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Messenger: Ras congo Sent: 9/6/2012 4:55:30 PMHidden - Wickedness

Nazarite u accuse me and try and bring me down for talking in patwah but what's it do with anything to do with u . Many reggae artists one for e.g k-OSS on the bad stench riddim speaks patwah but he's Indian so wheres ur point the jamaicans accepted him and loved him he's even stayed in the roughest areas in Jamaica which is the gully side . Nazarite if ur bully's never pushed ur head inna yuh mudda pussy like tampon u would not mind ppl being cool modern and talking patois . Yuh seen . Also try coming put your mums pum pum to look at Jamaican culture and see how cool it is . Then u will think twice as to why I like and speak dat way

Haile Selassie I