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White People is the root of all evil

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Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 8/22/2014 5:30:09 PM

Give thanks for JAH teaching Ark I.
Food for thought.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 8/23/2014 4:16:16 PM

His Majesty is a truly talented orator. Selassie higher dan dem, higher dan dem! More power

Messenger: RasIndi Sent: 8/24/2014 9:18:18 AM

InI sorry for my misspell of H.I.M.'s quotation. This is the correct form:

"that until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; ...
until that day, the African continent will not know peace."

But I guess Ark I has covered it all in much more detail. =] Thanks InI for the teaching.

Jah bless my brethren! don't be blinded by racism, it is an illusion.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/4/2014 8:00:46 AM

The White Devil in South Africa

Wouter Basson
A South African doctor that rose to infamy during the period of apartheid for his production of chemical weapons and drugs was found guilty this week of unprofessional conduct. Wouter Basson, who headed a controversial chemical and biological weapons program in the 1980s and 1990s, saw an end to a six-year inquiry by The Health Professions Council of South Africa after the group made their verdict.
Basson, a cardiologist by trade, was made the head of Project Coast in 1983. Under the orders of then-President PW Botha, Basson secretly created large batches of toxins and bio-toxins under the guise of research laboratories. The chemicals were made as a last resort against enemy forces, and Basson created various covert ways to administer the weapons.
Basson also created drugs such as Mandrax and cocaine, which amazingly the South African government wanted to use to quell dissent among soldiers. Weaponized tear gas was also produced and sold to Angola’s National Union for the Total Independence of Angola leader Jonas Savimbi. Basson also created drugs that made kidnappings possible and capsules of cyanide for field agents to commit suicide if captured.
Watch This Report About Wouter Basson’s Project Coast Below:

Project Coast also reportedly created a hidden contraceptive the government wanted to distribute among the Black population of the country, especially the men. The contraceptive agent would have been delivered through the country’s water lines.
Although Dr. Basson was not present at the trial, the families of some of the victims of Project Coast’s drugs and chemicals were present. Basson claimed in court documents that he was only acting as a soldier, carrying out military orders and did not know where the chemicals were heading. The HPCSA contended that Basson remained a member of the Council, which binds him to the rules of ethics and the like.
He will be sentenced in February of next year.

Messenger: Path Walker Sent: 9/4/2014 2:31:59 PM

Don't bind this ignorant evil to my flesh, devil is good enough for him he deserves no more description.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/4/2014 6:05:26 PM

Right. And the whole system of supremacy he supported and recieved his orders from. Of which are the same devils which mandela 'negotiated' with who still have a presence in the running of, and living of South Africa.

Burn white supremacy in all forms:whatever you call it

Messenger: Path Walker Sent: 9/4/2014 6:11:59 PM

Hell's image of fire is true, because we must burn it out, Heaven's imagery same way, it is attained by rising above

Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 9/7/2014 3:00:56 PM

Such devils don't go to a place called hell to bun forever.
They simply perish at the presence of JAH becoz they are not real they are illusions.

Psalm 73:20
They are like a dream when one awakes; when you arise, Lord, you will despise them as fantasies.

For there IS only love.Anything else is not.

King Selassie I Iverytime

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 9/8/2014 8:49:29 AM

How can something that is perishable be a creator. White ppl are not the root(source) of evil. Follow Selassie I and not your emotions, nuff whites provided assistance in building up the Kingdom. Nothing evil can ever provide something good.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 9/22/2014 7:47:58 PM

People are the root of evil. The ways of men are evil. Evil is when man goes his separate way from Jah and Jahs will. Man can be God in the flesh he can also be devil incarnate... We all have a choice no one man is born Perfect or innately evil we all have free will. We either choose Jahs way or mans way, Life or death, Right or Wrong, Black or white. It's not a race thing but a conception of the heart mind and spirit that separates Good from evil. The strong will always choose life over death, while the weak will choose the easy route...

Blessed Love

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Haile Selassie I