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Christ in India

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Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 8/7/2020 1:50:01 PM

My favourite Sheikh is a controversial movement stemming from pre Nazim and Nazareth born in Pakistan.

Sheikh is usually a word reserved for male gurus, but I apply it to female ones as well, being fond of diversity of equality, female priests existed way before the British came along, so it is no surprise to anybody.

Anyway, I am ashamed to say that I was not bold enough to take up the challenge of marrying a Muslim, unlike a succession of my friends culminating in a Grenadan jazz musician who is very respectful and polite though still Christian as far as I know.

Religion is just a way of tracking people, mostly masters, gurus and saints, not to mention the devil, Satan or Lucifer.

I have read neither the Koran nor the Bible, though I understand Arabic, and I am able to write the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet having studied maths.

It is fantastic, life, downloads, messages from Saturn introduced by compares (hip hop - fact) as well as videos from venus on google (youtube interviews with trailers added for compensation to the multinationals both black and white).

China gets it's cut in the arsenal football star Nico Yennaris (now Li Ke) who plays internationally for the mainland having been rejected by Britain, a travesty of life in Ireland now married and with kids, go Townsend.

I am very much a supporter of Cyprus and the UK, I admire Cuba's principles but think they could do with some building work to improve the atmosphere, however I haven't been there since 1998, Liel may have done his job by now...

Looking forward to corresponding with all of humanity and beyond, jinn are real, it's just they're faster than us and you shouldn't have anything to do with them unless your an Babalayo, Sheikh or Monk.

Believe in the music that's good, reject the music that's bad, and always try to keep time, when you can. Cheers zz

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Haile Selassie I