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Investigation of Global White Supremacy (feat. Russia)

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/1/2020 8:33:51 AM

You cannot deny the existence of God, when all things were made by him. Including the rebellious satan Lucifer the devil. From you're living and breathing, the last thing you can do is deny the Power of God. Why, because even your own life you did not create, neither did your father or mother, because they were born same way. Only God Almighty did create the oldest ancestor of mankind, whom, having no father or mother, could not have borned himself, but emanated from a Superior Power.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/2/2020 4:34:11 PM


You sure have a lot of confidence. But I'm not sure why you are getting defensive, as if you are threatened by the things I say. Whatever I say, it's not aimed at a person. And everyone is free to reason, think, research, or debate anything I say. So when someone disagrees I expect them to provide logic and reasoning to support their position. What I don't expect for someone to say watch your mouth. Or what? Are we supposed to be intimidated? LOL. Bruh, I'm going to say whatever I believe to be true and expect the same from you and everyone else. I am not remotely afraid of anything you have to say. Why should you be any different?

As far as you being Hebrew by birth, that is your BELIEF. You have no such knowledge. Your ego is simply looking for a princely, holy, and special IDENTITY to belong to. I'm happy with reality AS IS because my own identity is pretty special enough. And if you're a Hebrew then I'm a Hebrew too so what advantage does this give you over us? None at all. You debate theology with theology, not with birth.

And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. - Matthew 3:9

People look for meaning in biblical lineage when there is none. You are either righteous or unrighteous. If you believe in Jah according to the bible then he doesn't give a crap who you came from because their righteousness is theirs. Yours is yours. And you are either a "son of God" in righteousness (1 John 3) or you are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.

My advice to you is not to be arrogant about what you believe or think you know. Because there is likely always someone who can further educate you. And that's not a bad thing. Be humble. You cannot have a true spiritual journey without humility. We are all here to share and to listen. But I can't hear you if you think you know everything because you BELIEVE you are something you are most likely NOT. This will cause you to make assumptions that may serve only to embarrass you in the end.

As far as your experiences with visions, you should understand that the human brain is a powerful computer. What you see and experience, even during normal brain function is only a representation of reality. It's all signals being interpreted by the brain. So when you interfere with normal brain operation you can be in a mixture of states where you're neither sleep nor awake. It is easy to have dreams and visions based on the ideas you believe in; especially if those ideas were baked into you since childhood.

Like many people I've had night terrors and once even had a vision seeing the old hag coming towards me and pressing down on my chest. In reality I wasn't breathing and my mind had manufactured this illusion to explain what was happening. Other people have seen the same thing. Does it mean it's real? No, not at all.

What you saw would have been different if your beliefs were different. Do you think non Christians don't have visions? Of course they do. Humans of every religion have visions. So why to these visions not agree with the same theology? Why doesn't a Buddhist have Christian visions? These are all just symbols. Even heaven and hell were just symbols as taught by Yeshua. That's why he said the kingdom of heaven is "at hand". Religions are all about symbols and metaphor. This is a natural playground for the mind because it's constantly interpreting sensory information into "vision". One of the worst things... imho... you can do is try to define reality for everyone else... based on your personal beliefs, experiences, etc. I am not defining yours based on mine either. Reality is reality. But everyone has experiences which are interpreted from reality and therefore can vary from each other. I really don't care whether or not you believe God whispered into your ear or not. For me delusions of grandeur are entertaining but not something to be taken seriously. No disrespect. But you don't really know when you're inventing and when you're not. Someone else impregnated your mind with ideas and your imagination brings ideas to life. That's the truth.

How do I know?

Because there is no God outside of your self.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/2/2020 4:41:43 PM


LOL, I don't deny the existence of God. I deny that you are his BFF. I deny that people who wrote about him and what he told them were telling the truth. You assume they did. I do not. I don't assume that an alien God could allow slavery, women treated as property, and so many other things while at the same time killing people for gathering sticks on Shabbat.

God is the excuse men use when they want to manipulate the beliefs and superstitions of other humans. They said God said it so that people will follow. But it's their power, not "God's".

You assume that "God" created humans because you have no imagination of humanoid life before what you are willing to accept as the current form of our species. But what you will NOT do, ever, is have any knowledge of who created God. Nor do you realize what you are saying when you assume that humans had to be created by God. Because if we use your logic then if it is impossible that a human could come from anything other than a more powerful and more knowledgeable being then you must apply the same logic to God. How can God exist without being created? Either you have just created an endless paradox of gods creating lesser gods or you have to admit that a more advanced or powerful being could come from something less... or nothing at all.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/2/2020 11:27:43 PM

IPXninja say what you want to say. Announce what you like. I know who I am. I know my God whom I serve, whom I love and he loves me back equally (but you want to deny that too, despite not living in my flesh.)

Look you're already describing my dreams and night visions like You're the one being inspired, and not I.

Anyways, my time for believing things is way gone past. Nowadays I prefer to KNOW, rather than BELIEF.

You might argue against the things I know but final point is, you've never lived a single moment in my flesh, so your arguments against my personal experiences are foolish, pointless and are based on your own superstitions and iniquitous thinking. But you cant even come close to who I am in reality.

Remember, scriptures say only the son has seen the father. That's why I call my self I the black christ, or Son of God, because I've seen him face to face. So I and I a the black christ whom you did crucify 2000 years ago, and still you're doing the same thing in this 21st century

I'm not a boy, since you're replying to my texts with the utmost disregard as though you're speaking to a little child. I'm a 25 year old grown man with seven years of superconsciousness under my sleeve, since I start smoking long time ago, and praying even longer than that. I am a grown mystic. I am a true prophet and a servant of God. I am a shaman healer and a Freedom Fighter Martial.
I am who I am and nothing you say can actually change the course of reality.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/3/2020 2:59:43 AM

Whole lota fire under me pot me deh yah cook fi yuh.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/3/2020 9:52:29 AM


Yes, I WILL say what I want to say. We all have that freedom. Which means if I say something wrong you have the freedom to show me where I'm wrong. The very reason I have amassed the knowledge I have is because I've been debating for... maybe a year or two shy of how long you've been on this earth. And in that time, while you were still learning your ABCs (no offense) I was studying the differences between Hebrew and Greek and realizing there were errors in translation. I was also debating pastors and people who had gone through seminary. And when people disagree with me I have to research to understand where they're coming from and whether or not their ideas are correct or not. In other words, I've spent roughly your entire life, cradle to now, trying to remove the errors in my religious and spiritual thinking. So what I say isn't about you or your thinking. It's about me and mine. Just like you are representing yourself and your own beliefs.

You are a young man. You may not want to hear that but it's true. But this is a blessing! I envy you. YOU HAVE MORE TIME. That is what's important. I don't want to make myself sound old because I'm not old. I'm in the middle and loving life everyday. It's a blessing. But it's also a blessing to have a 25 year old body. Man... And if it ever feels like I'm going hard on you... I'm not. You are our future. Your potential will shape the world going forward. So I want your path in life to be better than mine. You don't need to make all my same mistakes. I made them so you don't have to. All you have to do is listen and avoid where I and others of my generation went wrong. I'm extremely happy now and life is good but I would love for your life, at 41, to be even better.

When I was your age, yes, I too thought I was a Hebrew Israelite. It was one of the ideas I listened to and gave credibility to based on the curses of Deuteronomy. However... while I started to believe this based on the curses I didn't actually mentally require ALL the curses to be true. Without realizing it, I was actually cherry picking the bible to support a conclusion that I WANTED/DESIRED to be true. This is why there are so many denominations of Christianity; literally thousands. And the bible is good for that. Whatever you want it to say, because it says so many things, you can manipulate it to say what you want. It truly is a sword.

And then when people said that Hebrews fled from Yisrael into northern Africa where they were called the falashas I said "cool, that makes sense" but conflated that with the slave trade mainly in the WESTERN coast of the CONTINENT. In other words, the chances of Europeans snatching ONLY Hebrews who had gone south into Africa when our history tells us that we could not communicate with each other on the slave ships because we spoke so many different languages, the chances of that are astronomically bad. One would have to assume that the falashas were already in a captured/enslaved/indentured state. So then at what point did that happen? While they were still in the north?

And then who were they having sex with? If you are a student of the bible you know that lineage goes through the father. Israelite men often took wives from other nations. So you cannot judge such a thing based on color. If a Hebrew woman has children by a gentile those children are then gentiles. The only way they stay Israelites is if the gentile converts to the Israelite religion. And so the Hebrew Israelite thinking doesn't consider conversion to the religion and how conversion made people Israelites. Not only were we born in foreign lands, and with mixed blood, what happened to all the natural Africans who didn't convert to Judaism at any point? None of them were indentured servants? None of them were just African?

When you study a thing, you have to be aware of your own biases. If you go looking for something to be true you'll probably find that and be satisfied. But that doesn't mean it's actually true. The reason we say science is knowledge isn't because it literally means knowledge but rather it's all about the methods used to separate knowledge from belief. For every scientific theory out there there are people trying to prove it wrong. When you try to prove yourself wrong you might just do so just as easily as you thought you were proving yourself right. If it's "knowledge" then it is falsifiable. If you have something that no one can prove wrong, then that is a BELIEF.

And I'm telling you. When I was your age I made a lot of mistakes because the cornerstone of my thinking was that the bible had to be 100% correct. And then somehow, as a believer, who had all this biblical knowledge... somehow that transferred to me being mostly correct and it made me arrogant to a degree. I became stiff necked and close minded. I became stubborn, thinking that I knew what I knew. But the problem was that I had gotten locked into my own perspective.

And then I met a woman who was new to being an Israelite but very intelligent and full of wisdom. Not only was she new to being an Israelites but really even a Christian. There was comparison between us. I simply had mountains of "biblical knowledge" compared to her mole hill. And at first everything was cool because we believed the same thing. But after we were already married she started exploring a non-messianic sect and then became convinced they were right. This caused great division between us and eventually it led to other questions she had as well; questions that every woman should have.

It was the confrontation over the bible's inherent sexism and misogyny that I really couldn't defend. I wanted to because I wanted to defend the bible but I could not defend the morality of the things the Israelites did and how they treated women. When you're a man you don't necessarily have to think about it. Because its like a white person experiencing white privilege. That's not even something they have to notice. It's just there. And it is easy to think God put you, as a man, in charge because this obviously benefits you. Hell... you could even have multiple wives which was also a mistake I may have somewhat pursued at one time. And why did I think that was okay? Because the bible said so and I had not taken enough consideration how a woman would feel.

So there I was... all this knowledge... but my perspective was worse than someone who was relatively new to the bible. And so I started to realize one of the greatest fallacies on earth. How there is more morality in secular thought than in the bible; that the bible wasn't the leader in morality, but a follower lagging behind. Men today, still look back to ancient times for how to treat women and its often backwards and creates a lot of hurt and misery. If you want to be happy you have to embrace all that society can be, not what it was. What it was was horrible and miserable. People simply adapted to it because they had to.

Once I stopped trying to defend the bible I realized how much I was trying to defend myself and this identity that I had built up for myself as a zealot; as someone who was passionate about the word of God. At the same time I started seeing other people who had studied the bible to a higher level, also getting to the point that they were putting it down and becoming free. And that's when you learn so much more about a lot of things from a new perspective. Your own. Completely unfiltered and uninfluenced by your attempts to be someone else or subscribe to something you are "supposed to" subscribe to or what you were raised on.

Sometimes you have to really go back to square one and ask yourself "who am I". Are you the you that you believe is defined by the bible? What if it didn't exist? Who would you be then? The hardest thing in life is to hit reset and completely change your way of thinking. I'm not asking you to do that. I may have been you in the past. I'm simply saying there's more out there. I hope someday you will see. Until then... don't take me challenging your ideas as me challenging your personally. I don't personally know you. You are probably a great guy, and a true man in the making. You have to separate your knowledge and beliefs from your identity. I'm not attacking you. I have no interest in attacking you. I have no reason at all to be against you in any way. I love and respect you as my fellow human. But I'm going to challenge IDEAS I disagree with, not because they're your ideas, but because they are simply ideas and ALL ideas need and deserve to be challenged and tested.

THAT... is the only way to know the truth.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/3/2020 12:56:13 PM

Fire burn you
and your family.
I am born hebrew. not a follower or fan of hebrews. You better stop.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/3/2020 3:18:51 PM

wow... did you just try to curse my family?

so then you choose unrighteousness. I had hope for you but you're not spiritually or morally there yet.

Not only are your curses obviously not doing anything to your adversaries but you don't mind making new ones unnecessarily.

Let me know when you're 30. Maybe you can hold an adult conversation then.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/3/2020 10:55:27 PM

More fire and earthquakes. I burn you out because you try to discredit I and I with your big bag a bone lie. Dennis Brown, Crown Prince of reggae, sang that the least you can do is respect another man's point of view. That is so unlike you IXP. You've been fighting my posts from the very first day I posted here. You try to make me look like a fool and my years of education and meditation worthless.

I will not pull back my words but will add fuel to the fire. I pray by the time I am 30 Jah fire will have consumed you and your family to ashes. In Jesus I, Amen.

My curses might not harm you but when my locks grow back I would've struck you with lightning. Sonofabich modafoka.

You think that because you have a wife and kids that makes you superior. Even big men in diapers have wife and kids. Even Mussolini, hitler and donald trump hsve a wife and kids.

Fire burn your kids who are an object of boast against other men.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/3/2020 11:07:52 PM

You cannot teach me nothing about God, from you disrespect my opinions then you want to teach me how to live my life. You're not my life instructor in the least, because such a man only take instruction from God. BFFs for life. You only want to think of yourself as the perfect example of human living and when someone younger than you comes claiming closeness to God, visions and powers, you freak out, because you thought you is the perfect man with your wife and kids, and YOU CANNOT stomach the fact that someone way younger than you could actually be far more progressed along the spiritual path than your lousy self. That someone still single could be more conscious and wiser than your grayest head in your family. Fuck off with your spiritual jelousy.

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