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Polydactyl aka extra digits

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/17/2021 10:33:30 PM

What do the I's think about polydactyly... just a genetic deformity? Or a genetic echo from a race that had more than five fingers or toes?

I think its interesting how many of the ancient statues in the world show six toes, six or seven fingers, etc. It makes me wonder, was there a race of humans or human-like who had more than the "ten fingers ten toes"? The nephilim mentioned in the bible, maybe?

Most people born with polydactyly cannot use their extra digits. But some can! This fascinates me...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/18/2021 4:21:21 AM

I notice its common in animals... Dogs for example often cant use their backleg dewclaw if they have one

Think its more common in humans than we visibly see and probably usually corrected surgically after birth

As the owner of 2 half to three quarter length digits on my left hand, and being the only family member in i (short) traceable family with such... Id have to say genetic variant. I used to tell mama she should have eased off the ganja a likkle while pregnant😂;;;

As it turns out the digits themselves are still functional and have an abnormally high pain threshold which has its uses.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/18/2021 10:15:22 AM

Give thankhs Garveys Afrika! That is super interesting the I have a extra digits also. The reason I am thinking about this so much is because my Kingman also was born with extra pinky fingers, one on each hand. But as the I said, his mom elected to have them removed. As he and I move closer and closer to achieving parenthood, I wonder and wish that my children will be born with extra digits, because it seems like such an interesting genetic trait that hints at millions of years of unknown history and mythology which might in fact be true. I joke (semi serious joke) with I King that he is a god, because the ancient gods so often had extra digits. Of course he is a god either way, by virtue of being a righteous man. By the way my King is Jamaican, is the I also Jamaican GA? I would be interested to know if polydactyly is more common in Jamaica? His mom never smoked ganja by the way so it couldnt be that! Hahaha
Give thankhs again Iyah for the reply, very interesting subject.

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