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Legal weed - a probelm in US?

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Messenger: CaveMan Sent: 8/15/2020 12:02:38 AM

Hi everybody

I have seen many videos of rastas not supporting the legalization of weed in the US because they think they have done it in a wrong way. One of the reasons is because of the whites who control most of the legal cannabis industry. There are too little black cannabis owners, but how is that a problem. Isen't it just like any other business: that those who can afford to invest are those who enter the market? I can see the problem in the capitalist system itself that it has to be this way, but how is the cannabis industry such a big problem compared to everything else in the US when it comes to business?


Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 8/16/2020 6:23:03 AM

The reason why it's important that we have black and brown ownership is because this industry was built on our back. So when you have 800.000 arrests a year and 85% of them were black and brown and we were targeted by police departments to work in privatized prison systems as slave labor, we are owed the opportunity to be owners in this industry.

But INI don't really want business in the US to be honest. I just wanna get enough money to get back to Ifrica one day. Africa here I come

Messenger: Everton I Sent: 8/16/2020 6:19:31 PM

Bless up Ras RunMan

Love everything about your message

Don't even wanna get paper or bloodclaat privilage in the US

Just wanna go home

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/17/2020 8:49:46 AM

The problem is the licensing and who is allowed to get into the industry by the government regulating who can grow. Having to have money to get started already means an amount of overhead that gives the advantage and power to those who, once again, already have it. We don't mind competition but if you say someone can't even play then that's unfair.

Messenger: CaveMan Sent: 8/22/2020 8:14:17 AM

Thank you IPXninja and Ras RunMan

But you have to have money to start everything, right? How is it worse? To start your own weed industry is to start your own company. You can't start a company without money. Let's say that cars are a big white industry. How is it worse that blacks are not inside the automotive industry than that blacks are not inside the weed industry? Ras RunMan said that it's because it hurt a lot of black people back when it was illegal, but is that the argument? If yes. Can you then explain why?

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 8/22/2020 11:31:00 PM

Power plants should only be used to crack a psyche
for Jahovah
after that occurs, they can be a detriment

However, if the seed of truth does not take root
if the ground is not prepared properly or not fertile enough
if weeds choke out the yield
and the pilgrim continues to falter
try, try and try again

A man or wombman not ready yet will still need **good** medicine
Maybe stronger mushroom medicine could be more profitable for the pilgrim

Cannabiz in Babylon!

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/24/2020 1:09:07 AM

Big up Kiwiman for the wisdom shared

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 8/24/2020 6:46:31 AM

I've found that the only kind of legal weed that grows naturally in the UK is grass.

The UK laws are quite good with regards to power plants I think, those that are indigenous to the country rather than invaders are free to consume, whereas more recent "immigrants" are caught up in business.

There used to be a grey area in Camden Town (London - UK) with a trade in non-indigenous mushrooms, but that was closed down some years back I think, haven't been there in a while,

What are the I's impressions of Ammsterdam, my own feeling was that many of the coffee shops had no business ethics, being only interested in the money, but the smart shops were good, although unfortunately also closed now by my understanding,

No idea about collymen in Jamaica, the only impressions I have of the trade there are from the film "THe Harder They Come" which is several years old now, have things improved?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/24/2020 8:01:01 AM

Why should you be required to sell it in high quantities? Let's say I build a car. Just one. Am I not allowed to sell it? Am I not allowed to sell a used car? I can go get a sales license right now, sign up to sell furniture, and sell 1 couch... to myself. My old boss (a white woman) told me about this approach.

So if I can do all that then why should I not be able to sell some fruit, veggies, or herbs, from my own personal garden, to one person? If the thing I'm selling isn't illegal then what's the problem?

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