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Messenger: Bongo meca Sent: 11/26/2021 8:30:38 AM

would you say that pliving in the west makes you materialistic working overtime to buy name brands ,pay a mortgage that you will probably never pay back?

how do you overcome materialism and focus on rastafari ?

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 11/26/2021 10:00:45 PM

Greetings Bongo Meca :

Babylon can not make you a materialist , it is your choice to buy or not to buy name brand products , I personally do not buy name brand clothing at all , i buy practical clothing that will last. consumerism is the way of the world but it does not mean that the I have to adhere to it , and the way you do it is by dealing with your needs above your wants . working 9-5 is somewhat the "working" norm if you going to someone for a job ...... and even if you have your own business you will be working longer hours to make it profitable . one thing to remember is that Fari faces different things in different places . example: some ras are self reliant in that they do not work a 9-5 and do not have to pay land tax or "pay to live as it were".
in your environment it is natural to exercise some form of self preservation to eek out some form of living within the construct that is in existence /// nothing can deter your focus on Rastafari for it is within you connected to the greater reality .

Raspect , Haile I

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/28/2021 4:12:57 PM

separate your wants from needs

save all you can

live within your means

find ways to make your savings grow

be a producer, not a consumer

better to give than to recieve

get off welfare, be charitable

be productive, education and marriage are 2 key factors to save from poverty

sell or give away goods that you dont utilize and likely never will

know materials are to serve and enrich and uplift the spirit of man and woman and child. the soul to be slave to material things is materialism.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/10/2021 10:12:59 PM

Yes Iyah, very good suggestions Ras Jesse and Arma Gideon.
I dont find living in the us makes me more materialistic. I don't buy name brands either. I don't work overtime, I refuse to do that, I think it's very imoortant to have personal time and decompress from the stresses of life. A hot bath, sitting and petting my dog, talking a walk, going paddle boarding with I Lion, these are simple joys and dont take much money - the paddle board was expensive but it's a one-time cost for hours upon hours upon years of fulljoyment.
I really hate wasting anything. I wash my plastic food bags and resuse them. I regrow vegetables from their roots, stems or seeds after buying them from the grocery store. I really love sustainability and upcycling.
Simplistic life is so nice. It's so lovely not to worry about buying this or that, buying the newest styles, paying for all the manicures and whatever.
Practicality and functionality, and repairing things as long as possible rather than buy a new one.
One of my favorite books was "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. In this book, people repeat the phrase "spending is better than mending" - the phrase is evidence of their brainwashed state into believing that consumerism is better than self-sustainability. This concept, of course, feeds into centralized power and less human autonomy. I, on the other hand, absolutely praise autonomy and human self-sovereignty, so therefore the opposite must be true: "mending is better than spending".
I went on a walk today and I wore a wool coat, remembering how my grandfather bought this coat for me while he was still alive, ten years ago. I still have the coat, it wasn't an expensive name brand or anything, it's from Target, but I've taken good care of it and it's still pristine and warm and looks great ten years later. So being a good caretaker to our items can keep us from buying buying buying again, and it's also sentimental when we can keep an item that long, feels like my grandfather giving me a hug when I put on that coat.

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 12/10/2021 10:58:44 PM

Raspect JAH Child :

you know the vibes well , reuse - repurpose - recycle & self reliance .
consumerism takes and takes without replenishing. Harmony with creation is paramount for it is where our life essence comes from .

Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 12/13/2021 10:56:01 PM

I don't think theres anything wrong with materialism, thats all the world has every really known. I think Rastas are kind of materialistic-the way they like their tams, flags, and such. Our faith in Jah is the only thing non-materialistic about us (humans), other than that we're mostly about consumerism.
RasTaFarI nah ah material (yuh know wha mi ah seh), and He probably sees I and I as humans as just materials, atleast thats just what I believe in, considering I faith in RasTaFarI

Jah is Gracious and Merciful and Master of the Day of Judgement, seen?

Seen? Materialism is alright, but more in a socialist type way, nah ah capitalist,-in some stores in the USSR and such they have a socialist republic where trade and goods is regulated by the government and I can't lie, my IQ is probably below 100 but I definitely support socialism over capitalism. Capitalism is the consumerist way. Only if we could be free to practice whatever we want in the US,-and socialism or atleast certain types of socialism atleast-can guarantee that. But they will never quit pushing Jesus on people. And its sad that no free minded person has a voice in my country.

RasTaFarI converted me through the belief in non-materialism, growing dreadlocks (the article about Rastafarians considered locks to be "rope like braids" and that reminded Iman of Al-Masad where it says around the disbelievers neck shall be a "rope of twisted fiber"), and belief in a god that I saw as new, called "Jah" and that instead of praying to Jah, they played drums to Him to conjure his spirit, and that Black people are the true Israelites that Moses drove back into their homeland (Ethiopia) from Egypt (Israel) which are not "Radical" beliefs, contrary to what people think. The proof is in the Bible/Torah and I and I wear the star of david to signify the Israelites freedom from captivity... also mi bredren I like that Heaven is considered as Africa, seen? And I've been among this country for many years now, almost ever since the country was founded... so the things I see - make me believe in the IRITS and spiritual nah an ism thats like ah crystal ball or some ting, Iman nah deal with ouija board and ting, Iman ah fe deal with Sunni Islam, and Tafarians are very genius in their reasonings, and I and I need to accept soccer as the Rastafarian sport in honor of Nesta, yech!

RasTaFarI is a good faith is all I'm trying to say but convert to something even better, its called Islam. Its a good religion, the I can get a free Quran off the net, and read through it. And prostrate to Allah /Jah and still listen to reggae music! And I know Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards (the Black Jesus Christ) says reggae is satanic, but I'm just Issuming the I listens to reggae music. And still bun out homosexuals.. and they seh Ras why you fe start, I just want seh Sizzla can try sue the mosque but 'im cyaan sue nah ah ting cah mi know seh I is Jamaican too and Iman bun dat- yah mon mi know seh dem fi put it pon di paper said mi apologize to batty bwoy, apologize fe wha? Dem apologize to Jah? Gunshot dem fi get. (Al-Hakim) So I hope its cuul to say dat. Be a Muslim Rasta, and grow your locks! Yech! Keep your head Str8888

Str8 path
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