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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 8/10/2018 6:26:19 PMHidden - Foolishness

From the onset, this has been a judgement of my moral character. Creating a 'need' to cater to the virtue of those who disagree. The very first reply was that Trump is alt -right and KKK. We have gone back and forth on many different subjects here, but a constant theme has been "Trump appeals to racists, he's Hitler/Mussolini; and if you don't agree with that, you need to prove to us you are moral and spiritual by bowing to our virtue".. Angle in Zion has condemned me for not being black.. "I told you'all something is not right. He does not have the black experience." Nesta1 has tongue-and-cheek accused me of being racist several times.. "Please spare us any vile Islamophobic responses to this comment as Jah Life is precious." This is a perfect example of how the Trump haters approach a 'debate'.. I calmly express some points and get chastised as appealing to the 'alt-right' and KKK.. When I retort, the conversation gets heated and ya'll take the victim and 'moral supremacy' route. Distracting from the points I am making by forcing the conversation back to "prove you morality you hateful and spiritually blind white man".. As if repeating the forced fed liberal narrative gives you the moral authority.. I counter that narrative by proving that it is a consorted effort coming down from the top of the establishments liberal media. In my opening dialogue -- first 2 posts -- I brought up media/poplar culture control, manipulation, and bias; coupled with the censorship and de-platforming of opposing views.. The liberal agenda.. I have been completely vindicated in that. A mass purge of conservative/opposing voices from monopolized social media platforms occurred just a few days ago under the banner of 'hate speech'.. Simply disagreeing with and countering the official narrative dictated by the establishment gets you banned and categorized as hate speech.. Yet mainstream talking heads on CNN&Friends repeatedly call for the assassination of Trump and harassment of Trump officials and supporters. They endorse the violent and hateful actions of ANTIFA yet face zero censorship or condemnation.. NEW YORK TIMES' NEW EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER CELEBRATED “DUMBASS F-ING WHITE PEOPLE” GOING EXTINCT tweeting #CancelWhitePeople... This is the hatred, this is the concerted effort to fight Trump and censor dissenting voices.. Yet the conversation keeps distracting off of that proven point with the same virtue signaling attitude. Ya'll don't want to acknowledge that I am completely right in that. Infowars has been completely banned in an unprecedented purge that I told you was coming and you are all focused on feelings and social niceties.. Burn that. "The truth is an offence but not a sin."

Haile Selassie I