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nuttin but equal, sight?

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Messenger: gideon Sent: 5/27/2006 4:18:05 PM

You know, as soon as I asked that question and posted it I got the answer inside myself. And then people responded confirming it.
Right and wrong is not about something physical but something spiritual. So once someone knows what they are doing and why, then it can be a good thing to speak in false terms.
Someone could criticize and say that using false terms reinforces false thinking in people's minds, and there may be some truth to that claim, but that does not mean it is wrong to do it. There is a bigger picture. We can't make everything right all at once, and sometimes we do things that are not perfect because we need to do those things in pursuit of a bigger and more important goal. That is basically what all the responses were saying, it looks like.

Let me ask another question. By the way, this wasn't planned at the time I asked the first question (at least not in my mind). The question is:
What would it take for you to vote for a certain candidate in a certain babylon election?
The system is a fraud. The election is a fraud. But maybe, it might be useful to participate in a false process (comparable to using false words) for the sake of a higher objective.
You see, the system is not real, but the power wielded in the name of the system is real. Bush can really declare war and send troops, and every single office-holder has some power. Power to do good and power to make big mistakes. This is the reality we have been given, and we must ask ourselves if it is smart to boycott a process that invloves so much power. Sure, you and me voting between two fools for president is worthless. But there is more to the system that voting for a president. There is a whole world of power that we are ignoring, and it is the biggest arena.
Do you know that a commune can become a town, and elect its own sherrif? Think about it. A voting bloc has the power to barter with powerful people, the way the NRA, ACLU and other groups do in the US. There is power available for us.

To me the key question is: Can we make use of this power without contaminating ourselves? Can we control our actions to the degree where we will be confident that we are able to do good and know that we are doing good, and what good we are doing?
You see, it's just like using false words. It could be harmful if done in the wrong way. But that doesn't mean it is always a bad thing. If you know what you are doing, you can do a lot of good, using a wrong word or two in the process.

What would it take for you to support a certain candidate in any election (sherrif, representative, senator, whatever it may be)? What about making a commune into a town? What about forming a voting bloc. I mean, we don't care if Kerry wins or Bush wins, so we can strike a deal.
This is the way I have always been my whole life. Nothing is sacred for me. And I know that I am right to think this way.
After all, didn't God kill Jesus' body? Nothing is sacred, believe it. The only thing that is sacred is the heart of love, which can never be defiled. Once we do what we do in love and with consciousness of what we are doing then we are doing God's work. The fact that we are participating in a fake system does not mean that what we are doing is wrong, once we know what we are doing.
My policy is, "any means necessary". Don't forego using a tool that God has placed within your reach just because it is not a good tool, morally speaking. You have the power to put it to good use, and that's all we care about.
Money is a fraud, but we all use it, because we have to buy food and pay rent in order to live. It is not right, but it is good. I am suggesting that we apply the same principle in the political arena. I am not suggesting that we can make the system into something real, because it will always be a fraud as long as it exists. I am suggesting that we use a tool, that's all. We are not endorsing the system just because we use it, just like when we use money we are not endorsing that part of the system either.

I mentioned this idea before on this site, but you can't cross the same river twice, so this is a new reasoning.

Messenger: JAH Coyote Sent: 5/28/2006 12:17:37 AM

This is a very interesting question. The country I live in I am not a citizen of so I cannot vote here. In the States (where I am from) I did not register to vote the last election because I fear there may be a draft and I would have had to sign an equivalent of a draft card. I would have voted for Ralph Nader (no matter what good an absentee Nader vote would do my country) because I liked his platform better than everyone else who seemed to be running and his running mate was a solid Native American woman who I have much respect for.
I don't think Nader is the most sound individual, but he would have been better than Bush (who we already knew was a war-monger) and better than Kerry (who had no backbone, no real consistent agenda, and no heart). I don't think politicians HAVE to be bad- at the end of the day they are all as human as I and I, and capable of making good decisions just as I and I are capable.
Not taking advantage of democracy while living under a democratic system is pretty much selling oneself short. If I and I do not vote I and I voice is not heard by the state, and I and I live in the state. So if the state gives I and I the power to vote, why not exercize this power?

Essentially I would vote for someone who I believed that they believed in what they are doing. And that what they believe in is for the benefit of the country and the rest of the world. If it is clear to I that they have an alterior motive to the political position they are running for, then no matter how pretty the ideas they try to sell to me in their campain are, I know not to trust the man. And so I know not to vote.

Its all personal discretion still. If the man does wickedness in office that is on him and not the voters who were tricked.


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