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Religious Fanaticism: Is Rasta Guilty?

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Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/3/2015 5:25:26 AM

14 So the children of Israel served Eglon the
king of Moab eighteen years.
15 But when the children of Israel cried unto
the LORD, the LORD raised them up a
deliverer, Ehud the son of Gera , a Benjamite, a
man lefthanded: and by him the children of
Israel sent a present unto Eglon the king of
16 But Ehud made him a dagger which had two
edges, of a cubit length; and he did gird it
under his raiment upon his right thigh.
17 And he brought the present unto Eglon king
of Moab: and Eglon was a very fat man.
18 And when he had made an end to offer the
present, he sent away the people that bare the
19 But he himself turned again from the
quarries that were by Gilgal, and said, I have a
secret errand unto thee, O king: who said,
Keep silence. And all that stood by him went
out from him.
20 And Ehud came unto him; and he was
sitting in a summer parlour, which he had for
himself alone. And Ehud said, I have a message
from God unto thee. And he arose out of his
21 And Ehud put forth his left hand, and took
the dagger from his right thigh, and thrust it
into his belly :
22 And the haft also went in after the blade;
and the fat closed upon the blade, so that he
could not draw the dagger out of his belly ;
and the dirt came out.
23 Then Ehud went forth through the porch,
and shut the doors of the parlour upon him,
and locked them.

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/3/2015 5:25:49 AM

16 But Barak pursued after the chariots, and
after the host , unto Harosheth of the Gentiles :
and all the host of Sisera fell upon the edge of
the sword ; and there was not a man left.
17 Howbeit Sisera fled away on his feet to the
tent of Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite: for
there was peace between Jabin the king of
Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite.
18 And Jael went out to meet Sisera , and said
unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn in to me; fear
not. And when he had turned in unto her into
the tent , she covered him with a mantle .
19 And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee,
a little water to drink; for I am thirsty. And
she opened a bottle of milk , and gave him
drink, and covered him.
20 Again he said unto her, Stand in the door of
the tent , and it shall be, when any man doth
come and enquire of thee, and say, Is there
any man here? that thou shalt say, No.
21 Then Jael Heber's wife took a nail of the
tent, and took an hammer in her hand, and
went softly unto him, and smote the nail into
his temples, and fastened it into the ground:
for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.
22 And, behold, as Barak pursued Sisera, Jael
came out to meet him, and said unto him,
Come, and I will shew thee the man whom
thou seekest. And when he came into her tent ,
behold, Sisera lay dead, and the nail was in his

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/3/2015 5:48:32 AM

1 But it came to pass within a while after, in
the time of wheat harvest, that Samson visited
his wife with a kid; and he said, I will go in to
my wife into the chamber. But her father
would not suffer him to go in.
2 And her father said, I verily thought that
thou hadst utterly hated her; therefore I gave
her to thy companion: is not her younger
sister fairer than she? take her, I pray thee,
instead of her.
3 And Samson said concerning them, Now shall
I be more blameless than the Philistines ,
though I do them a displeasure.
4 And Samson went and caught three hundred
foxes, and took firebrands, and turned tail to
tail, and put a firebrand in the midst between
two tails.
5 And when he had set the brands on fire, he
let them go into the standing corn of the
Philistines , and burnt up both the shocks, and
also the standing corn , with the vineyards and
6 Then the Philistines said, Who hath done
this? And they answered, Samson, the son in
law of the Timnite , because he had taken his
wife, and given her to his companion. And the
Philistines came up, and burnt her and her
father with fire.
7 And Samson said unto them, Though ye have
done this, yet will I be avenged of you, and
after that I will cease.
8 And he smote them hip and thigh with a
great slaughter: and he went down and dwelt in
the top of the rock Etam.
9 Then the Philistines went up, and pitched in
Judah, and spread themselves in Lehi.
10 And the men of Judah said, Why are ye
come up against us? And they answered, To
bind Samson are we come up, to do to him as
he hath done to us.
11 Then three thousand men of Judah went to
the top of the rock Etam, and said to Samson,
Knowest thou not that the Philistines are
rulers over us? what is this that thou hast
done unto us? And he said unto them, As they
did unto me, so have I done unto them.
12 And they said unto him, We are come down
to bind thee, that we may deliver thee into the
hand of the Philistines . And Samson said unto
them, Swear unto me, that ye will not fall
upon me yourselves.
13 And they spake unto him, saying, No; but
we will bind thee fast, and deliver thee into
their hand: but surely we will not kill thee.
And they bound him with two new cords, and
brought him up from the rock .
14 And when he came unto Lehi , the Philistines
shouted against him: and the Spirit of the
LORD came mightily upon him, and the cords
that were upon his arms became as flax that
was burnt with fire, and his bands loosed from
off his hands.
15 And he found a new jawbone of an ass , and
put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a
thousand men therewith.
16 And Samson said, With the jawbone of an
ass , heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass
have I slain a thousand men.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/3/2015 9:06:44 AM

John Israel, the Sistren is seeking a Reasoning, not a Bible quoting session.

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/3/2015 9:22:12 AM


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/3/2015 9:41:11 AM

Very well written and the message achieved clearly, in love and RASpect!
Give thankhs Impress.
More Black Love + Inity

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/3/2015 11:44:58 AM

LOL Garveys Africa! That would indeed perfectly demonstrate my point...

Lawd have mercy...

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/3/2015 2:34:11 PM

Give thanks Ark I!

The thing is that our ancients did not feel the need to impose their spiritual system on others. We were not into the converting business. We did not seek world domination through religious fanaticism or imposition on others. If anything, the world came to us for knowledge. In this respect, I believe that religious fanaticism is indeed a western phenomenon.

In my 25 year trod as a Rasta Wombman, I too have noticed how many that so zealously and fanatically claim RasTafari, will eventually change to other philosophies. Not rooted. Building on sinking sand. Floating in the wind until the next interesting podium to stand and preach from.

If one stands on a strong foundation, then nothing can easily sway InI. In other words, I can walk into a Mosque, or a Buddhist Temple, and appreciaLOVE their tradition. Their is beauty and truth there as well. I still remain RASTA. I think the same can be said of our ancients, who travelled the world, without western fanaticism or global control through religious imposition and conversion.

Give thanks for di I's thoughts and reasonings. Loving it!

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/4/2015 4:38:51 AM

[15 ] In the mean while the king's officers, such
as compelled the people to revolt, came into
the city Modin, to make them sacrifice.
[16 ] And when many of Israel came unto them,
Mattathias also and his sons came together.
[17 ] Then answered the king's officers, and
said to Mattathias on this wise, Thou art a
ruler, and an honourable and great man in this
city, and strengthened with sons and brethren:
[18 ] Now therefore come thou first, and fulfil
the king's commandment, like as all the
heathen have done, yea, and the men of Juda
also, and such as remain at Jerusalem: so shalt
thou and thy house be in the number of the
king's friends, and thou and thy children shall
be honoured with silver and gold, and many
[19 ] Then Mattathias answered and spake with
a loud voice, Though all the nations that are
under the king's dominion obey him, and fall
away every one from the religion of their
fathers, and give consent to his
[20 ] Yet will I and my sons and my brethren
walk in the covenant of our fathers.
[21 ] God forbid that we should forsake the law
and the ordinances.
[22 ] We will not hearken to the king's words,
to go from our religion, either on the right
hand, or the left.
[23 ] Now when he had left speaking these
words, there came one of the Jews in the sight
of all to sacrifice on the altar which was at
Modin, according to the king's commandment.
[24 ] Which thing when Mattathias saw, he was
inflamed with zeal, and his reins trembled,
neither could he forbear to shew his anger
according to judgment: wherefore he ran, and
slew him upon the altar.
[25 ] Also the king's commissioner, who
compelled men to sacrifice, he killed at that
time, and the altar he pulled down.
[26 ] Thus dealt he zealously for the law of God
like as Phinees did unto Zambri the son of
[27 ] And Mattathias cried throughout the city
with a loud voice, saying, Whosoever is zealous
of the law, and maintaineth the covenant, let
him follow me.
[28 ] So he and his sons fled into the
mountains, and left all that ever they had in
the city.

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 11/4/2015 5:55:48 AM

righteous zealous people who were called all kinds of names
marcus garvey
leonard howell
bob marley
black christ
rogers athlyi
haile selassie i

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