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Don't wear a mask

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/29/2020 7:16:26 PM

Well, it all comes down to using your brain. Faulty testing kits? Maybe wrong procedures undertaken. Whatever the case, covid 19 is real and my mum tested negative through out her stay at her workplace, some public hospital, where numerous cases of the virus have arisen from mid this year.. I would say she excaped narrowly because she wears her mask religiously. Some of the positive cases, quite a number of them, are her office-mates, and these actually started to fall sick even before being tested. So there always will be faulty testing kit machines, and there always will be conspiracy theorists who will rush about the tests going with wrong procedures to produce hasty unrealistic results. Whatever the case, I'm glad my mum worshipped her mask like a second God, because she sat in the workplace office with sick staff mates even before they were tested, and the tests actually confirmed the worst.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/29/2020 7:51:47 PM

He who has clean hands and pure heart shall use his brain to preserve his life. After all, it's pointless to be righteous yet unintelligent.

Rightousness itself is a fruit of intelligence, and only intelligent people strive to live a righteous life. So intelligent people are bound to use their heads to think, and not discard their brains in dusty cupboards to replace it with nonsensical conclusions and fanatical thoughts.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/29/2020 10:01:21 PM

Intelligence without righteousness are the rulers of this world and babylon

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/29/2020 10:05:35 PM

Come on, you call that intelligence? The rulers of this world are BARBARIANS. Anything but intelligent.

I can say the WORKING CLASS is intelligent to some level, even though not as intelligent as the rastaman.

We all know them leaders don't work or break out as much as a drop of sweat. They're lazy and some of them are even glutton and obese

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/30/2020 11:04:51 AM

Wear your mask if you want to.

Follow these Babylonian rules if you choose to.

I am not forcing anyone.

I am just saying that ones and ones must not be deceived into giving yourself over to oppression.

Follow the Babylonian guidelines if you want to, but just remember that these guidelines won't last long. And I can't blame you because we are all human and we all make mistakes. So if you feel safer with a mask on, then wear it, nothing stopping you. The same with a vaccine, if you feel its safe, then take it, nothing stopping you. If you want to wash your hands every minute of the day, then its fine. If you want to wash and keep everything spotless, it's fine, nobody is stopping you.

I am trying to defend the faith of the Emperor. Christians are afraid to get the Mark of the beast. But they don't know what the mark of the beast is.

So again, feel free to do whatever you feel that you must to be protected and to stay healthy and clean.

But know this, that it is a shame on you to force your beliefs of cleanliness or rituals of staying clean and that it is wrong to force your beliefs upon others that don't want to do the rituals of the pharisees and babylonians.

And also according to science the viruses existed millions of years ago. It comes from bats. So all the bats have to wear masks for millions of years before we can really get rid of this "deadly virus" and get back to normal.

So I am not forcing anyone, in fact, I am saying that all the bats have to wear a mask too if we want to get rid of the "deadly virus" using Babylonian rituals and pharisee beliefs.

JAH Bless


Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/30/2020 7:18:34 PM

Batty hole pussy claat vatican shithead. Did the emperor ask you to defend him? There are photos of the emperor visiting the sick in hospital and he wears a mask, most definitely to prevent germs from spreading TO or FROM the patients.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/30/2020 7:25:19 PM

Besides, I read that the vaccine won't be mandatory, so that rules out the possibility of a New World Order. It's just natural occurrences.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/30/2020 7:49:55 PM

Like I said you hiss a hypocrite. Because why? You come on here expressing great love for the Emperor, like he sent you or something, then you start giving all that scientific nonsense of a million years of earth's existence and mankind evolving from monkeys.. Bloodklat.

Ah high man may have a tail, but high man nuh monkey seen. A my tail sting with venom and kill A high man a scorpion, Suh

The earth no more than 6000 years old. This is biblical realities and not fantasies of some deranged guy. And God create everything in it.

That being said, I won't be taking any vaccine.

Gwaan, check out the dirty bigger yah so.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/30/2020 8:00:55 PM

Dirty nigger. You probably guessed that was my intended utterance. If we have to evolve, then I and I have a right to choose the beast I evolved from. Yeah. A high man was a scorpion and a tiger in the woods, now high man evolve fe be a Lion, Inna jungle.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/30/2020 8:20:03 PM

You know waht a I man mean? The tiger have stripes on his flesh, mean say he was whipped properly at the whipping post and the scars remained. The tiger grow a mane and become a Lion. And him probably have a stinger tucked Inna waist because him evolve from scorpions, millions of years ago. Mek me sting you properly and kill you off.

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