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Get Up Stand Up For Your Rights Don't Give Up The Fight

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 3/13/2022 11:26:28 PM

Get up stand for your rights and fight for freedom. I and I see many of our brothers and sisters which are black not fighting against this slavery. Many are being tricked into slavery again. Many are suffocating from wearing slave muzzles the whole day. This suffering causes the slave not to breathe fresh air. Many, because of wanting things, become slaves and wear the slave muzzle. Many, because, their life is not good, joins with the slave masters and works for them. But not many can stand up against this slavery. Not many can fight for freedom. Not many are standing up for liberty. Not many are fighting for our rights. Join the fight for liberty and protest against the slavery. These rich companies that are enforcing the mask and poison mandates have investments from the slave masters of old. The slave masters of 400 years have not just disappeared. The Nazis and the Democrats are the same. There is no democracy. Democracy was just another lie to trick black people into slavery again. How many of our kings and princes, queens and princesses have these tyrants killed? They have reintroduced slavery. And many have fallen into their trap and are becoming fully slaves. Stand up for your rights, if you still have any. Fight for freedom. These rich men that have invested in most companies are enforcing slavery where you don't have any rights. 400 years of the same philosophy. They have reintroduced slavery and people are getting more deeper trapped into this philosophy the same way black men and women got enslaved years ago. Yes I you want a better life, but it doesn't mean that because of wanting things from buying and selling that the I them need to wear a slave muzzle. Look at all the slaves in this modern world. Look at all the slaves Babylon has working for them in their companies that the slave masters of old invested in. Look at all the dumb people wearing slave muzzles and proud to be a slave. Because of wanting material things people are so easily weakened to be made slaves. People are weakened to give their rights away to become slaves. Why do so many like to become slaves? Why do so many black people like to be slaves? Why do so many black people wear slave muzzles? Did you not just learn 400 years of your history? Why do you give in so easily without putting up a fight? These are the same slave masters of old. The same slave masters of 400 years still have investments in all of these modern day companies. All these people who work for these slave masters have to give up their freedom and rights and become a slave to their system and have to wear the slave muzzle. It is so easy to see how someone is a slave. Look at them wearing a slave muzzle. They don't have the courage to brake free from the slave muzzle. Everyday they must wear the slave muzzle. People can't breathe because of this inhuman treatment of slaves in our modern day society. The very few rich men of this world have enslaved our black brothers and sisters. They are forcing them to wear the slave muzzle. They are forcing them to not have any rights or say. No one is putting up a fight trying to brake free from the slavery. Everyone is just happy to be a slave with their slave muzzles on. Wake up! Stand up for your rights! Fight for freedom! Blessed

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Haile Selassie I