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A new rasta and the bible

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Messenger: Jeffrey Di Lion Sent: 12/6/2021 7:42:14 PM

Greetings to all
I am new to Rastafari and I don't quite know where to start.

I also feel that I don't know why the Bible plays such a big role. Can you guide I about the origin of di bible? I have some questions about it.

Why is the bible so special and sacred other than other books? How is it important more than Haile Selassie used it and some of the stories in it take place in Africa? Voodoo spirituality also takes place in Africa.
Why do you keep the nazarite? Do you also keep the promises that you must not eat grapes and garlic? and why?
In the end it’s just a book written by human right?

Where would you suggest I'll start from if im to know what Rastafari really is? I feel like I'm rasta, but mi nah feel like I can represent it if someone asks me what rasta is.
Right now a lot of confusion still a gwan inna I

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/6/2021 11:26:59 PM

Greetings Jeffrey I

I for one not really into bible - I was, then I moved past it. There are plenty Rasta who burn bible and Mutabaruka is a great one to watch his videos and take note of his wisemind on the subject.

If asked to define Rastafari - by someone who knows absolutely nothing other than Bob Marley and ganja - I will tell people "Rastafari is about the glorification of Africa and the liberation of African people, and the reverence of Haile Selassie I Emperor of Ethiopia." Of course it's an over simplification, but it's a place to start.

I think many here will agree with the I, on the value of Vodou, of Ifa, of Kemetic Mystery System, of the African spiritual systems that existed before christianity and islam.

While I don't follow the nazarite vow as described in the Torah, I do think of Iself as nazarine or nazarite because the meaning of the word "nazir" is "separate" or, not part of mainstream society. Ostracized and self-ostracized from society, I think the term does fit. Personally, I do most of those things mentioned in the vow, aside from avoiding grapes. My thought process on this comes from extrapolation of other bible stories which illustrate that there was some GMO occurring with grapes at that time - which makes sense because wine was the main drink for all humans at that time, and making larger grapes would be an obvious economic plus. Think of the story of the Israelite spies seeing Canaanites carrying a vine of grapes between two men - this shows there was something abnormal happening with grapes in agriculture at the time. Just to be clear, though, I don't think the nazarite vow even mentions garlic at all - pretty sure that avoiding garlic is a hindu practice. The scripture does, however, mention murdering pidgeons and other animals, and shaving the head at the beginning and the end of the term of the vow - none of which I have ever heard any Rasta doing. So I'm not sure any Rasta are actually following the nazarite vow to the specific instructions!

JAH guide

Messenger: Jeffrey Di Lion Sent: 12/7/2021 3:33:58 AM

Wow thank you!

to me it sounds weird that you could make GMOs back then, but I will check up
Jah bless yuh soul

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/7/2021 9:35:36 AM

Idren, modern science still cannot explain how many of the monuments in Africa, central America, Pacific Islanda, Micronesia, Asia, etc., were built, nor replicate. Contrary to modern archaelogical opinion, it is obvious from evidenc left all around the world that humans were transnavigating the planet from thousands of years ago. The Dogon tribe in Mali has been aware of Sirius B for hundreds of years before westerners "discovered" the star. Were they using telescopes? There is much about the ancient world that we still don't know. It seems perfectly plausible to me that, in light of building massive megalithic structures apparently using some kind of levitation, some selective breeding or even genetic splicing using more technological methods could have been implemented in the ancient world! Anyways, I am of the opinion that the scriptures were written for logical reasons at that time, and I can't think of another reason why all grape anything would be so forbidden for people who want to be pure, especially considering the other contextual clues.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 12/7/2021 10:37:18 AM

One Perfect Love,

That is interesting about the GMO grapes sistren, give thanks for the scripture on that. I never read that the nazarite stay away from garlic either and I only new about Vishnavas (Hare Krisnas) not dealing with garlic, and ninjas haha. However I was reasoning with the Honorable Priest Isaac, some months ago, and he told I that the Bobo Ashanti don't eat garlic or onion either.

Jeffery Di Lion, there are lots of threads on this site about RastafarI and the Ible. Do a topic search and the I can read many reasons about it.

JAH Love and Guidance

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 12/7/2021 11:49:13 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Jeffrey Di Lion, I man think it is important to take time and be introspective to find the answers to all the questions the I asks. InI should build a strong foundation to represent and share Rastafari Livity. Sounds like the I has a good start! This forum is a good place to reason I think. As for where to start, I always injoy reading the words of HIM Haile Selassie I. At the beginning of I trod it was essential for I reawakening, and I still find wisdom in HIM’s words and learn things from HIM today.

JAH Child, I overstanding of the scripture is that any one who takes the Nazarite vow should refrain from wine or strong drink. The avoidance of grapes or anything “from the vine” (tomatoes?) is because of the slim possibility that the grape could be picked too late and fermented on the vine, being similar to strong drink. I think it would take a lot of fermented-on-the-vine grapes to feel the same effect as wine, but I don’t know. I find it interesting that it is almost like a CYA legal requirement on the bibles part haha, In case any Nazarite would find the loophole and avoid wine and strong drink but still ferment all their grapes on the vine and get drunk that way. Also interesting that because tomatoes had not been “discovered” yet, that they are not included in the scripture. A sign to I that ultimately the bible is an important tool and historical document, but not the definitive words of JAH.

I do think it is very important that InI not confuse GMO language.

A plant that is selectively bred to show certain qualities is not GMO.

An organism that has been genetically spliced in a lab to create something that can not be found in nature is GMO.

In today’s babylon they are now patenting their Frankenstein GMO creations, to further subject InI to their greed and destruction. If a plant, cell, seed, womb, can be patented, it is a GMO. Corn with shellfish genetics should not exist, yet mankind has decided to go there.

Selectively bred crops are unnatural in the sense that InI humans have helped them come to existence, but InI did not have to genetically splice them in a test tube to create them. JAH ultimately brought a selectively bred plant to creation through InI farmers who were created in JAH image.

If InI want to reason about ancient cultures using advanced technology or the possibility of certain plants/animals in existence today being genetically modified into existence, InI should be aware that the hypothetical existence of GMOs in ancient times is a different discussion than the reality that InI live in today of corporations literally patenting the womb and subjecting InI to their hateful exploitation.

Empress Menen I and HIM Haile Selassie I Love

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/8/2021 9:46:04 AM

Beloved Idren.. nice reasonings everyone
JAHcub I wasnt aware of that, the Bobo Ashanti avoiding garlic and onion. Curious about that because I really felt I saw Priest Kailash cooking with some garlic, but maybe I'm wrong. Interested to know why. I've heard some say that eating food from under the ground brings a low vibration, so they dont eat any roots including onions, potatoes, etc. I've also heard some say that if you eat food from a vine your mind will wander like the vine wanders everywhere. I don't really believe any of that... could be wrong but I have not seen the evidence of that.

Cedric, I thought about that too, as a reason not to eat grapes, that they might use it as a loophole to get drunk. But then why the grape leaves? As far as I know, grape leaves don't make wine. Yet it's clear, no grape nothing at all, at all, at all.
The scripture in english says "anything from the vine tree." So that might refer to tomatoes, right? But in Hebrew, it refers specifically to the wine vine, it says מ;ִ;ג;ּ;ֶ;פ;ֶ;ן; ה;ַ;י;ּ;ַ;י;ִ;ן; which means, the wine vine. So I think it's referring there to the grape vine specifically, and not tomato vine or squash or melon or any other vine fruit. Again I might be wrong, but looking at the Hebrew I interpret this as meaning only the grape.
I think it's perfectly plausible that ancient cultures were able to practice genetic splicing in a laboratory. Prehistory is very murky, there are all kinds of myths that probably stem from reality and down the centuries people have come to believe them to be myth when they were really true stories. The story of Atlantis, the story of the Bahagavad Gita. There are people who suspect that Noah's Ark was really a genetic bank, because there is no physical way to house and feed and support that many live animals on a boat of that size. There was a lot going on thousands of years ago that we don't overstand right now. Maybe these things will come to be known in our future. But from looking at the big picture, I think it's very possible for ancient people to have had those technologies.
Regardless, there are some who even say that selective breeding or hybrid plants are not good for consumption. Dr Sebi advised against hybrid plants like carrots. So even if it was not GMO, even if it was selective breeding, there is still a case there to say maybe it was not the healthiest choice to eat any grapes products at all.

All of this, though, still debates the nazarite vow and how to carry it out, which is not even a necessity as far as Rastafari goes, because the whole rest of the vow, about sacrificing pidgeons and lambs, burning their hair at the end of the vow- Rasta don't do that. So why fulfill half of the vow and not the other half? It makes more sense to me that I&I live in healthy natural ways regardless of what the Torah says.

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