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Greetings once again

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Messenger: Issafiyah Sent: 4/27/2023 3:18:27 PM


This is Issa...aka Humbleissa aka Issafiyah the founder of Haile Sisters International est 2001 which was an original MSN forum for Rastawomen. I had over 1000 members worldwide back then which i truly experienced as family! I used to share on here 20 years ago and while just poking around, i happened to see this forum is still active which is so amazing. I looked back at old posts and found many familiar souls...some who have passed on and others still going. Blessed love ARKi...good to see this here and the fire still being kept going.

MSN disbanded the groups around 2005 so my group ended up not carrying on but what stays with me is the family and the unity that it created back then amongst the sistren. I trimmed myself back in 2011, but my heart is still very much invested in the Rastafari community and the works although my beliefs are a bit different now. My love for His Majesty never changed and never will.

This board gave me all the nostalgia so I just had to sign back up and hail the I them and send my love and strength.
thank you to those who came and participated on my board over that time...i'm so proud of the works that were accomplished by the now "elders" that continue to thrive online seeking and delivering truth.

Rastafari love,


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/1/2023 11:55:57 AM

Greetings Empress! The sisterhood within Rastafari is a beautiful thing and I always want more of the feminine element here on the forum. Forward again sistar, let we reason more. More Inity, More Love
Sister Ama/ JAH Child

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Haile Selassie I