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What is wrong with some?

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 2:44:59 AM

What is wrong with some of the users on this site, why don't you give I a chance to speak?

Don't you believe in equal rights and justice?

Why are you doing what the Babylon does?

Why do you take my words away?

Why do you say I am someone else?

Why do you say I am a "white supremist"?

It makes no sense!

Just letting you know that you are wrong to think so!

Blessed I

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 2:55:13 AM

This site is doing the wrong thing. The wicked liars and weariness of this site has caught up with Babylonian Paganism.

Thats right, can't debate back.

So you just going to hide what I have to say.

Shame on you!

This is not a reasoning forum!

This is a foolish forum!

Why, because they hide I words away and say I am someone else.

Shame on you!

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 3:01:09 AM

This site, by making it a foolish site, by taking away the human rights of some, has turned into Babylon. Many are dying in Africa and all over the world. This site is helping to kill many. This site is hiding the truth. This site is helping Babylon keep many in the darkness. This site must stop doing what Babylon does. This site must stop taking away human rights. Shame on you! This is no reasoning site! This site is supported by tyranny. Stop hiding I word away. Does this site not believe in freedom of speech? Does this site not support human rights?

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 3:23:27 AM

On the other hand, thank you for keeping up with I words. I know Babylon can be a pain and can force the I to take away human rights. And for that, I would just want to thank the I and them for the site. Just looks like some don't know the deceptions and are thinking that this site should help them being deceived. Not on my watch! So long as I post here, I will see to it that the I them have access to freedom of information and that the I them know the deceptions of the Pope of Rome.

I am exposing the wicked man himself in flesh.

More fire upon the Vatican

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 3:40:43 AM

And this is not my words. I do not own any of the information I post. I believe in freedom of information. The word that I post belongs to the I. This is the word of the I. I site what the Emperor says. I site what the prophet said. I site the sayings of the Bible. I gave many sources. I am posting what others have said and warned. The black race is in danger. The deceptions are there. Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Blessed I

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 2/15/2021 8:04:05 PM

This website is a .com which means someone owns it and pays for it which means they can censor you anytime they want and even delete your account

I would support the decision of the moderators to delete the MELCHEZIDEK account

This is a REASONING forum, not a ranting form

At best your words sound like the ramblings of a fool, at worst the calculated devising of an agent

All your "warnings" could be summed up to one concise post

When InI try to take you as sincere and point out the flaws in your logic or arguments, InI get ignored and berated by your hate speech

Which totally undermines your credibility, and exposes you as an agent

And there was another poster on this website that acted similar, which is why some think you might be 2 posters

I know it doesnt matter who you are. An agent is an agent

So dont get sad and try make it look like InI are confused

HIM Haile Selassie I slew the beast with his tongue

InI rejoice in exposing agents

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 10:08:45 PM

Blessed I

Yes I

I totally agree

Just remember, someone owns this place too.

I and I will look into respecting the I's beliefs. Apologies if I came about like someone else or an agent, and here are more apologies if the I found hatred in I reasoning.

One love

Yes I

Selassie slew the beast with his word.

Now why did they arrest HIM?

Why did HIM come unto his own but his own receiveth HIM not?

Life is going on in a Babylon world!

The enemy (the wicked man himself, that would be the Pope of Rome) is still at it. The black race is in danger. The prophet warned. I am just passing the message. I am not warning anyone. The message was a warning to us all. Read the Bible. Babylon must fall!

This is a wicked Babylon system that we live in!

One Love

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/15/2021 10:41:50 PM

Blessed I

Yes I

Read what the prophet said.

"Stealing a man's money is, as Shakespeare says, trash, but to injure a man's reputation, to tarnish his character, is a crime of the lowest kind, which not even ordinary thieves would indulge in."

Yes I

And here, read what the prophet said.

"It is time for the white and black races to realize the truth about the Universal Negro Improvement Association and its President. At no time has the President of the Universal Negro Improvement Association preached hatred of the white people. That in itself is a violation of the constitution of the organization, which teaches all its members to love and respect the rights of all races, believing that by so doing, others will in turn love and respect our rights."

Yes I

And also know that it is the Dems of the US of A that are the white supremacists !

How can I be associated with them if I and I support the Emperor and stand with him ready for battle?

Don't the I see? they (Babylon) are the ones stirring the hatred between races. They want everyone to fight. I and I want peace.

One Love

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 2/16/2021 11:46:58 AM

You fall back to politrickall rantings

Quick to try label and divide InI with a politrickall mindset

You lace truth with lies to entice InI to read your rantings

Only with a critical mind InI are able to see your true intentions

You try to blend in like a chameleon and feign innocence but you are wise and dangerous like a snake

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 2/16/2021 11:48:14 AM

You claim you want a debate but cant respond when your argument is proven insufficient

You claim you want to reason and then continue with your one sided ranting

You cry about I tarnishing your reputation when it is your own actions that undermine your credibility

Let InI have a debate or reason about how this virus is affecting InI, relating to livity or the economy

Let InI hear from real people about their own visions

Let InI talk and reason among InI to come together and denounce babylon

Still you insist on berating InI with blunt force rantings that WORK TO DIVIDE INI

HIM Haile Selassie I teach InI to work to come together despite InI differences. Why dont you live that?

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