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White rastas with locks

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Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 1/23/2021 12:32:53 PM

Bless and love to all Rastafari

I am not writing on this thread because I have something against white rastas. All nations must bow down to JAH, but I wonder why the white rastas wear locks.

The reason we Africans wear them is because it's our African identity that we flash in Babylon.

For many years we have been told that we are ugly. And so many of us up to the present day straighten hair. When I look at my locks in the mirror I look at a proud African.

What is the reason for a white rasta then? Why not just follow the liverty?

Give Thanks

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/23/2021 1:06:48 PM

Ras RunMan,

He who feels it knows it, Dreadlocks can be an Iritual tool if grown for non-vain purposes. I overstand that Dreadlocks are a symbol of African Pride, however it is a fact that the hair of any race of people will lock if left to grow undisturbed.

I also think it is a shame that people with dreadlocks in babylon countries such as America are still marginalized due to their hairstyle by babylonian employers, school administrators, and/or politicians.

Ises unto Haile Selassie I Emmanuel I JAH RasTafarI

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/23/2021 5:23:48 PM

Haile selassie had dreadlocks when he was young yes ok.. but when he grew as emperor and king he did not..

why do rasta have dreads? ,.
as you know ethiopians didnt cut their hair during ww2 and natty dreads grew. the vow of the nazarite is one who doesnt cut their hair and drink ect.
bob marley say something on the lines of. you dont have to be rasta and have dreads. but why not.
yeah dreadlock is a symbol of many things.
but its true that you dont have to have dreadlocks to be rasta..
what is rasta/ ? haile selassie was promoting spiritual enlightenment.
yeah he was a religous man, but that is cultural and proper to aid for spiritual development.
so why does white man grow dreads. like the brother said. dreadlocks can grow on any man despite race.. they say the vikings had dreads..
i had dreads for 10 years.. cut them and grew again.. recently cut them and now i say. i wait untill i get a nice women who can maintain them,, but i know in my heart. selassie na judge me cuz of my hair. he judge me cuz of my heart. i love selassie.. he is my king and my saviour. christ again. like the bible say.. the return of christ is a man whome is like the son of man... Like the son of man. yeah give thanks for King Jah rastafari. blessed love to all.

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Haile Selassie I