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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/28/2021 10:47:23 PMHidden - Foolishness

The Torah is a made up book. The Bible is true and inspired by the Emperor.

Nazarites here means dreadlock individuals.

Nazareth, according to I and I is a place where the dreadlocked individuals live that seperates themselves unto JAH.

The Pharaoh is a copy of the true dreadlocked individuals of Ethiopia.

The Pharaoh made himself look like the dreadlocked Nazarites.

The nazarite vow started in Ethiopia. The Egyptian priest copied the Ethiopians. The Egyptians were never priests. It was the Ethiopians that had the priests. Egypt and the Pharaoh were not good at that and failed. They needed Moses and the Ethiopian priests. The people on the wall are not Egyptians. The people on the wall are Ethiopians. The Pharaoh makes as if he is the god. The Pharaoh copied the ancient Nazarites of Ethiopia.

But when I started this thread, I ment to say, the pictures of the Pharaoh is actually Nazarites or Ethiopian priest.

Now the Pharaoh is an evil person. The pictures and stories of Egypt are from Ethiopia. They copied the Bible from Ethiopia and changed JAH, the Ethiopian God into the Pharaoh or the Egyptian God.

What I am trying to say is that, they copied the Bible from Ethiopia and copied the pictures too from Ethiopia.

Then they redraw and repainted all those pictures that are in Egypt and copied the stories from the Bible in Ethiopia.

That is why the Pharaoh is pictured with dreads and unshaven beard, because he is a copy of the true God from Ethiopia.

Moses spoke to the God of Ethiopia. The Pharaoh made as if he is god. He copied all the Bible stories from Ethiopa and even painted himself to look just like the dreadlocked nazarites of Ethiopia in the ancient passed.

What I am saying is that, the pictures of Egypt are not original. They copied the stories and pictures from the Ethiopian Bible. The Pharaoh made himself to be god and depicted himself as the dreadlock bearded god. No one would figure it out if they did that, they thought. They erased or will never show the truth, that the Pharaoh and his whole army died in the sea.

They rather make as if the Pharaoh is the god. The Pharaoh was just another fake god and all his hosts of fake gods. They copied it from Ethiopia. They draw it exactly the same. The Pharaoh made himself look like Jah and said that he is god.

This was oppression and Moses led the oppressed people out of Egypt. And by doing so the Pharaoh died with his whole army.

The Pharaoh copied the Ethiopians Bible.

The Egyptians draw on their walls the Ethiopians and stole the Ethiopian stories from out of the Bible.

The Pope of Rome today copies the Egyptians. That is why Italy fought with Ethiopia. There can only be one God of this earth and the Pope thinks that he is the god of this world.

The Pharaoh also thought that he was god of the world and kept the people as slaves to the Common Good. The Pharaoh or Pope is god of the common good. The people are slaves to the common good.

Moses led the people out of oppression and freed them. The Pharaoh thought he was god and made pictures of him with dreadlocks and a beard.

Blessed I

Haile Selassie I