con; constructive or critical, I don't mind because its not about persons or personalities. It's about dividing truth from fiction so we can all benefit.

I'm very critical of religion but if you notice I'm not critical of Rastafarianism because I see in it an understanding that goes beyond religion. In fact, it goes to the heart of what spirituality is all about. And I'll be posting on these subjects too since I can focus on more things now that the agent of white supremacy is taking a break from us. So when I say "THE REAL BABYLON"... I'm not correcting anyone. Your Babylon is your Babylon. It can represent whatever you like because it is and was, always, a SYMBOL. I simply want to talk about the previous incarnation of the symbol and what it meant to people writing the bible and THEIR experience.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/4/2020 9:58:10 AM

So it should be obvious but the Real Babylon isn't "the left". Babylon is really any global empire after the same tradition of the actual Babylonian Empire. And actually... technically, the Babylon John was speaking of in the book of Revelation was Rome. Rome was a TYPE of Babylon and was treated as the latest incarnation of a global empire but in reality, it had started to evolve, but that evolution was usurped and taken over. It was a beast with many heads.

“Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

So why is Babylon called a city? Because Rome was a city. Making other nations drink speaks of influence. Her fornication? Most likely a mix of culture that included religion. But it should also be said that it mixed with the gentile followers of Yeshua in a way that created Christianity. I say it merged with Christianity but that is being too polite. To be blunt?


Christianity was a mix of religions from inception. Christianity is a pagan religion. It simply uses the bible to mask itself. Think back to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. Think about the mixtures of nations represented in one statue. What if religion followed that same formula? Pagan doesn't mean one religion. Pagan is simply a mixture of religions. If you research the "saints" and their appearance in certain brands of Christianity in certain places what you see is that the saints were used as a means of hiding the identities of previous gods of various people. They used this to hide their religion inside Christianity by mixing them together. Rome also mixed them together. That's why it's not a coincidence that the birth of the son is celebrated at the exact same time as the birth of the sun. That's why it's not a coincidence that Yeshua was said to resurrect on the 3rd day and why Christians go to church on SUN day.

Trying to pass all this off, Christmas trees... Easter... as biblical or holy.... even in the obvious presence of Easter eggs and rabbits, representatives of the goddess of fertility, Ishtar, Isis... is masterwork in social engineering because most Christians are fine with it. Those who aren't fine with it simply don't celebrate these pagan holi-days but don't reject those who do or the influence of all this on the religion. People are looking for the mark of the beast as if it had to be some technology but when all this was foretold implantable microchips weren't a thing that was even thought of. But people cannot stop trying to interpret spiritual ideas as literal physical things. That's like trying to say that there will be 4 dudes literally riding on horses. In reality, the forehead and the hand... simply mean that the sign is in people's beliefs and practices. That's what religion is. Beliefs and practices. But we miss the forest for the trees because we're in the forest. We get too close. So if you were already in it... if you were already raised in it, even born in it, it's harder to see what it truly is.

Christianity was ALWAYS pagan.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/4/2020 9:59:52 AM

As a child I was raised Seventh Day Adventist because my father, who lived in Jamaica, got converted at a tent meeting. Jamaicans know about SDA because it is one of the 3 largest churches in Jamaica along with Catholic and Baptist. The SDA church, in the very beginning, amongst their founding members, had studied their way out and had rejected the Trinity. However...shhhh.... SDAs in modern times don't know this because that bit of church history isn't taught to them. Why? Because the Trinity doctrine came back in. So when SDAs say, "we keep the sabbath" as proof that they are the "remnant" church, it is, unfortunately, false. They might as well go to church on Sunday because the Trinity is a violation of the FIRST commandment. Christianity used the Trinity to treat the Jews as heretics and murder them because they would not accept this doctrine that clearly wasn't taught in the Jewish bible (TaNaKh). It is extremely interesting to me that so many people could believe the Trinity so strongly even though they cannot tell one location that explicitly teaches it in the bible. Instead, it is pieced together from misinterpretations and one flat out insertion (the Johanine Comma). Yeshua said that you will know them by their fruits.

These words were true and truly mark them. It simply isn't the group that Christians love to blame. Christians look for the anti-christ among people they believe to be anti-Christianity... and anti-God. Atheists... Agnostics... but also, Gnostics, and a group they believe all worship the devil. I'm going to talk about this supposed group as well. But the point is that pointing the finger in so many directions allows them to miss what's staring them in the face. There were at least 7 different views about the so-called divinity of Christ. You cannot have a whopping 7 different understandings without simultaneously having it accurately said that you are "confused". We take Babylon to mean "confusion" and yet no one is talking about this confusion inside Christianity. When was the last time you heard it? Christians who have some idea aren't going around talking about this because the idea goes against Christianity and without Christianity they are lost. At least they think they are. So they hold on for dear life to the very thing that has revealed itself to be wrong. Very wrong. And if I was very wrong about Christianity and it was innocent of the confusion, false doctrine, corruption, and fornication I see, then why do the fruits align? Have you never researched the Inquisitions and the Crusades? According to Roman Catholics, this was 60 million people that died as a result.

Christians try to distance themselves from this past and say they rebelled/protested against and "came out of her" (Babylon) so that "Protestants" are different... safe. But again... the revelator says "caused all nations to drink". The influence is not simply in the name "Catholic". It's in the beliefs and practices. Sunday worship may be one part, but the Trinity is a much larger part of the Christian brand. The beast's religion has always been Christianity because Christianity simply represents modern paganism. Yeshua never said "when you pray to me". When he taught people to pray it was "our FATHER...". Elevation was one of the things Yeshua was tempted with by Trinitarians claim he didn't go for it because he knew he was already God so why would he. But it wasn't a temptation if he was already God. Just like it wouldn't have been a temptation for Adam if they were already like gods, knowing good and evil. But there's comfort in that name... Christian.

But no Hebrew speaking Israelite (including the disciples) would have laid down whatever sect name they were using before, in order to adopt a new title for themselves in a foreign language most of them didn't even speak. And we know this because it was a surprise that Paul could speak Greek but he was from a special case since he had Roman citizenship. He was only "Paul" because that (Paulus) was his Latin (Roman) name... a transliteration of Saul. So on the Road to Damascus it's like the religion itself went from Hebrew to Greek to Latin. And they (Christians) were all blinded on that road.

It is remarkable just how few times you actually read the word Christian in the NT. Only 3 times does it appear in the bible. Twice spoken by pagans who were not followers of Yeshua and then once by the apostle as a title given in derision and oppression. The term was like being called the N-word, but like "nigga" they (gentile followers of Paul) basically turned it around into a positive and adopted it. THEY... adopted it. It didn't come from Yeshua. It didn't come from YHWH. It came from pagans. The whole name is of pagan invention but loosely translates to the same thing as Mashiach ("messiah") does. But it's interesting how Christians prefer the Greek/Latin for their name, rather than the more accurate English transliteration from Hebrew which is "Messiah". Why do they prefer the Greek/Latin or "Greco-Roman"? As Africans both these words are equally foreign to us but perhaps Hebrew is less so. But if the originators of Christianity were culturally European gentiles then that helps to explain this discrepancy. So for them it's not a big deal but just like white supremacy... they control and influence everything "Christian" based on their culture. Do these white Christian churches show pictures of a black or middle eastern Yeshua? No. It's "Jesus" for them and their "Jesus" looks like them. And their "Jesus" is often shown with a halo or a "corona" over his head, just like the sun.

So consider this... THEIR "Christ"... IS the "anti-christ"... because it is anti-messiah. The messiah was never the literal son of God in that way. The Trinity says so because it is of pagan origin. The messiah has always been a title for the KING of Yisrael because the king was anointed by the prophet (with oil). And the "son of God" was also a title used by kings, not because they were claiming to be literal deities, but because they considered themselves children of God just as it says in 1 John 3. That's why Yeshua taught people to pray "OUR Father" as opposed to just "Yeshua's Father". If they were taught "our Father" then they were taught that they were all his children, but the Trinity stole that teaching and twisted it into this idea that only "Jesus" was the the son of God and only with his blood (child sacrifice) can your sins be forgiven. And yet Christian equate child sacrifice with paganism and devil worship.

Do you see the full picture now? Do you see the full weight of the deception? The killer was in the house the whole time.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/4/2020 10:02:23 AM

And because Christianity is the religion of BABYLON it should, in theory, still be confused. And it is. There isn't one single Christian religion. There are legion. At one time I looked this up and it was 30,000 but this isn't accurate because these are not all "denominations" but rather independent groups. So it depends on how you look at it. There are over 40,000 now but they don't all have different beliefs. So we can't use this number to fairly judge how confused the religion still is; only that whatever one might opine based on the lack of cohesiveness and division. Wikipedia lists about 40 major divisions which may have some variance in belief.

The belief (in the head) that identities Christianity as pagan is the Trinity. The Trinity was, according to the Catholic encyclopedia which you can search online, the one single doctrine that separated them from Judaism as their own (new) religion. But their CONFUSION over the divinity of Yeshua was because this doctrine was never taught by Yeshua or his disciples. Where did it come from?

John could predict its end because all empires like that eventually implode under their own weight. One government cannot manage the affairs of so many people. It costs too much money. Empires are mostly the dream of dictators and despots seeking to expand personal wealth and power. However, some men see a vicious world of chaos and violence and in their vision, the need to bring order to that chaos. But that doesn't mean the king cares about what religion rules. As long as he has the power to do what he thinks is right he's willing to let others have power too. Constantine brought in Christianity because it was the right political move to consolidate his power. It allowed him to rule over both Christian and everyone else. Christians thought they were converting pagans when they were simply merging ideas. Fornicating. They weren't married yet. The bride groom hadn't come. They were just a bunch of virgins with lamps. But before groom came they fornicated with a different groom. You see the groom in the parable could be said to be Yeshua as the messiah.

This whole thing about churches... it's a little bogus. This word is often used interchangeably with a religious institution but actually means "master's house". Those who read the OT know that God deals with nations not... "churches". The bridegroom was to be the king; the messiah. But before the king came there was a dark night and the virgin brides had lamps. But some ran out of oil. The parable says they were foolish but they were simply counting on the groom to appear within the time allotted by the amount of oil they had. Yeshua was saying "Wait for me". Yeshua wanted to be king of Yisrael and unite the people. Whether his plan was to unite them to fight Rome or not, he seemed to expect a civil war; in that family members may end up fighting each other. But was this for a battle between the children of God and Satan as Christian interpret it? Or is it possible that many would fight for Yeshua, against Rome, following Yeshua as king while others would fight for Rome, possibly being drafted and forced to fight against their own? Seems to me that Yeshua's agenda was different from Christianity's.

Yeshua wanted to build a peaceful kingom where Yisrael would rule. Christianity fought to destroy the Israelites in 70AD and their plan has been to conquer the world under the banner of Christianity. What difference does it make? Pagan Rome or Pagan Christianity? I say it makes no difference because it's all merged into each other. Christ-mass is now a world wide event celebrated by virtually everyone regardless of religion. Jews are one of the few who don't celebrate Christmas and in recent years Christians have made a big deal about Christmas being under attack because it was thought to be more appropriate to say "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas" because not everyone (Jews like Yeshua) celebrated Christmas.

When Yeshua taught about the olive tree he was saying that, through him, other people could be grafted into Yisrael because that nation was YHWH's chosen people. People... nation... That was his "house" and there was never any biblical indication he would abandon it and choose another and yet this is what Christians claimed he did when they went after the Jews. But why on earth, would, "God's new Chosen people" be influenced by YHWH... by the "Father" of Yisrael... to fight the previously chosen people? Why wouldn't they have freed Yisrael, right then and there, right in 325 AD, and declare Yisrael to be the ruling kingdom and set up a throne for Yeshua that was ready and waiting his second coming. Why didn't they do that?

They didn't do that because they were not Yeshua's followers. They were Paul's. What they thought of Yeshua was similar to what they thought of Hercules. They had bought into a different person. They bought into Jesus, NOT Yeshua. They bought into the Greek/Latin influence, NOT the Hebrew. And so it should have surprised none that Marcion removed the OT from his bible. He simply recognized the truth of it; that they were not the same people YHWH spoke to in the OT. The OT wasn't their history, wasn't their culture, and wasn't their God.

And THAT... that is something everyone should marinate on.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/4/2020 11:56:06 AM

If you have somehow made it in your studies to the point that you have already rejected the Trinity, then I sincerely congratulate you. Does it make you a better person? No. But it does mean you figured out something that millions of people have not. And if you were raised in Christian churches this is no small feat. If you made it to the point where you understand that Jah deals with nations and that the messiah was king of Yisrael... this too is a great accomplishment because the world is blinded to think that it's all about religion. There were different sects of Jews, but do you think that mattered? No. What mattered was that which defined righteousness. Were they right? History has already judged them. Yeshua did not become king of Yisrael in his life time. And in 70AD the Yisraelites were decimated to the point of non-existence as a nation. The only remnants seem to be that of conversion. Their place was given to others by the beast and they were given power to rule. People believe this beast is America but the transition from nation to religion means that the empire is Christianity and it is Christian influence that pushes agendas in the US and other nations as if they are operating from the same script. They are still trying to fulfill prophecy by forcing certain things to happen and yet, it's been 2000 years and reason there is no peace in the middle east is because they gave the holy land away to foreigners.

"Subtle and overt racism in Israel is not strange. With several different ethnic populations, there is a clear preference for Ashkenazi (Jews of Eastern and Central European descent who are white Caucasian) in matters of social, economic and political concern."

So even though Christians in the US are often racist, they installed white people in the holy land under the banner of Jewish identity, and they too have a tendency towards racism?? How is this common trait shared by both? Is this merely coincidence? Now they are allied with the European Christians who murdered millions of them. Or did they? Were the Jews murdered by Roman Catholics the same as the ones murdered by Hitler? Hmmm... Or were the ones murdered by Hitler more so converts? The point is that Christians have a big influence on US politics which means they have a big influence on allies and world affairs. Christians do not preach, unanimously, against racism. And yes, there are still some Christians who equally hate Jews. So again... we're talking about fruit. Racism wasn't taught to Yeshua's followers. Neither was white supremacy, slavery, or oppression. These are definitions of cultural traits that supersede the so-called religion of Christianity, going back to their genetic and nationalistic roots. So instead of being grafted in to the vine, the thing to understand is that Christianity is its own separate plant. And like a weed, it grows and spreads, and steals land and resources and everything else from others. It stole land and people. It also stole religion and culture. And that which it steals and likes it incorporates... hijacks... appropriates... That's why Christianity doesn't follow Christ but rather wonders, culturally, after the beast.

Many people make the mistake of putting all this end time prophesy on modern day governments. But to accept this means that you are thinking about yourself and you are thinking that John the Revelator wasn't thinking about himself or the world relative to his own lifetime, but rather some distant government yet to be conceived. But even Yeshua/Jesus did seem to expect this much time to pass before his own lifetime.

It's been 2000 years.

This fact doesn't seem to set into the minds of many people. Why? Because they only read the bible relative to themselves. But is that how it was written? Was the bible even written for you in 2020?

I say no. It wasn't.

We can all benefit from the knowledge and wisdom contained within the bible. But trying to relive the bible is ignorant of what actually happened in those days and what continues to happen...


In other words... many things happen in cycles because people are a variable that exists in all times. So the more you understand people the more you understand how these cycles tend to repeat. The lust for power goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. But in most people's minds it was always man and God; sometimes man vs God and God vs man. But kings have always ruled with the perception of the people that he represented the will of God. Many evangelicals believe Trump is POTUS because of the will of God. And by virtue of something happening it is thought to have only happened because of the will of God. This kind of thinking is dangerous because it can be used to confuse and justify the will of man and say it is the will of God. Do you see? And this argument is equal to "might makes right" because if Europeans, specifically, are able to do something, even something terrible and inhumane, they can still argue that the mere fact God didn't stop them means that God supports and planned what they did. So this confusion is a key element in Babylon; the misidentification of God and the will of God.

All of a sudden they say manifest destiny as if America was their land flowing with milk and honey and all they had to do was murder many of the natives. The Trail of Tears if an event that should bring everyone to tears. It reminds you of the Exodus in some ways. The Exodus is classically understood as a path towards freedom from bondage but I think (my opinion) is that it actually brought them into slavery under a new master. However, in doing so it purified their culture of any influence but that of Moses and his crew. It removed paganism from them and established Jah as the "only true God". Christianity brought paganism back.

So Christianity created a new nation and blended the elements of Rome, building Roman style capital buildings, but also Egyptian inspired monuments and designs. The pyramid on the dollar bill, taken by many to be the mark of the beast because you cannot buy and sell without it, is symbolic of the pyramid scheme under which one God ruled above all but Christians didn't have to name God. They just refer to the title and so for them, there are 3 gods in 1. It insults my intelligence to pretend it isn't 3 gods that they fashioned into 1 by pretense. The only reason they make this excuse that it's 1 God is because that was the only way to navigate the clear monotheism of ancient Yisrael. And they could never argue with the bible's references to one God so they simply pretended that God was an office, not a person.

But this is ridiculous. The Hebrew word "elohim" can, in fact mean "powers" plural. But it wouldn't distinguish God from even kings or judges if the writers meant it as a simple plurality of quantity and not, as is the real case, a plurality of power; not quantity but quality. The hebrews weren't saying God is plural powers but rather that their God was power-ful. It is the same meaning as omni- (all) potent or al-mighty; as indicated by other titles like "El Shaddai" where the Hebrew for God is explicitly singular.

But again, because we're going from one culture to another, and nationhood to religion; a religion that European gentiles wanted to take control over and make their own, this is why Christians do not learn Hebrew. Only their trained pastors are and many of them lose their own religion in the process.

So when people talk about left vs right, right vs left, these are just two extremes of how the power in the United States flows. While this flow can affect international affairs it really don't have that huge of a global impact. Candidates for president are pre-selected and if the rich want a certain agenda they just lobby the party more likely to pass that agenda, or have pieces of their agenda on both sides so they win no matter which side wins. The biggest and most powerful lobby is Christianity. Divided it may look weak, in truth it represents and hides behind both parties and as long as it is the majority religion it rules. Challenging Christianity at this point would be like Challenging Moshe after the Golden Calf punishment. The US is so culturally mixed and yet Christianity is so much the dominant religion of every single culture (with the possible exception of Natives who live on sovereign land) that spiritually connects people to power in similar fashion to how kings have always been connected to priests. And Christianity wants a global empire. They want everyone to either be converted or judged by God and sent to eternal damnation. Either way, their plan is to dominate and inherit the Earth.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2020 8:24:17 AM

People on the right have a greater tendency to mix their religious beliefs into their politics. They want conservative judges because they don't believe anyone should have the right to abort a pregnancy. This is mainly because they don't read the Old Testament and don't understand that the life of the unborn was not treated equally to the life of those born. So because they're mixing their religious beliefs into their politics (out of confusion) they start to see people on the left as operating out of a mindset that is anti-religion or anti-god. And then they start demonizing them. This process of demonizing the "others" creates a schism so deep that they can justify even murder because they psychologically don't see these "others" as people.

And in reality they're wrong. Governments should not be religious. This doesn't mean that individuals shouldn't be allowed to have their own religion. But a religious government is the type of government that controls people based on the religious views of the majority. That seems good to the majority but what about those who aren't in the majority? What happens when it changes?

Mel tried to use fear in order to influence support to the more religious party that is dominated by Christians. But this Christian dominance doesn't mean that what they want is also good for Rastafarians and other Israelite sects. In fact, the dehumanization and demonizing are tools that are being used by social hackers and social engineers in order to target their political enemies. They understand how people will react and they use that to their advantage. They know that if you make people afraid enough, or angry enough, they will fall into mob mentality in such a way that devalues human life. While some agents are not really agents, but "assets", real agents aren't being used. They're calculating. They want to cause damage. They devalue the human lives of their targets, not out of fear or anger, but out of heartless pursuit of their own interests and advantage. Many poor white racists are "assets". Their fear of losing their job make them useful idiots whose lack of education and wisdom can be preyed upon by more intelligent people. Nothing you say to an agent can convince them because they're not an idiot. They know what they're doing. They're trying to destroy us because that's what they believe is right. They don't realize this is the very thing that makes them evil and underserving of anything they hope to accomplish.

If whites were naturally superior they wouldn't have to do anything. No one would be able to compete with them. Their jobs and livelihoods would always be safe. They tell themselves that the only reason they lose jobs to black people is because companies are following special rules that force them to hire black people. What they don't understand is that black people have grown up believing they had to be way better than the competition in order to compete against white people because the person hiring would have a preference for their own. So while whites often believe we're under qualified, the reality is that we're often overqualified. They simply don't believe that because they don't want to; because it doesn't fit their precious image of their own greatness. But in reality they are scared to compete and want their government and their police to get rid of as many of us as possible and try to intimidate us into leaving. They're afraid.

When Rome was ruled by pagans their first reaction to Christianity was fear. They were afraid of the political ramifications of the popularity of Christianity. In that time Christianity was the minority and the Romans wanted to keep it that way. Why? Because their power and authority was based on the idea in people's heads that they had a "god-given" right to rule. If people think you are a descendant of the gods then they will accept your authority as long as they accept the authority of the gods. But if you change the gods then you change the whole narrative of power in that country. So the Romans started oppressing Christianity and then openly attacking it.

But people want FREEDOM. Not control.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2020 8:41:32 AM

This is an important point because it affects this whole balance of left and right.

Because of how it was being attacked, Christianity used that to its advantage and their popularity grew because people do not like government overreach. As Rome began converting in larger numbers as a result of their intervention, Constantine took what he likely saw as the best way out. He converted. Instead of Babylon falling completely, his conversion allowed Babylon to fall in theory. He still ruled but the influence of pagans was replaced by the influence of Catholics and they were eventually represented by the Pope. But what IS Babylon?

Understand... the KING is only one branch of government. He must always be seen to be aligned with the interests of the dominant religion, whether its paganism (all religions) or whether it is one single religion. They went through the same thing in Kemet so this is nothing new.

Any king that isn't seen as being aligned with the dominant religion risks being overthrown by zealots. Zealots always have the potential to course correct based on religious principles. Zealots are the most passionate for their religion and they're not afraid to get involved in politics.

Zealots always exist.

So every king must have the advice of representatives of the dominant religion. If not, the people may rebel. In Rome's case, once Christians had tasted the fruit... power... they liked the flavor and THEIR influence on the rule of the Empire was worse than the pagans.

Understand... upwards of 60 MILLION people died as a result of the Inquisitions and the Crusade. These were deaths Christianity was directly responsible for.

Think back to the Garden.

After the garden man realized his own power; his own ability to choose and decide. But the choice is the choice between good and evil. Sometimes we choose good. Sometimes we choose evil thinking evil is good. When Eve ate the fruit she thought it was good; thought it was the right thing. Christians choose evil, thinking it was good. Christians don't want to accept blame for the Jewish holocaust but the truth is that Adolf Hitler was a Christian and was basically a conspiracy theorist who thought the success of the Jews wasn't right.

Jews were already discriminated against and persecuted by Christianity before Hitler ever came along. He was simply continuing that work. But even before Hitler, many Jews died because they wouldn't convert and mainly because they would not and could not accept the Christian Trinity.

The Trinity is a violation of the first commandment.

So instead of defeating this pagan satanic Rome.... Christianity MERGED with it and became satanic by DEED.

And let's get this straight. Because I'm tired of Christians pretending that there is some other way of being satanic. Like Satan has a fan club out there where people are sacrificing babies. Only in Christian lore would Satan be interested in child sacrifice. Child sacrifice existed from ancient times, but they are assuming it must have come from Satan. It was YHWH who asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac; not the devil. If Satan had tempted Abraham at that moment he would have tempted him NOT to sacrifice his son because it was the opposite choice to that which was given by God. Of course, how do we know this was God? This is another question that begs consideration because bible readers assume bible authors always knew who they were dealing with when they were only hearing a voice. They always assumed that voice was God/good. Why? Aren't they the ones who teach that Satan is a deceiver and appears as an angel of light?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2020 9:07:49 AM

But this is the point...

Babylon is a deception. It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but it's not a duck. It's not what it appears to be. It's not what it wants to be. It simply made the choice to take the power of Rome when it was offered. So it became culturally pagan instead of promoting any kind of Israelite throne or power. They wanted to believe that they were now the chosen people and that the God of the Israelites; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who made promises about what he would do for their seed and how he would be their God and they would be his people, this same God (but not really because they replaced him with Jesus) had now jumped ship to a religion instead of a nation.

How could a religion accomplish the same ideas as a nation? Only by using the power of nations, converting them or leveraging influence over them. They made people bow down to their new god Jesus just as Aaron had fashioned the golden calf. For Aaron to survive a possible regime change he probably felt he had to do this. Because like I said... it's all about the dominant religion of the people. Without being seen as having that divine connection people have little reason to follow you if there is someone else who does have that connection. They certainly don't want to go against gods (or God) to follow some regular Joe.

So for Christianity to rule Rome... to rule over a host of pagans... Constantine knew the only way was to support the dominant religion and keep enough of paganism in tact without naming or labeling it as such. But for Christianity to be its own thing without having to submit to Jewish leaders or the entire system that the Hebrews had set up... in order to have their own power and authority and create their own system... their own "church"... they had to hold some different identity. So the mark of this new identity are the major differences it has with Judaism that shows its betrayal to the Hebrew people and ties it to pagan Rome. Since we can see these things in Christianity to this day, it seems quite obvious to me that the most obvious identity of Babylon is Rome and the religion that rode on it's back.


But if you're a Christian why would you be taught this? No. If you're a Christian you have to looking for the mark of the beast elsewhere; some microchip or unfamiliar symbol on your currency. You have to overlook the obvious because you're on the wrong side; belly full of the forbidden fruit. When the revelator says "come out of her my people" who said he was referring to Christians when he said "my people"? The religion didn't even exist yet! So why wouldn't he see this as a conflict between nations rather than religions? Christianity is simply the religious empire that was started by Rome; that keeps Rome and the Vatican alive even though the Italian government is far different from what it once was. So this is why I say Christianity, of which Roman Catholicism was simply the mother, is the whore of Revelation and those who fornicate with her need to understand that she has no god-given authority to exist or speak in God's name.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 11/5/2020 11:01:01 AM

IPXninja, that is just your own conspiracy theory. If you are interested in what I have to say.

Blessed I

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/5/2020 9:57:23 PM

thanks for your opinion. Babylon is self evident to those to know the works of babylon and her toxic fruits. Confusion, corruption, no regard for God...chaos, fear, control....

I disagree on this..... Christians dint take over Rome, Rome appropriated Christianity for power and control.
The anti-christ device is to take the image and person and symbol of Christ and the Cross and present it to people as something it is not.

This anti-christ existed during Christs life:
"woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, and experts of the law, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in."

Rome and anti christ are the dragon with riches and women but dont know what to do with them in a drunken stupor of greed.

Balaam and Balak were part of Babylon, knowing the truth but using it as a stumbling block and for evil against Israel. See babylon is confusing because babylon takes good and presents it as evil, and, takes evil and presents it as good.

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