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Messenger: Ras congo Sent: 9/6/2012 5:09:15 PMHidden - Wickedness

Nazarite I what's wrong with ur slave owner mentality , Indians were taken too Jamaica as slaves and so were Africans they inter mingled and that formed rasta so don't diss me about what I talk like and about the way I type . I am talking patwah yes . What do u prefer u bowcat ? U obviously r a lost soul and not a rasta dissing another rasta u have no love in ur heart for where rasta began u obviously r queen elizabith of England's bitch u waste man. U ain't a rasta nazarite I . Ur a chi chi man watching how I type and stuff u faggot. Don't u like jamaicans nazarite ? U obviously got something against me nazarite I . All I can tell is that u ain't a real rasta mate ur father is probably Babylon and so r u . Ur a wannabe rasta . As for not calling me African look in the dictionary it says and defines an African as a person who was born in Africa . I can tell ur not from Africa ur a pussy from England dat would suck the queens pum pum .

Haile Selassie I