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yours favorite song

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Messenger: White Lion of Dorcol Sent: 12/15/2003 8:56:10 PM

Greetings ,

Please , wrote what is yours favorite(s) song , and what you think about "Redemption Song" .

Jah bless you .

Harm no man ,
let no man harm you !

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/15/2003 9:06:31 PM


I really like many songs, so I don't know my favorite.

I will just write down a couple of the ones that I like.

One a We - Culture
Reaction - Bob Marley
Social Living - Burning Spear

Jah is the Highest,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: OleGallis Sent: 12/17/2003 6:49:46 AM

Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
Gentleman - Jah inna yuh life
Buju Banton - Destiny

Rastafari Forum

Messenger: ijah Sent: 12/17/2003 11:16:36 AM

Bob Marley&Wailers:I love them all.but`` Give thanks and praises``is one of them that iman really like fe hear

The Gladiators:Run them

Hugh mundell: Jah will provide

Burning Spear:we are going{Live in zenith}

Ijahman Levi: Tell it to the children

Horace Andy: Give up the land governmentman

Still could mention lots more.............

Blessed greetings, ijah

Messenger: Rasta man Sent: 12/17/2003 3:38:48 PM

I love almost all reggeae songs done by BoB Marley and the Wailers! I like Peter Tosh And Augustus Pablo he's a good dub artist! And i think redemtion song is one of the most touching and has the most feeling in it rather than any other song!!!


HAile Selassie I

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/18/2003 5:54:18 AM

could you be love
alot of others but this song been on my mind.

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/19/2003 3:23:23 PM

Blessed LOVE

"Could you be loved"-Bob Marley

"VOICE Of JAH"-Buju Banton with Lms

"Igzihaber negus Negast"- Buju Banton and Moergan Heritage

"Reincarnated Souls"-Bunny Wailer

"I've got Jah,He's mine he's in my heart every day"-Lucky Dube

song#5 on Peter Tosh's "Dread don't die" "vexation of the soul is vanity"

"Rainbow Revolution"-NASIO FONTAINE

Redemption song, like Marley putting sound to HIM words in "WAR", is about INI destiny of stuggle and redemption in doing what is RIGHT and not for reward, but for what INI destiny. Redemption is something INI recieve daily when I humbly submit to INI I injustices of man.

THese two rhythms go together, well all virtue is oneness.......

Messenger: EmpressInde Sent: 12/25/2003 11:17:08 PM

Sizzle Kalonji is my number1 Dj beside Mr. Bob Marley!!!!!!!!

INI love all music that is positive and speak of the truth.


Messenger: Brother Jahphet I Sent: 12/26/2003 3:45:03 PM

Greetings I

Yes there are many songs I really like.
An album that I always like to hear is "Burning", but I like every Bob Marley song!
I like dancehall music too, conscious RastafarIan Dancehall like Sizzla and Anthony B.
Sizzla : "Ghetto Revolution"
Anthony B : "Fire pon Rom"
And dem together : "Thou shalt not kill"

And I really like Ras Michael.
All his songs, but especially "Lion Country" and the one with Mutabaruka "Psalm 25"

Brother Jahphet I

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 2/12/2005 3:24:57 PM

Blessed Be!

---My favorite song changes often.. right now I'd have to say it's Taking Over -- by Sizzla

Other "runners-up" would be....... honestly, I couldn't start to list them, because the list would go on forever. Most things by Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capleton, Anthony B, Garnet Silk, Culture,
and anything Bob Marley---but that goes without saying.


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Haile Selassie I