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My Philosophy

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/4/2022 12:23:43 AM

My Philosophy: Part 1

Is it possible to hold, store, preserve my personal philosophy In and Around me? Pictographs, hieroglyphics of the past and modern day. Graffiti, symbols, statues, art, architecture, music, poetry..
Ones philosophy shapes their environment as the environment influences and shapes ones philosophy. Fear and anxiety flee from the presence of the one who life by this code, written and carved, written in ones book of life, carved and painted into the mind and soul as messages of wisdom carved and painted onto stone so many thousands of years ago. Philosophy's as real today as they were then. A way that time cannot destroy, nor languages change.

Sing a song so you can sing out of your heart, sing out, chant out a song from Ethiopia, a positive vibration from the roots Creation, pour forth life from the source, overflow with joy from the Creator as a fresh water spring. Be Creative as you develop. Be creative and evolve. Unroll the scriptures from within to be read, unfold the letter from JAH you are. For you are delivered! Redeemed, so be free, turn with the seasons, refine yourself, purify, remove the dross from the gold, like spring and autumn, the fading and the flourishing.
Our Creator Lives and Stands beyond the moon and stars, beyond time and space- yet, breathing life into it continually. Saturating all with His Breath and his Spirit.
we are made in gods image and can relate with him more than all that is in time and space and temporal. Our souls are eternal, and to be eternal is the only way to move through time and space confidently.

Love, being key to our relationships on earth, is Eternal. Love transcends time. Yet, love breathes life into time- into people.
Miracles transcend the laws of time and space, operating higher up the ladder of reality, the laws of nature have no dominion over them.
Miracles and the mystical are necessary to remind us of a life beyond five sense observation.
There is a spiritual life and world intertwined with the natural though infinitely greater. for example, look at the fullness of the known light spectrum compared to the visible light spectrum.
Science and technology probe all they can into these realms but surely have a limited view and experience... Don't we know we are the greatest technology?! Father-Mother-Child are the ultimate technology and power on Earth and in The Heavens...To who will inherit Mount Zion, Who do the Angels serve and Work with?

The humble and the disciplined will inherit Earth- the meek will inherit the Earth. Not bullies, but righteous guardians, soldiers of JAH, Souls of JAH- made in His Image and Likeness just as the light of Queen Omega is reflected in all Her Daughtas.
That which was present at the beginning of All That Is, is present with us now. And, even if it don't appear so- JAH RUNS THINGS

Sizzla Kalonji- JAH RUNS THINGS

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/10/2022 12:46:29 AM

Part 2

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. And, the wisdom of love, the intelligence of DNA, of a tree knowing how to grow from a seed, how to take water and minerals and build up in The Way, how animals know where and where to migrate, how all attunes itself to the seasons, day and night, sun and moon and stars. To think that the natural world came out of chaos and not from a Divine Blueprint (JAH Vision) Wisdom, and Law and Word and Commandment and a foolish idea.

Angels- unseen forces are in us and around us, our soul, our mind, our inner most I, the inner man the inner woman, God in the Heavens above and within the Kingdom within. Omnipresent. The God Head flows to all through the heights of higher beings we are to have relationship with...though gone in flesh still alive and present. Each of us has a capacity to hold space and have relationship and communion with the most high and the saints and angels in Zion. We carry our ancestors with us, how we carry depends on our free will. We carry the Commandments within us, every individual is like the Arc of The Covenant. or Noah's Arc. Arc in Hebrew means chest, and you my friend are a treasure chest with treasures that can not be lost or stolen or rust....To who has, more will be given.
As the natural world life grows so does the life in the spiritual world.
For anyone to believe humans are supreme is suicide as it brings denial of all that is Greater than humanity. ( We obviously need assistance.)
What brings meaning to a man or woman is a reality greater than them alone yet includes them in that Eternal Glory. Angels, known as messengers, deliver the messages we need in day to day life giving a higher perspective and meaning from the Throne of The King of Kings.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/10/2022 1:03:52 AM

Angels- Dezarie

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