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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 2/25/2021 1:42:10 PM

Rastafari promotes longevity through reasoning, livity, and music lyrics, what is this longevity? Can any I's share some good examples of longevity. One example I can think of is King Haile Selassie who at 83 was in his 70th year of political and spiritual governance and leadership to the people of Ethiopia all the while inspiring all nations in the free world.

Again, my question to the I's, is what is the meaning and definition of longevity to a Rastaman or Rastawoman like you?

Messenger: Peace21 Sent: 2/27/2021 12:51:24 PM

Long life in a natural state in harmony with the earth and the times, anchored and grounded in the memory of elders and the interest of minors, balancing this physical, spiritual life.

Feeding this human form human foods; natural prescription for whole being, a steady, strong basis for life to arise, repair and respond.
Movement, according to human life requirement of all ages in all times, nourishment at every level, steadying the core, the frame and essence, to nourish others with the energy of health.

A life of purpose and, in aging, of seeing the true in the youth, being the stem as they flower, the solid roots as they branch out. A source of well tested knowledge, of courage to face life’s hardships with humility, and know free joys. Sight of many seasons giving depth and breadth to reasoning. Eagle-like: sensing a storm and facing into it, knowing of its motion and passage; strength renewed in maturity.

The carbon / coal gets diamond-like, from the pressure and cleansing of life. Soul smoothed like the ocean-turned stone. The earth, our home, but the spirit vast and ready to share, emit its wealth, and leave, return to earth’s womb and be re-membered in the mind-mirror of those yet to arrive, passing on and through generations.

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 2/27/2021 7:45:01 PM

Listen to what bobmarley have to say.

this is longevity.


Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/24/2021 11:31:35 PM

Rastaman competing in bodybuilding world:

INI emphasize balance and moderation in rest, exercise and diet. Ital goes beyond just what we eat, it is holistic, more strength. I am always inspired by a Ras pursuing greatness in any field...

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 4/5/2021 4:16:47 PM

I agree with Jessep86, but I would also add the spiritual long life includes your DNA being passed on to your children and their children. The question of who are YOU often only considers the individual without recognition of their offspring. When the bible calls Israel his "son", it's speaking of a nation of people that were the descendants of a single man. How healthy they all were is one aspect of whether or not their line continues. They could also be destroyed politically, culturally, economically, etc.

The things we do in our present/individual lives affect our future/collective lifespan. Some will take this to mean we should all copy and do the same thing but that's not healthy either. We, like flowers, are all unique and different. Therefore, what is more healthy for one is not for everyone else. Same for what is unhealthy.

Doing things to promote your own health and well-being... that's what it's all about. Our bodies should be biological machines, constantly burning fat and our minds shoud be constantly burning lies to seek truth and our spirits should be burning out all corruption to seek righteousness. When your mind, body, and spirit, are all promoting life, that's why you have longevity.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 8/27/2021 9:33:25 AM

More Love and Life!

Longevity to I as a RastafarI man is the fruits from the Ital livity roots. Longevity is not just a long sustained life, it is to give life, the restoration and regeneration of life. Ital livity is life giving, and so naturally, longevity is a byproduct.

To be fit in body, mind, and spirit. To have InI meditations, words, and works be life giving and heartical and acceptable in the Most High's sight. To build upon solid foundations of love and life. All of which will make for the longevity of InI and the things InI do and create.

Give thanks to The Life Giver and Keeper of Life
Haile Selassie I
JAH RastafarI

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 8/27/2021 10:45:34 PM

Beautiful reasonings I bredren, give thankhs Ras Jesse for bringing up this topic. Because More Life is everything we are about. More Life, Stronger Life, Healthier Life, More Joyous Life, Longer Life, More Children, More Harmony with loved ones, More Life.

For I, I am comfortable with passage into the next phase, I never did fear death even as a small child. At the same time I know I am here on this planet at this time for a reason, so I just aim to complete my mission here and to do it as joyfully as possible, with love in my heart and peace in my mind, and with strength and health in my body. And if it is a long life, wonderful, if it is short, fine still, because I know I lived it well and I did my best to love others and myself also, because I experienced life's challenges and I allowed them to make me grow stronger, because I will exist beyond this body anyways so however it goes, it goes.

Longevity is more than living well in this physical body, it is also longevity of the soul, which is eternal!

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