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Nyahbinghe session

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Alabaster oil Sent: 2/11/2023 9:34:27 PM

greeting in the imperial name of his imperial majesty Haile selassi

I would like to host a nyahbinghi session for the empresses in Toronto . like the sister get together for a reasoning , bible readings , and tea . What kind of programs would be beneficial I mean to create inity and to get to know one another . I donít know any empresses non that I correspond with anyway and I would be inviting them to my house for this said event . I know some brothers are against women beating the drum in binghi but I wanted to do something to raise the consciousness of the empresses .

how would I go about reading the psalms or not reading psalms as not every ras believes in the ible. frankensense would be lit as well as sage burned . Iím looking for more ideas . I could even do this by myself for YouTube and film it because these are some trying times with covid and people not wanting to be close . I just feel like there isnít enough spirituality out there for ras . the muslims have their prayers that they go to mosque for the Christians dem have their churches and they go home and cook Sunday dinner . what about Rastafari. there barely any info out there for a sistren looking to develop herself and her knowledge of self in the west anyway .

so chime in let me know the the I thinking about this reasoning .

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/13/2023 11:25:27 PM

Yes Empress, good intentions and I feel the I on that.
If I lived in the area I would join the I. I'm all the way dowm in southern California.
There are a lot of sisters in this area and we have been able to get together on occasion but not as often as I wish. Most of them are busy mothers, main reason.
When we have gotten together we have done yoga, potluck ital picnic, just reasoning together, meet up for acai bowls, more like womban just getting together and a bit of a social meetup which is also really good and necessary for us womban to do.
I would love to have a regular meetup established, especially something more base on reasoning or chanting, I have dreamed like the I of hosting something like that when I have a better home situation for that.
I am all for sisters beating drums, I think the times of womban being barred from playing nyah harps must need to move on, as no one I heard has ever given a good enough reason for it being a male-only practice. When I was in Kenya many years ago in the Kikuyu and Maasai areas I witnessed womban beating drums.
There was a couple times when I tried to hold a video session for reasoning and for prayer/meditation for Ityopia to achieve peace. The attendance was very low despite weeks of planning. Although I am pretty sure a couple Idren from this forum did attend which I appreciloved. Anyways I didnt keep up with trying to organize those things, I felt like maybe my circle is too small so not enough people saw or heard about it going on. It's kinda hard when you take so much time and effort to put something together and get a very little response, it can be discouraging, like hmmm maybe no one cares... probably I should have kept pushing forward but I kinda left it for the time being. I hope if you try and organize something it would be more successful. If it is an online thing I would join in.
More Love

Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 2/14/2023 9:40:33 PM

Sistren itís too bad . But perhaps ini could create video content for the rasta wombman .I myself donít have contact with any rasta sistrens in my town so I suspect turnout would be low,then thereís the whole invint strangers into your home bit ÖCovid and so on . I donít know if the I has ever heard about rastawifeline on YouTube brought to us by ila designs . Sheís an orientation sistren never had the chance to meet her but I follow her advice . Reasoning like this should also reach a broad audience . Hmm Iíve decided that I would seek knowledge on my own terms as there is an array of handwritten books by rasta brothers and sistren .

I often kinda envy the Christian and Muslim women for they have so many ways to study together .

We need this more in Rastafari canada in particular

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/15/2023 1:08:54 PM

Good morning Empress

Oh yeah absolutely RastaWifeline is great and Sister Ila has some awesome homeschooling materials on her website too, and other wearable items. Her recipe for womb juice helped me a lot too.

I also suggest Ancient Current Rastafari Roots n Culture, Sister Sheila I have met through video and we have reasoned together both on and off youtube, she's a lovely sistren and she's doing some great work bringing people together and putting information out there.

Creating video content is probably not where I am at right now but I would have a video reasoning or gathering just to hold a vibe. Organizing content to put on youtube is a different thing, requires more planning. I am more in the mode of just gathering together to share strength and support as womban. Do some drumming together. Those kind of things.

Sunday and Monday are the best days for me right now. Definitely let me know if the I want to build on that.

Haile Love, Empress Menen I Love

Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 2/16/2023 7:23:30 PM

Rastafari Jah child I will keep that in mind

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Haile Selassie I