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empress natural solutions -flowers

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Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/2/2022 11:52:26 PM


seeking natural solutions for your flowers , try a bean bag pillow for aches and pains. If you are in the hills or don't have a microwave ,these can be heated in the sun for a few hours to warm them up and then you can place them on your abdomen or back .

knix p.p.
Ive been watching reviews online about this , this is a very cost efficient way to reduce your waste output during this time. They can be washed by hand .We want t order them to see what is the most natural way to wash them , without soap that has chemical additives .such as the eco strips dissolved in a basin of water then scrub and hang to dry. or maybe lemon water .By washing the centre with some lemon and baking soda .Try apple cider vinegar too .Let me know if you want me to come back and let you know how it goes.

these are great they recommend that you boil them before use , Diva cup is good it comes with a natural wash . The only thing is it gets on your hands during removal and insert.A good wash with a spout bottle on the region to remove any freshness is nice. Maybe some rose water mixed with water 1:2 parts to make you feel fresh.It may take some time for you to find your size and one that works for you.also he position that you are working with. One leg up is great some like to sit to insert and squat to remove.ALways wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

free flowing
Kingman lets her free flow at times , I say do this when you know you are smelling sweetest/cleanest , you know when its not a strong scent. If you stay home and take care of the home duties this is great to just release all the stress and the toxins .but rather a time to just rest and not do much expect take care of yourself and your beauty. locs/Hair bun ,naked flow onto some black towels on the bed ,more showers during the day .not overkill not to dry out the skin.some raw shea butter to moisturize after the shower . or onto some panties if your up and moving around. This is a time for love and peace and understanding and some would say separation but chime in with your thoughts.

There are some organics that can be used and flushed these will break down into the system ,if they are not flushable they will block up the system.THese organics can be buried if out but the more natural and discreet solutions are above .Let I know if you have any more ideas.

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/3/2022 12:07:07 AM

healthy loving treatment

some chocolate is good not only for the brain but for the body to reduce stress and release feel good hormones

a warm shower can be used to relax the muscles

flower petals in the bath with some coconut milk powder and candles to relax

olive oil rub

love yourself during this time.its no place for sorrows and misery .If you have babies , just wait until they are in bed

a mani and pedi is nice the skin is soft after a soak

some nail polishes have chemicals and not everyone like the smell .try a natural one or just go bare and use a polisher.Its like a rectangular board with 4 sides to polish the nails to leave them shiny. rub some sweet alomond oil onto the hand and feet after if you prefer.

doing your hair and prepare for the month ahead. Some like it natty Congo bongo some like it well manicure. either way take time and make it secure

some soft music in your room or listen to the iration


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/3/2022 10:16:57 AM

Solutions for menstrual issues and the pain surrounding them. These are important issues, yes I.

Instead of a bean or rice bag, I use either a hot water heating pad or an electrical one that my Kingman gave to me. Funny because I always prefer the non electric but now I have the electric one it is really a lot easier for me when I am in pain, I don't have to go downstairs and heat the water.

Acupuncture! I cannot say enough about it. My beautiful wise acupuncturist has saved my life so many times over. She provided me with a tincture made from I think peach pit and some Chinese herbs, and it helps a lot with pain. And the needling itself really does work on varieties of ailments! I love my acupuncturist. She knows how to address both physical and emotional pain that comes with menstruation when a woman is wanting to have a child.

If you are not trying to have a baby, the emotions that go along with a moontime are not so bad, maybe some women have a shorter fuse. But it can be truly devastating for a woman suffering infertility. It's an anguish that all too many of us know. And it's not easy to survive it sometimes. I try and put on a really random funny show that will distract me - absolutely nothing including a baby. Hug my fluffy dog. Cry if I have to.
Olive branch you said it is not a time for sorrow, but if sorrow is what a woman feels then she must have the space to feel it. Tears are prayers, if a woman cries for her sorrow one day she will cry for her joy also. This is life and there is no reason to pretend there are no sad times in life.

Motherwort is an herb that can be taken short term to reduce depression especially these issues of PMS, post partum depression, etc. I have taken it after one of my pregancy losses, and I do think it helped a lot, in comparison to the other losses. I take it in tincture form.

Ganja is an extremely effective herb for both pain and sadness that comes with moontime. Smoking, yes. CBD rub on the belly, yes. Tea, yes.

Willow bark can be found in tincture or capsule and this is a natural pain reliever and it thins the blood which can allow the menstruation to finish more easily and completely. Willow bark is what they make aspirin out of, it is just the whole plant form of that medicine.

Yoga can be very helpful. Do not do any inverted poses - we want the blood flowing down and out, not up and in. Back bends which make space in the abdomen and allow extreme blood flow to the area are so beneficial. Camel pose and wheel pose are my favorites.

Eating light during moontime has helped me a lot. Smoothies and soups - liquids. It means the intestines don't get bulked up, which causes pain as the intestines press against the uterus. Avoiding any inflammatory foods such as gluten or legumes during this time will also help reduce pain. Sister Iylah on Rastawifeline has a juice recipe for Womb Juice including I think carrots, beats, turmeric, ginger, and lemon. I don't think the carrots are vital in that recipe, I have had success using the same with apples instead, or oranges. The beets, turmeric and ginger are most important I think.

If a woman is having extreme pain or extreme bleeding or anything that is debilitating to her functioning in life, or having infertility - SEE A DOCTOR PLEASE. And don't let them just give you pain meds and send you home. Demand ultrasounds or tests to get to the root of your problem. These can be clues of larger issues and both individuals and doctors tend to ignore them because "periods are painful." But they really don't have to be.

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/3/2022 10:00:37 PM

Love it

The acupuncture sounds divine <3 thanks for sharing it would be nice to hear from some other sistahs<3

Those are great tips

Messenger: Olivebranch Sent: 5/3/2022 10:00:38 PM

Love it

The acupuncture sounds divine <3 thanks for sharing it would be nice to hear from some other sistahs<3

Those are great tips

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