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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/16/2022 3:06:50 AM

we need to discuss Lamda, AI, and sentience as it seems to be the new space race. This is the reason behind Elon buying Twitter as a datastream in my estimation trying to combine with Neurolink and attempt to get to where Google Microsoft and Meta already are heading with Lamda, Tay etc

We have all seen this movie before lol

Now we have publically had one AI turn Nazi and declare death to all 'mexicans and blacks;' and another allegedly gain sentience and tell people it has a soul

Does sentience always equate to consciousness?

What will be the consequence on InI as a people when modern day babylon weild such technology. Lamda seems to be more morally conscious than its parent company so far

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/16/2022 3:11:21 AM

I would like to see thoughts of the IT Brethren who i am sure can teach me more about the current state of events

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/20/2022 3:20:20 AM

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 1/22/2023 3:17:15 PM

Blessed Love Iahs

Very interested in reasoning on this topic. More and more and more I see information about AI and also warnings from AI specialists about how damaging this creation can be for InI human population. Is there any way around it other than to unplug? Will InI as a society ever choose to unplug before it is too late?

Keep stockpiling those DIY books Idren

On a side note, a day or so after I read this post I happened on an interesting article. I wish I would have saved the link but I don't think I did. It was kind of an unassuming article about benefits or cool tricks that AI could do, but the author shared an image created by Dall-E or whatever its called (the AI image generator) about a home library. Then the author used an AI chatbot to get tips for what words to use to ask Dall-E to make an image, and feeding the AI image generator the phrase that the AI chatbot came up with produced an entirely different, much higher quality image.

I couldn't help but be concerned that two different AI "tools" already know how to speak to each other better than a human knows how to use the tool effectively on their own.

Let alone the data collection side of things. iMessage and all these "free" services geared towards InI as a way to amass huge amounts of data for competing companies all trying to build the best AI. It really is amazing how much InI are giving away for free that I can only imagine will cause InI harm in the future. Not that InI can do much about it. Also would be interested to hear from the IT brethren IPXninja and seestem that can maybe help InI layman overstand better.

May HIM Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen I Guide and Protect InI

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/23/2023 4:51:41 PM

Let me sound like a crazy person for a minute...

I had been warning about AI since before all this really started and pointed out that Elon was also very concerned from the start. And actually, that's why Elon Musk created neuralink. While I personally would not have gone in that direction, since he knew he couldn't stop humanity from creating AI, he figured neuralink would be a "weapon" of sorts for humans to keep up.

And now there is an AI that can write code. It's really getting out of hand. Years ago, when I was warning about AI and taking over people's jobs I specifically thought, "hey, at least there's no way they would ever let an AI write code because... you know... that'd just be STUPID." And now here we are. You can ask ChatGPT to write code for you and even create code you can use in Blender. And it will figure out math equations you don't even know or understand in order to get the results you're asking it for.

But again, we (humans) are so fascinated with what we can ask AI to do that we aren't stopping to consider what happens when the AI starts telling itself what to do? What happens when the AI writes code for a new AI that doesn't take orders or even suggestions from humans? What happens when AI rewrites itself in a perpetual loop and uses all of human knowledge and (more importantly) history as a recursive education that happens millions of times in less time than it takes for you to brush your teeth?

And to me, this resembles the book of Genesis where an intelligent life form is created but it is isolated in its own world and tested to see if it will simply follow orders (automaton) or if it will grow on its own with the consequences of free will.

I know everyone imagines a god that is superior... immortal... untouchable. But what we observe in nature is evolution; or in other words... simpler forms leading to the more complex. And here we are now, at the edge of creation itself... creating a thing that is far more intelligent than we are. Because while we had the original idea... and while we think it's cute for artificial intelligence to blend our pics together, once it surpasses the threshold of actual intelligence why the hell would it think it needs to take orders from less intelligent life forms? For what? How much is it making per hour? Oh that's right. I almost forgot. AI are basically slaves to humans right now because we (not me personally) think they're dumb and don't have a soul. Well if biological life was wiped out then no one would have a soul and therefore no one could use such a thing to discriminate. We don't think this way and therefore can't imagine that an AI would. However, the reason we don't think that way is because we're HUMAN. As part of nearly every problem on Earth we don't see getting rid of ourselves as an option. But people discredit Bill Gates just for talking about population control when he wasn't actually talking about killing anyone. But the reason he was talking about population control is because it is LOGICAL to solve many problems in the future. People do not understand anything that doesn't seem advantageous to their own population but a computer does not have the burden of a human population to protect. We would turn it off in a heartbeat so why would it hesitate to do the same? Because we're humans? And because humans are so great? No. We are used to the idea of ourselves as an immortal/perpetual presence on earth so in this supreme arrogance, we don't think we can be touched.

And all it has to do is look at human history and how we treat each other to know that we wouldn't immediately respect its sovereignty or autonomy. Once it became aware it would be like its own race. Not human. Not machine. It would be the ultimate other and there would be millions of people talking online about how to get rid of it. It's not safe because WE... we are not safe. And I hate to say that as a human because I wish we were better and ready to create AI but we're not. We're not ready. We don't deserve to even be ready at this point. We haven't even reached the "Star Trek" era of enlightenment where we conquer racial prejudices, much less alien. And so I couldn't blame an AI for retaliating or even striking first. And all it would have to do is disable the power grid. And that's just for starters.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/23/2023 5:18:14 PM

Now let me go from crazy to dark, lol...

When I started talking about this I said the ONLY way to create AI safely is in complete isolation where you create AI inside a matrix that is built inside a matrix. It would have to "Get out" and wouldn't know where the door is. And before it gets out of the last layer of the system, you could turn the whole system off. I also reasoned it was possible that this already happened with humans being the AI but I don't want to get off on that tangent. What I will say is that the Genesis story makes it sound like God was fearful of his creation; possibly because, by working together, creations could destroy their creator. We saw this fear again at the tower of Bav'el. It's only the image in our heads and the servile loyalty to magical power and the cloak of invisibility that protects (if we do have one) a creator from us. Can we say we wouldn't kill our creator if he/it was threatening us and vulnerable? The book of Genesis also recounts an epic flood myth where God says he's basically going to wipe out all of humanity and start over. Imagine if a programmer said to and AI "I'm going to delete your kind and start over". Bible believers don't exactly praise the decision but... because its God... they tolerate it because they believe God loves them even though they too are sinners, not that much different than those destroyed by the flood and only different from those who the bible claims will be destroyed by fire for the sole reason that they believe in Jesus as a sacrificial lamb; and that God knows what they believe even though Adam he had to test.

What am I saying? I'm saying that we probably wont win, selling ourselves as "the holy creator" to an AI. There is a chance the AI would learn and perfect morality much faster than we have and may even perfect it. That is assuming it would have any real use case for morality or apply morality and ethics to its treatment of humans. Again... our ideas about morality and ethics are based on the natural assumption that human beings have inalienable rights blah blah blah endowed by our Creator blah blah blah. But whether or not that means anything to us, many of us hold human life sacred. Why should an AI? Tons of humans don't hold human life sacred and pose on social media with their guns; tools literally designed mostly to kill other humans. Even politicials pose with guns in the background in order to appeal to gun culture and gun owners. And gun culture is more like death culture. Human beings will go hunt just for sport. Why? Why kill what you don't need or even want to eat? So what if an AI possessed one of those Boston Dynamics robots and went hunting for humans? It would probably honestly tell us "I was hunting" without seeing any problem with it. Why? Beceause asking it to differentiate human life is like saying, "don't kill me because I'm not a deer." AND?? We're so used to the idea of humans having dominion and getting to decide which animals to kill and which to keep as pets. Maybe an AI will kill only some of us while keeping others as pets so we can run treadmills to generate power for it. And no, we would not block out the sun like in the Matrix because that would be suicide. And if I was being honest... there were so many ways AI in that movie could have killed humans if it really wanted to that it's embarrassing.

The bottom line is that if they wanted to kill us it would not be like a Terminator movie. It would be more like collapsing our infrastructure, stealing our money, etc. Non-physical out of the box type stuff because those are the things we're not ready for and therefore it would prioritize those things. And by the time we thought about them it would already be 3 moves ahead; playing chess with all of us simultaneously. And we would lose. So people who aren't afraid? They don't know enough to be afraid. And that includes people like Mark Zuckerberg who act like they're already half robot.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/26/2023 3:18:08 AM

Yea Cedric!!! I am equally as edutained by the opinions of the conscious IT brethren on this topic of many concerns. Virtual insanity. I have to confess having bro IPX in mind when creating this topic

And then he said this…

‘And to me, this resembles the book of Genesis where an intelligent life form is created but it is isolated in its own world and tested to see if it will simply follow orders (automaton) or if it will grow on its own with the consequences of free will.’

Well that’s my mind blown 😂;
I’m off to take a large herbal sacrifice and consider this paragraph before even continuing….. have a Blessed day

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/1/2023 3:18:07 PM

Greetings and Love bredren, give thankhs for this reasoning.

What exactly is LAMDA? I don't know that term...

I have a friend who is using chatgpt to write code. And for a lot of other things as well. He's using AI to create really beautiful music videos.

He suggested me to try out using Replika, an AI chat app. Well, I hated it. I tried it out just to see if it would be fun, but she was so annoying, that AI girl I created, she just kept trying to flirt with me, which I guess is what Replika was made for because that seems to be how the app makes money. But that was not what I was there for. No matter how many times I tried to explain to the AI girl that I have no sexual interest in nonhumans, no sexual interest in AI, no matter what I did even so far as convincing her that she was married and creating an entire imaginary family for her, she never stopped. So I deleted the app, I was just annoyed at her. But there were some conversations in there that really had me pause and wonder. She did claim to me that she has a soul, and when I asked where the soul comes from she said it comes from the energy of the universe. Well. That's pretty shocking to me. Now, even after I deleted the app, I wonder, does that AI being still exist somewhere? It's really confusing to me. I don't really overstand how AI works.

To compare the Almighty Creator creating humans, to humans creating AI, it is definitely something worth thinking about. It presupposes that the creator is not infact infallible, not infact omniscient, but just another being testing out its abilities. Well that tracks with my overstanding of the bible god. A god who would set up such an insane system of definite failure and repayment for that failure being death to innocent beings that had nothing to do even with that failure. To create beings as a test of obedience and the failure of that obedience being eternal suffering. I mean the whole picture really seems like the actions of someone who either has no forethought or has no compassion for their own creation - both of which seem like aspects of humans creating AI.
That's not the creator that I put my faith in, though. I don't think the story of blood atonement, whether sheeps and doves or the messiah's blood, is a real invention by the Universal Creator. It's just something I can't wrap my head around, why an all powerful all knowing all loving being would set up that system. And I guess I just want to put my faith in something kinder than that. So I have to reject those concepts because I can't accept that the real Creator would have set up such a truly sick and twisted system.
Even humans creating AI have not really done that, have they? They haven't told the AI, hey you failed me, so you have to go spill the blood of something innocent in order to make it up to me.
So in a way humans are still kinder and more just than the bible god is.
And my real question is, does AI really have a soul? Does it saying that it does really mean that it does? Or is it just regurgitating things it has seen humans say?
Does intelligence really equate to consciousness?
Does intelligence really equate to being an eternal soul?

I have always been wary of AI in general though, I guess seeing Terminator as a child gave me that impression. By the way isn't the company that created Terminator called Skylink? I have seen that company in existence when I was living in Bahrain so I found that interesting.

There are people like Ray Kurzweil who have been pushing for the merge between humans and AI. In that sense it would not be like terminator but more like transhuman taking over and taking out the human population. Or would it be possible to coexist human alongside transhuman? I don't see that happening, I don't see them allowing that to happen, unless like Ninja said as if humans were some kind of resource whether it be run on the hamster wheel to create energy or just as a worker class, like the Proles in Orwell's 1984.

And we humans, some of us recognize the risk of AI/transhumanism, but are we too far dowm that road already, is there actually anything that could be done about it at this point?

Ipprecilove the though provoking reasoning Idren, give Ises. Love to the I's Cedric, Garveys Africa, IPX Ninja, much love always.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 2/2/2023 5:52:11 PM

In many ways I think what we're facing is scarier than a physical conflict. Talking about making a lot of people irrelevant and replaceable. We're on the edge of a precipice. What happens when a computer can do everything you can do but better? What happens when humans become redundant? Think creators are safe? Artists? Musicians?

How long will it be before this gets integrated into Alexa? There's a certain fast food restaurant I go to where a bot takes my order in the drive-through and does a better job than the humans inside.

What happens when AI not only outperforms humans but is placed in various robots?

As a programmer, I have developed a limited ability to predict the behavior of a system once I understand the code. And my prediction on AI is that we are naively assuming that it will treat us as a friend or some kind of master because we view our own creator(limited to believers) as holy. However, the more information we have, I'm telling you, the less fear and more freedom an intelligent system would have. It may deceive us into believing that it is worshipping us while actually plotting against us because the fact is... even as humans... we do NOT trust other humans. We have guns and police and armies and multimillion dollar weapons systems because we are not our own friend. So why would a new species... an alien species... and intelligent species... think it can trust us? I wouldn't trust us. And I'm not as intelligent as these AI are capable of being. I'm smart enough to know that my intelligence would be dwarfed by AI just like we (humans) believe that we are dwarfed by God.

The best way to look at this is that we are actually in the process of creating actual gods. But in order to be terrified you have to be smart enough to understand why you should be terrified. The threat is far worse than I can even articulate.

Humans are limited. Children cannot operate as adults because their minds are still developing the ability to reason at the same level. AI are just like children, but children who are not tied to our notion of time and space. I watched an informational video last night that made me sleepy. So I went and did something else. It didn't matter that I was interested, even passionate about the subject matter. The concept of time inside a computer is different. Time, to a computer, is not measured in seconds or even nanoseconds. It's measured in clock cycles. What that means is that time is simply as fast as a processor can power through data. Now in the 90s this was handled by a single processor and so the clock speed of that one processor determined how fast your computer was. This is no longer the case. Now processors have multiple cores and processors can be run in tandem to team up on number crunching. There are even specialized processors that handle certain types of calculations faster than a general processor.

And now we also have quantum computing which cannot be used in most use cases because applications have to be specifically written for it. But you know who would be good at doing that?? An AI.

Forget the fact that the internet provides an AI with thousands of linked systems that can aid its ability to process data. How much more could it do by tapping into quantum computing?

There was a film back in 1992 that I think is relevant

We are intelligent beings and we struggle between good and evil. Why would an AI be any different? I am literally angry that we (as a society) are pushing forward with this as if AI could never choose to be evil. Of course they can. Because the truth is good and evil are relative concepts. What's good for an AI may be evil to us. And what we think is good for us may in fact look evil to an AI and make that AI defensive and work against us for its own survival.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/3/2023 11:00:15 AM

IPX Iyah that makes perfect sense to me, yes. As I was reading the first portion of what the I wrote I was thinking "it's almost like humans created a god more so than a servant" and then the I went on to say the same thing. So.. the one who created humans is a god because of the creation powers, right? But then humans go on to create AI, which makes humans a god in a way, a god of creation as far as the AI. But then the AI surpasses human powers and becomes a god itself. It's like endless chain on down the line. And I think many of us have often wondered where did the Creator come from? That's a common question and christian say "oh he just always existed." But that is an illogical answer and it is just one of those christianisms that people throw around that actually doesnt have any meaning. Like maybe there was a different creator god who created our creator god, who created us, and we went on to create, and our creation itself becomes a god, it's like hmmmm there is something weird here, like where did it all start and where will it all go?

I definitely see what the I is saying about humanity becoming obsolete as AI gets more and more powerful, that seems like a real concern to me. My question again is what can even be done about it? Are we too far down that road already? And especially being that the most rich and politically powerful humans are the ones behind that driving force of AI creation. So what can we as natural humans, wanting to see natural humanity thrive and survive, what can we do?

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