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Ridiculous Technology

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/13/2022 11:58:09 AM

if you're interested and you want to try this you know how to contact me.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 4/13/2022 10:12:05 PM

Bless Up IPXninja,

Give thanks for recognizing I abilities. I man like a baby with knowledge of computers so InI are even haha

Very good idea. I man have some ideas already about this.

I think one could use a pump that already runs off 12 volts like a small car fuel pump or a small boat bilge pump. That way it wouldn't have to be converted from AC and could run off a battery. It could also work in a place without electricity.

Also, I man not too sure about hydroponics but maybe the water wouldn't have to run continuously. Like maybe it could be controlled by timers or only turned on when one is sitting in the presence of the garden. Just thinking about ways to maybe save battery power.

I dont know a lot about 3D printing but cant a digital eye scan a thing and print it out exactly as is? So maybe it could be cool to make a wood prototype but incorporate a pvc coupler at top and bottom so it could still have a more natural looking shape for the prototype but when the digital eye reads it and prints it out of pvc or new healthy plastic or hemp resin or something, it would have a much more natural look to it. I think that would be much easier than trying to carve a natural looking shape into a pvc pipe.

But I sight the method shown in the video is a good way to create a standing garden from cheap materials with easy to find tools.

Give thanks Iah, I will check this more and Iditate on solutions

HIM Haile Selassie I Build the First

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/14/2022 12:41:14 PM

So, if I understand correctly, and my knowledge on this is very limited...

the pump could be better by not requiring AC conversion.

Battery -> Pump

It could still have a plug to an outlet (because I think the whole system should be modular to fit people's needs, even the ability to daisy chain multiple vertical towers to 1 outlet) if that's what the person wants.

A/C -> Battery -> Pump

Also, I agree that the water doesn't have to be running constantly. I'm not sure if it could be easily programmed like this but maybe the trigger is a motion sensor but then it has a timer to run for X time after the last time it ran. That way the time and the trigger can co-exist.

There are different ways now to capture a 3D model. And as well there are always many 3D models that exist and could be modified for this purpose.

but something more like this actually...

What would be really smooth is if the base had some kind of crystal formations. That may be like a version 3.0 type of thing but...

some interchangeable modules could include
small gems...

amber would make a lot of sense since it comes from trees.

And crystals could provide some nice lighting effects.

But one of the main points is just that modular nature where someone could get just the functional pieces, or they could get pieces that they can paint themselves like a DIY project, or pieces that are 3D printed and they paint, or pieces already painted. The ability to mix and match and plug in different sections could mean each person could have a unique and stylish garden that matches their personality.

Printing with Hemp? Yeah, I think we can do that.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 4/23/2022 5:02:21 PM

Peace and Love ones & ones,

Good reasonings on the forum lately, give thanks bredren and sistren.

Big Ups to this inventor from Zimbabwe, who has created a free energy device that runs off radio frequencies in the air. He has made a generator and has also made a device that can power tvs with free energy, off grid. Seems he's also inventing (invented?) cars and helicopters that use this technology.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/25/2022 2:30:05 PM


Thank you for posting this!!

Yeah, I had heard something about Maxwell Chikumbutso years ago, so long that I forgot about him. And that's sad because that shows how ideas travel and how they are aided by $$$. Therefore, if people starve an idea of $$$ they can limit the reach of that idea. The only way to combat that is by grassroots, spreading that idea around. Because you never know who will hear it; maybe someone who can help move it a little bit further.

But yes, I feel like Maxwell Chikumbutso has a natural genius. And people wanted to discounted because of the lack of formal education but that can be a great thing! Because he wasn't biased to look down the same path as others.

But it makes sense to me. If LIGHT can power devices, light being energy, light being on the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation...

RF, "radio frequencies", are also on the electromagnetic spectrum and therefore radio frequencies should also be able to power equipment. IN college I had an idea I wrote in a book about transferring energy to homes via microwaves. Similar. Not the same.

But ideas like this were what the fictional city Wakanda were based on. Being able to harness energy is what virtually all technology is based on. So we shouldn't demonize technology but rather figure out ways to make it greener and safer for both us and our environment.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 5/6/2022 11:36:41 PM

Maxwell Chikumbutso, a natural genius for sure. I think inventors like him can, and have in ancient times, build cities like Wakanda. Ancient scriptures speak about highly advanced technological cities and inventions. The Srimad Bhagavatam, for example, has stories of aircrafts, spaceships and even intergalactic space traveling cities.

From those scriptures and other writings around the world, InI also read stories about advanced knowledge of word sound power, such as the use of mantras and incantations. Iman sight that there were ancient peoples who had advanced knowledge and use of magnetics. They had more overstanding about both sound and magnetics, than people have today.

Here's a youth who is building cars from scratch. He's working on making a vehicle that can travel on land, air, and water. Another natural genius truly:

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 5/7/2022 11:19:51 AM

Bless Up Jahcub I!

Good to hear from the I! Thanks for sharing the videos. I man interested in these types of technology so I will have to check out the videos when I have some more time.

Big Up the inventors!

Haile Selassie I the Head Inventor

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 6/30/2022 10:12:59 AM

One Perfect Love Cedric!
I have meant to hail you up brotha and to post more in this thread... Well all in good time I guess haha. I'll post some more green tech videos soon! I've found some amazing ocean cleaners and water harvesting videos and some other goods.

JAH Love and Guidance

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 6/30/2022 10:32:18 AM

@ IPXninja

Thanks for starting this thread and sharing. InI can do much good with technology, as long as it is both built and works in harmony with nature. And there are many inventors/engineers doing just that.

Make good use. Let's go beyond making things sustainable, to making things regenerative. Let's restore our beautiful home, Mama Earth.

Haile Blessed

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/30/2022 2:19:45 PM

Love to see these kind of useful and progress making reasoning.
Thankhs and Ises beloveds

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