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Life in Tenerife

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Messenger: dembele Sent: 5/3/2024 5:42:03 AMHidden - Foolishness
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Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 5/3/2024 2:19:28 PM

Artigal Blessings Kings & Empress's

Dembele I commend you for the ease in which you chat nonsense on this forum site . By now InI figured de I would have set your heart and meditation pon the right track but it seems like de I looking to drag Fari Livity through the mud in that region of Tenerife for your own amusement and pleasure . Truth always prevail , de I can hide from man but not H.I.M .

Where there is life there is hope , set a better example that the people of Tenerife will come to know that Fari is not a negativity in creation .

Walk good in all that you do
Raspect in all Aspect.

Messenger: dembele Sent: 5/14/2024 5:44:48 AM

No wait wait wait let me exl̀;ain see it was all for a good cause cus the tinerfenians were protesting for 30 days that they don,t want tourists they went europeans out and see there are these hippies who come here and live on the streets and damage natural areas they dirty up all the natural areas you see we can,t allow that this is the NEW ISRAEL people we can,t allow peolple to come live their messy lifestyle here and mess up nature and let me tell you never EVER think that i give the fari a bad name cause it,s the contrary the people of tenerife respect us because we GET THINGS DONE my friend let me tell you when we kicked the german guy out all the neigbours thanked us man with BILLS not coins but BILLS and i got a 50 EURO BILL and when i got back to puerto i got more gifts see a lady GAVE ME HER I PHONE WITH THE AIRPODS MAN yeah you got me right AIR PODS completely wireless man and not only that but i got extremely lucky man you see someone gave me 14000 for my 1996 citroen saxo yeah man 14000 and i went and bought a brand new golf and i just got it this friday let me tell you it has a SCREEN RADIO and it smells real good man let me tell you i don,t even wanna smoke in it the thing is so clean man and everythinf is so computerized and modern see let me tell you this is to show that i am really the king now i looking for some rastafari stickers to put on the car man let me tell you i already told my wife we have to wait 30 minutes after we smoke to get into the car otherwise nobody can get in cause i don,t want my new car smelling like weed or cigarrettes let me tell you don,t you ever think that i lost the heart of jah man we are just cleaning up and this is just the beginning

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