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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/6/2020 11:54:12 PM

I have my own reasons for taking the name and title, BLACK CHRIST IN FLESH. Its a name I'm not willing to put down in the near future, or in the far future either, so just bear with it.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/7/2020 12:14:04 AM

As far as you're telling me to empty my cup, I already started drinking from it and swallowed. How can I pour that which I already drunk and is in my belly? I'd rather you empty yours, because you're dealing with a bigger amount of confusion.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/7/2020 9:59:14 AM


Your are my neighbor and I love you. I don't care what you call yourself. I don't care if you love me back. This is brotherly love. So I come to you as my brother. I come to this forum as a brother, with love, humility, and respect. I'm not here to make anyone upset. I simply share my knowledge and experience with those who want to hear it. Those who don't can simply ignore it like flipping channels on their TV. I am nothing more than a guy on the internet, just like John said he was a voice in the wilderness, not seeking fame or status or notoriety. I just need to make my life have meaning so if I can share what I've learned with others then the time I spent gaining that knowledge and insight wont have been wasted. That is my sole motive.

I'm not here to make anyone look bad or to take away from who you are or your greatness. Part of what I want to tell you is that you are far greater without this bible... this religious identity... because YOU are God. Isn't it funny? I don't believe in large portions of the bible but I agree with large portions of the bible. That's because it's not a binary choice. If a man is right I can see that and agree and we can be right together. If a man commits genocide against his own people and forces them to follow him then I see that as wrong no matter how many people agree with him. And if a man says his laws came from God and his laws allow you and I to be slaves and for our massa to beat us then I say that man was not speaking for God, but for himself. It's not me alone who understands this.

See I don't mind putting all my cards out on the table because I have nothing to hide. I can be naked in front of you in the garden of Eden because I have no evil intention. I share because I love my people. In my past I took my zeal for the bible and for Jah and I debated people and didn't really care how they felt because in my mind I was defending the truth; God's truth. I thought they were confused and needed to be educated in the word of God. But I was the one who was wrong. I was the one who needed to be educated in love.

But the truth is that I was arrogant and couldn't see that message of "love" wasn't accomplishing actual love. It was judgmental and divisive. It creates isms and schisms. It creates self righteous people who think they are doing good but to others, others who don't agree, it is evil and wickedness. It's so nice not having the burden of thinking you have all the answers. Because then you can ask questions and learn more and grow more. I wish I could have learned faster. Don't get me wrong. Every life is a journey and its not about the destination as much as it is about the journey but I still wish... I could have opened my mind sooner so that I could have started to live sooner and been a light sooner. ...stopped pretending to be some righteous crusader sooner.

I believe Yeshua was a light. I believe I follow Yeshua (Jesus) more than most; especially more than Christians who don't even know his name or what he was called. But in studying him I can't agree with everything written about him because much was written after he was gone and had no editorial say in how his name was used or what his legend would become.

I absolutely hate Christianity but I do wish everyone followed Yeshua. Isn't that funny? The irony is ridiculous. But not the fake magician, Yeshua. The real man, the rebel, the reformer, the revolutionary. In his time he was politically bound to a certain point of view and so he had to be careful what he said because what he said could still get him stoned by the followers of Moshe. He knew he wasn't free to say or teach what he wanted so he had to speak in parables, in riddles, in mysteries.

The name Black Christ in Flesh doesn't bother me at all. I want you to be exactly that. It is a bold name for a bold man. It shows your belief in yourself. Belief in yourself is the beginning of greatness. When Yeshua called himself the messiah it wasn't because he was the messiah. It was because he believed it. His belief in himself empowered him to become a great teacher that is known around the world. No one can take that accomplishment away. But even though he wasn't the messiah it wasn't because he was wrong. It was because the prophecy wasn't real or true to begin with. It was written by a man and Yeshua, another man, tried to fulfill it.

A single man, used the prophecy of ha mashiach, to set out on a crusade to save the world by teaching the world how to love. That is what his message was all about. That's what made him "the son of God" because he was a product of love. God is love and if you are born of love then that will be your nature and the love inside you will express itself outward. That is the God in you. Love... in you. 1 John 3 is my favorite chapter in the bible or any book because it distills perfectly the message of Yeshua into a single idea. Cain hated his brother. Abel loved his brother. It wasn't about which one of them was right, whether it was better to be a farmer or whether it was better to be a hunter or herdsman. One right because of love and the other was wrong because of hate.

They were different but both were needed by their society. They disagreed but that wasn't a good reason to hate. And if a brother can hate a brother then the more humans reproduce and become separated by distance the easier hatred becomes, because it is about separation. Separation breeds competition. We work against each other instead of working in cooperation with each other. Because we don't know each other we don't care about each other. This is where we're wrong.

Apply this to any law. If you don't know me how much easier is it to curse me? Rob me? Molest my children? kill me? Say you witnessed me breaking the law so I could be punished when you didn't see it?

How much easier would it be to fight against me, not knowing that you were "fighting against I". I am you. You are me. Whether we choose to see it or not we are the same entity separated into different bodies like water poured out into different vessels. And when we die we evaporate back into oneness and rain back down; life everlasting. Our separation from each other is the "War in heaven". We all have angels and demons within our own psyche. These are the choir of voices we listen to and think we're talking to God or being tempted by the devil. But these are our memories; of our ancestors, of our fathers, our friends, our mother, and all the great teachers we have heard. The mind simply metabolizes all of their voices into one. Selah.

Because we are separate we prioritize our own survival, our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own wants and our own needs, above others. And so we ask what we can take instead of what we can give. Instead of being the servant we desire to be the king, often not knowing that the king should be the greatest servant and the more you have the more you should give away. That's what the rich young ruler didn't understand. He thought he was good but couldn't stand the idea of sharing his wealth because it was too much a part of his identity and believed it was good to be wealthy when in reality it is good to give wealth away and bad to horde wealth away from others who may need it but cannot get it because it is in your hands. But if you are God in flesh, red or yellow or black or white, no matter your shade or tint, if you are God then that means you understand your wealth is not your identity. Your identity is love. So "could you be loved"? And be loved

Black Christ in Flesh. Means messiah. Means king. The king represents God therefore the king must represent love. So let us speak for love and speak against hate. You swallowed? I swallowed too. What I learned is still in there. I still even enjoy the flavor. But it wasn't as nutritious or filling as I was led to believe. And so I emptied my cup so that I could fill it once again. And then I empty it again, and again, drinking from it each time. I swallow truth with fiction, the more I drink the easier it is to separate the two. I keep drinking like it's captain Morgan's or Red Stripe. I drink what you pour. I drink what Hemp pours.

I drink it all but I don't stop drinking and swallowing and therefore my cup isn't full to where I can't put anything else in there. That's what it is to be open minded. Yeshua said that it's not was goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out. So that's why you still see me quote the bible. But I know things about many religions. I know other creation myths. I study science. I love technology. I study politics. I study myths and legends whether ancient or modern. And I can pull spiritual lessons from everywhere. No limitations. I'm free to agree or disagree but I am first and foremost a seeker of knowledge, not belief.

You think I am confused? Of course you would. This is according to another man's doctrine. Who said I should follow that man and his doctrine? Who said you should follow me and mine? What is your own doctrine? Are you not God in flesh? What is your will? What is it that is inside you? What are your motives? You see me as confused because I do not conform. If you want to be a shepherd you can't be a sheep. And if I'm following the shepherd then why should I be a sheep? If I'm truly following the shepherd then I should be becoming the shepherd.

Prove me wrong.

That's all you have to do. Prove me wrong. I'll follow you if I like the direction you're heading in, but I'm not just looking at you. I'm looking at the path ahead because I am responsible for myself and for those who think I am going in the right direction and are following me. So I have a responsibility to criticize the leaders, criticize the direction. And I've been down the same path many people have chosen to go because they are following someone they assume to be chosen by God. They weren't chosen by God unless you choose them because YOU are God. But I wouldn't choose slavery and I wouldn't choose using genocide to support an authoritarian regime. Maybe if I didn't know any better but now I do.

Now I can look back in history, using the power of hindsight, see the dark ages and the 100+ million of me and my people killed in religious wars, and I can say with 100% certainty, that is NOT the way. Even having a king as great as Haile Selassie is not the way because he was one man and not immortal. So WE THE PEOPLE all need to embody that spirit and use our voices to bring forth representatives that represent that voice and that spirit and make sure they lead us according to thus saith the Lord, not thus saith Moses or Muhammad. But the spirit of God which is love and righteousness. If I still sound confused to you, prove me wrong. I invite you to do so because it isn't about me at all. It's about I evolving to higher heights. That is supreme consciousness, that is enlightenment, that is the kingdom of heaven.

Everything I say to you is in love. I'm sorry if you felt some type of way. It is never my intent to personally attack someone unless that person is a threat others. Some people think they're shepherds when they're still sheep. And because they think they're following the right one they assume everyone else is following the wrong one. But they don't see they are the same, just choosing a different shepherd. But I will not allow you, my brother, to think that I have ever or ever will hate you because that will never be true. Never. You could kill me and I would still love you. Because that is the true expression of One Love.

Messenger: Sharkins Sent: 8/8/2020 9:07:05 PM

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