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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 4:23:59 PMHidden

Cedric: MELCHEZIDEK, why do you say InI should go against HIM Haile Selassie I and not work together despite InI small ideological differences?

Can I answer? (since he will not)

Agents try to exploit perceived weaknesses; either in the individual or in the community. According to history we've seen how they move and how they will arm 2 sides of a conflict to get people to kill each other, weakening both sides so that they can ultimately decide the winner. They can then either crush whoever's left with less effort and sacrifice... or... they can influence the winner and use that relationship to call in favors or request land that they can put their own military bases on.

Ultimately, it's divide and conquer.

Mel doesn't personally care what petty differences you may have with Garvey and others, but he sees that you are wise and have seen through him to some degree and he considers you a threat. So, what better way to deal with that threat, not man to man, but hiding behind the skirts of those who might disagree with you.

And then... as this is a debate tactic I'm familiar with... the idea is that you may get so caught up in defending yourself against other people the conversation looks like you're getting jumped and the perception will grow that you are wrong and the more you defend yourself the larger this perception becomes. It's a trap. The more you struggle the easier it gets for Mel who can either pile on, if he chooses, or play down his role as instigator and act innocent. And it will be exactly that; an act.

All of this rests on whether or not someone else will take the bait and try to correct you.

Haile Selassie I