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The Real Babylon

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/20/2020 7:25:40 AM


Bro, I'm not trying to convince you. You see everything from your perspective and I'm saying that's the very reason you don't question it because you don't question your perspective. It takes time and effort to do that. If you're not there yet it is not constructive to try and force someone to be there. And yes, it can be an act of selfishness, wanting other people to join you wherever you are. No, the reality is that different people are on different levels and what you need on your level is different that what I need on mine. The experiences you have on your level are different from the experiences on mine. This is not about who is better. This is about time. And in time you will get there. I believe in you.

I have no doubt that you are a very intelligent brotha. In fact, you remind me of myself at a younger age which means you have every potential to be better than me by the time you turn my age. When I think about some of the potential I see in the youth, it makes me proud. So I want you to argue with me and do whatever you have to do, mentally, to keep making progress. Don't ever feel like you've reached the top of the mountain and there's no more to learn. There always is. But it's like infinity. Knowledge goes around in a circle.

I understand why you believe your experiences should be enough to convince myself and others. Last night I had enough THC in me that I probably solved the meaning of life. And no... you don't have to be high to have these moments of clarity or these moments when your mind communicates your subconscious or when memories are triggered and you see things. It just helps you experience life more slowly and presently, enhancing your meditation, when you add THC. On top of that I hit the massage button my bed so I had vibrations hitting me from head to heel. The stimulation to my whole nervous system... It was amazing.

The reason I don't see gods and demons anymore is because I don't believe they exist. If I did, I would see them. It's that simple. When you were seven you had enough memories and information that your subconscious could produce visions and yet if you were to draw God from your visions and someone else did the same they would look different. What you saw was based on your own imagination which has been fed by Christian doctrine. I know how it is. Mine was fed by it too. You're in the Matrix. You saw what you were meant to see. Everyone sees what they're meant to see. And you have to cite a vision at a younger age because you don't have these experiences currently to that degree. This is because, as you get older your mind relies more on your 5 senses to match patterns already in your mental database. When you're seven your imagination is stronger because your mental database is still "Soft" and malleable. You're still learning reality at age seven so your imagination is much more potent then. The more you spend time in reality the less you get to experience that alternate reality of pure thought and imagination. That's where drugs come in (for those who use them).

Tell me this. Come let us reason together.

Is there any reason why humans, being far younger than God, should have technology that God didn't have a long time ago? So anything we can do he should have done better millions of years before human history started recording. Yet the bible speaks of chariots and thrones and wheels because that was the level of human invention at the time. But what YOU saw, and I say this with the utmost respect, is what your mind reproduced from THEIR (authors of the bible) minds. So YOU see what humans had over 2,000 years ago. You see "robes"... "wheels of fire". Why would he need wheels? Your mind pieced together this image based on the information you were fed in the bible. Much of your vision was fueled by the story of Moshe where God descends on the mountain in fire. That was based on a volcano. The idea of God associated with fire is simply based on sun and volcano mythologies. Why would a being dressed in fire be wearing "robes"? Because in your imagination God is what someone else imagined God to be, based on their time, not yours and not humans 100,000 years into the future. But you didn't criticize your mind's mental image, why? Because you assumed that your experience was real and just so happened to reinforce Christianity and the bible because they are true rather than reality being that your belief that they are true is what reinforced the image of God in your imagination which is what you experienced.

And you're not completely wrong because deep down humans knew we came from the sun. The sun has always been our most important god and we've always personified it. Scientists agree that we came from the sun. Paganism was compatible with Hebrew doctrine because animism has been the basis of both. But of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire... which one are humans more afraid of?
The human mind is truly amazing. Last night I was seeing vibrations and sound waves as colors and different materials. The paintbrush for the scenes that were created in my mind were literally anything in my memory banks. And when you believe, you buy into those memories, and they intensify. If you're asleep we call it a dream. If you're awake it's called a vision. But in reality one isn't different from the other.

You provide information based on your experiences. Whether you think you are "pushing" a belief or not, really doesn't matter. That word is unnecessarily judgmental. In reality, you only push if you have an agenda. You don't. You're just sharing. And that is part of each one of our purpose, as individual cells of a larger organism; God. From what I saw... its all about energy and the spark generated in the balance of positive and negative forces, or forces moving in opposite directions. We all mimic this and everything we do is intellectually based on and predicated upon gaining energy/power. Without showing the vision it's hard to explain but it is the very source of our intelligence.

But what you see in visions and dreams, is a product of what you have learned and believe. I ask different questions so my brain produces different answers. Those answers then become the basis for more questions. You will do this too. As you gain more intelligence, your questions within your own mind will expand and change and you will get smarter and smarter and ask smarter questions. At some point, unless you're too stubborn, you'll come to the point the point where you'll understand all the things you remember me say. And you'll appreciate the fact that I was saying it and that I was challenging your mind to further grow and develop. You don't need to be there now. Just keep an open mind as much as you can. But also be critical as much as you can. It's like order and chaos. They are only opposites because they are part of the same infinite circle. You need both. This is why AI is based on learning algorithms that compete each other. Competition inspires growth.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/22/2020 8:37:06 AM

Well, I'm not trying to argue, but people dont just hallucinate out of the blue sky, you know. Seeing things that other people are not seeing, that is another plane of consciousness. Even from I was born I never daydreamed up to the present. I have had dreams. Strong dreams, powerful dreams, all in my sleep, but nothing compares to hallucinations, because it's like living in an alternate reality. There is no "matrix". You're leaning too much on conspiracy theories. Contrary to popular belief, I am not into the habit of seeing things often. This here was my first vision, and even though I was raised in a Catholic upbringing and believed in a white God, I never expected that God would be naked, or that he would appear to me anyway. I've smoked herb for ten years and I have never had hallucinations, not once. When I man see a vision while awake a next time, I will consider it a special thing.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/22/2020 11:43:32 AM

You see, Iman don't smoke herb in order to see visions and stuff, no. It just puts me in a better mood and a mellow vibe so I can meditate (think) about things in life, and enjoy the goodness thereof. So herb is not a getaway to mystical sightseeing, contrary to folklore and popular culture.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/22/2020 11:05:16 PM

So when man a smoke herb, sometimes man go inna deep meditation that the thoughts flowing through man mind start to take on a visual form. This is simply a visualization process that is nowhere close having lucid dreams or experiencing alternate realities. You don't seem to understand where to draw the line between imagination and inspiration.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/22/2020 11:20:55 PM

Besides, judging a next man is strictly prohibited in the rules of nature because when you judge I, then you give Iman space to judge the I, and only one judgement can stand before the creator of all truth. When you judged me I also judged you, and in the last days we will appear before God to justify our judgements, and one of us will have to walk away with his head bowed down, seen? So you better tolerate and live side by side with men of other faiths, and if indeed you must judge, judge out of action and talk, and not what somebody believes in.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/23/2020 12:56:23 AM

So I must prove you wrong concerning my imagination because I am a better artist each coming day, and my skills in the culture grow with me.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/23/2020 7:04:56 AM


Nah, bro. We don't have to argue like that. We can have moments where we're just talking. But if we disagree on something we can easily slip into debate mode without being disrespectful or overly aggressive; as long as there is mutual respect. And I have that respect for you. I'm just letting you know so that you never have to feel defensive as if I don't. Make sense?

When you say you saw something, understand, I'm not discounting your experiences. That's not how my mind works. My mind works by explaining the experience using the wealth of knowledge I've been blessed to gather and experience over time. Time is really the factor. The things you know now are important but they are building blocks for all the things you will come to know in the future as long as you don't limit yourself to what you already know. A lot of people make that mistake. I hope you wont be one of them.

I know you don't see things often. If you did you wouldn't be talking about what you saw at a young age. That's just a logical deduction. But there is no reason NOT to have current visions like what you saw at age seven if my other logical deductions were incorrect. Again, I respect both you and what you saw. And I don't know what was going on physically or in your environment that could have contributed to you having a hallucination or vision. I think either choice of word is accurate but let's use "vision" as it relates more to what you have been suggesting (that what you saw wasn't a product of your own mind) vs what I'm suggesting, even as you give me more information. And that's because I'm not actually suggesting what you saw was strictly a product of your own mind either, but rather your mind acting as a vehicle for interpreting the imagery that was fed by the minds of others, people who wrote the bible as well as preachers and teachers who taught you what you knew up to that very day.

But not just that...

The mind is fed by everything we see. Book covers. Cartoons. Movies. All of these things become memory/data and all data can become the different colors of paint that your mind can paint with. When you have dreams you are not consciously designing, constructing, planning, writing dialogue, or acting out a script. All of that is done by your mind itself. And when I use the word "imagination" I don't want you to minimize the value of that word as something childish or silly. It's not. The imagination is hugely important in virtually everything we do. It helps to form our ability to predict or simulate different outcomes. And it is what your mind uses when you recall past events because your mind never records everything (would take too much space). Instead, when you recall your imagination is what fills in those gaps. So even your recollection of the vision isn't entirely accurate to what you first experienced because your imagination is filling in all the details you can't remember because they were not all recorded.

If you have had strong and powerful dreams that is great! That is truly a blessing. Every now and then I can remember a dream. It's not that we don't dream when we don't remember dreaming. It's that we weren't conscious enough (awake enough) to then record the dream into our long term memory. That's a good thing though. Because you don't want your mind remembering a bunch of things that never actually happened, even though dreams are extremely cool, interesting, sometimes exciting. It is an alternate reality, experienced on a different level of consciousness. Often when we remember dreams it is because something physically went wrong in our sleep. If you're a good sleeper then you're less likely to be conscious enough to remember dreams.

I have sleep apnea, a condition that makes me stop breathing during the night. It's not necessarily life threatening though because your body has mechanisms to wake itself up. So I've literally been in dreams and have had those dreams altered by my subconscious as a way of waking me up and forcing me to exit the dream. My mind and body have somewhat adapted but I have first hand knowledge of how powerful the mind is (Even though I know its more powerful than that) and how "the matrix" is essentially "a dream world" and how you can be conscious while in it. No one could recollect and share a dream if they weren't conscious. Sadly now, even intermittent use of my CPAP machine sidekick protects me from the worst effects of sleep apnea. But if one alters their sleep schedule they can mess with their biological clock enough that you can achieve consciousness inside your dream.

I'm not a heave weed smoker. I used to buy weed but after a trip to Jamaica years ago, first time as a tourist, I went to the Bob Marley house and a Rastafarian pulled me aside. This weed was unlike any I had before or after and it must have simply had a much higher THC content. But then combine that with smoking it late at night when I would normally be sleeping and as a result I was basically awake and sleep all at the same time. Bruh, I didn't even know that kind of high was possible from weed until then. And it made me lose my appetite for reggie. If the THC is too low... just no point in it to me.

I'm now able to reproduce that level of high with edibles. It's simply a matter of how many milligrams. But since you are conscious, unlike a dream, you are in control of the paintbrush. So that's when you want to ask life's deepest questions as if you were talking to God... because... essentially... you kind of are.


There is a good book you should read, called the Cosmic Serpent. It's about what people see when taking ayahuasca.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/23/2020 7:05:40 AM


Anyway, back to you. Yes, we're talking about deep meditation. Meditation is simply you going inside yourself; experiencing yourself and being present in every moment. When you're high it's almost like time slows because your consciousness in each moment is increased and expanded.

It's kind of like...

Everything you experience is energy. Energy moves in waves. Every wave has peaks and valleys. Amplitude and Oscillation. Our 5 senses only are detectors. They detect these waves of energy, including light. But they cannot fully detect the entire spectrum. It would be too much information. So in our natural reality we are numb to the vast amounts of data constantly flowing around us. As a matter of fact there is human-created data flowing around you right now that you can't see because you cannot physically detect these signals. But that's what radio and tv and cell phones are all based on. This is also why conspiracies about 5G are so silly. We live in a sea of waves we cannot fully detect. And our nervous system has to communicate this in signals/waves of its own. So basically, what I'm saying is that there is so much room for things we can't see... but more accurately, things we avoid seeing to limit the incoming information. If you lose one of your senses... another can be heightened because the other sense ALWAYS had the ability to allow more data in but the limitation was a protective feature that becomes less necessary if another sense is diminished.

So again... what we experience isn't necessarily a different reality but simply a combination of what happens in our minds when we shut off the data coming from our 5 senses. These are automatically subdued when you're sleep. So when your sleep your mind cannot rely on real world physical data. But it's still going and so it can construct a dream world to fill in the gaps of what it would normally get from your 5 senses. Data that it expects to receive. That expectation triggers imagination to take over, so your mind can SIMULATE what your eyes would see, ears would hear, etc. This is why it seems like you can use your senses even though you're in a dream. It's because your mind EXPECTS this data.

But the world is constantly changing and the mind cannot accurate predict the outside world when you close your eyes. I spent time walking around the factory where I work with my eyes closed. I tried to keep an fairly accurate view, in memory, of where things were but the difficult part is updating where they will be in relation to you when you are moving and so this was like a kind of mental training that I was doing. I could walk longer between opening my eyes but fear would normally kick in to want to look briefly to make sure I wasn't about to walk smack into some piece of metal.

You know what I was actually using and exercising? My imagination.

When you sleep, at the very least, your eyes are closed. Most people meditate with their eyes closed. Some people go to the extreme and use sensory deprivation tanks. But drugs can accomplish the same thing. I'm not advocating the use of drugs. The point is that sensory deprivation and altering the chemical balance of the brain can interfere with one's perception of reality. But at the same time, like I said, that seven year old brain, just doesn't know reality the same way that you do now. Kids can fully invest in cartoons where adults often lose interest. The mind just kind of hardens or calcifies over time. So a young elastic mind is preferable. A young mind can experience things because of innocence... that an older mind cannot. And so even back to the Garden of Eden and the loss of innocence... it came with "knowledge". You see?

You didn't say God was naked. You said he was wearing a robe. So you most likely saw paintings and pictures and sculptures and such with God being depicted, with some bare skin showing but also something like a toga which is common to the Greco-Roman art style. In the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo you can see something similar. But you also said fire and fire is semi-transparent. So everything you said makes sense if your mind was "painting" from things you "knew" at the time. I put knew in quotes because you can have information stored in your mind that you are not consciously aware of. And your mind has the ability to "composite".... in other words... create an image merging two or more images or ideas. So what you say you saw doesn't surprise me not one bit. That is the power of the mind and when you're young you simply get a better taste of it.

That's why children are often afraid of the dark. Shadows can turn into monsters. Sounds can become monsters. The dark unknown closet or the space under the bed... because of the darkness... the mind and it's imagination can freely roam those voids and CREATE... (like God) in those voids. And a child doesn't have to be sleep to do this. If the room is simply dark enough they can do it easily.

Now if you were in the middle of a crowded mall? That would be different; much higher degree of difficulty because your mind would be competing with a well lit situation. But... if there was an area with too much light... then that too could become a void that the mind could create in. But what I'm 100% sure about, from everything you've said, is that your 7 yr old imagination was actively engaged. I simply don't have enough information to know why. But beings of fire don't wear robes. That's for sure. Our visual understanding of God has always been based on our own nakedness. Every other animal wears its own skin and hair. We are the only ones to wear the skin and hair of other animals. Why would God do the same? Why? Why should God cover himself? Why would he need to hide his form with garments especially if he can be invisible at will? Any question you don't have the answer to, your mind ignores in constructing dreams and visions. What you see is what you take in with you. If you really don't know something in reality then you can't know it in the dream/vision. Because you can't simulate it because you don't have enough known variables (constants). That's why you saw what you saw and not more. And the more you learn now, the more the image your mind MIGHT be able to create, changes; culminating in your inability to "see God" ever again.

And of course the bible says that no man has seen God at any time, except for a dream (Genesis 32:30 vs Judges 13:22, John 1:18, John 6:46, and 1 John 4:12).

So if its a dream/vision (not real) then there's no problem. If you were claiming it was real then it would defy the bible. But I believe we're both saying it was a vision/hallucination. Like I said, I'm more interested in the why and how. Perhaps you wanted to see God (could have been a subconscious desire) and so you did (your mind being like a musical instrument for creating virtual reality).

Besides... no one really sees reality. We also see a version of reality interpreted by the mind.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 11/23/2020 10:34:38 AM

We don't have to argue like this because you don't like my God or the his ways and you continually give him a false image of fantasy and child-like fanatical adoration but unu nuh know one thing, I have no problem with ones who want to consider themselves fatherless.. actually I have zero "0" issues with ones who say they create their own reality, but my message to you is that I man have a father, the Lord God who alone is awesome. My father lives, you know, he's not dead, he's living and he remembers all the living in his Itation.

Messenger: Nous Sent: 11/24/2020 9:56:50 AM

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